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22 operations launched by MoD in 18 provinces, official

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By: Raiszada

In a statement, the authorities in Ministry of Defense (MoD) said that the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (ANSDF) have said due to joint operations, they launched 42 air strikes against Taliban in 18 provinces of the country.
The ministry of national defense has laid emphasized: “In these operations that were launched by security and defense forces, 346 Taliban were killed and 99 other sustained injuries.
Deputy spokesman of national defense ministry, Fawad Aman has said that these operations were conducted in Ghazni, Ghor, Kabul, Nangarhar, Badakhshan, Maidan Wardak, Zabul, Herat, Uruzgan, Balkh, Faryab, Takhar, Logar, Khost, Laghman, Helmand and Kapisa provinces that had good achievements.
Based on this statement, as a result of air strike of artillery units in Khawja Omeri, Khogiani, Deh Yak districts and center of the province 18 Taliban were killed, six other wounded and their 14 motorbikes were demolished.
Likewise, as a result of air strike in Ghor province 69 armed Taliban were killed in Daulat yar district of this province and 32 motorbikes were destroyed.
Based on their confidence on capability of Afghan security forces, the political and military witnesses hope the opponents defeated in battlefields and have no strength to resist before national security and defense forces.
One of witnesses in political, military affairs, Atiqullah Amarkhel said that one of reasons behind successes of Afghan security forces is this that since they took complete responsibility on maintaining security, majority of their operations against armed opponents were effective and in hard days, they defended from their people and country that one of their successes in their fight is occurred in insecure districts and provinces of the country.
He added one of serious need in formation of Afghan security institutions is coordination within operations. Because, non coordination in some cases, caused the civil people be targeted.
The issue of civilian casualties is criticizing for ever. Another military witness, Ali Rahmani believes that the regions that retaken by government, most forces should be replaced there. Because, the enemies would threat themselves again.
He says that repeated defeats of enemies in various provinces of the country is indicator of the fact that they have no place anymore among people.
With targeting of ordinary people, they earned dissatisfaction of themselves more.
Based on assertions made by security authorities of the country, now, they are working on how to prevent from threats of the enemies in the regions under government control.
They added with conducting ground operations we plan to retake those areas from enemies.
The witnesses in security and defense affairs say that the sectoral ministries are obliged to equip those forces are quartering in remotest areas so that they can encounter with enemies.
At the same time, the politicians of the country say that the security institutions should have good preparedness for ensuring security in the country. So, it necessitates they be taken under professional training of government and international community.They say that unfortunately, the issue of security is always facing with some challenges and it is expected the next government to prioritize the security situation and make effort the security forces be equipped in battlefields so that they conduct successful operations and on the other, the people should cooperate these forces as well in ensuring security. This is in a time that now, Afghanistan is enjoying from strong security forces.
These forces have acquaintance completely with professional trainings and military standards and in hard situation they can defend from their people and country and ensure the security. 

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