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21,000 out of 270,000 Ghazni displaced people need urgent aids

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The ministry of refugees and repatriates says a series of aids has been started to those displaced due to war in Ghazni province.
The ministry’s spokesperson Islamuddin Juraat told media due to recent war in Ghazni province, 270,000 people have been displaced, 21000 of whom need urgent humanitarian assistances.
He added over the last few days, primary assistances have been reached to almost 8000 people and until next week, the rest of displaced people would also benefit the assistances.
“As many as 270000 people have been affected and when we completed our survey, we found out that 21000 of them are in dire need of humanitarian assistances. Afghan Red Crescent Society, WFP and UNHCR have sent assistances to them and other charity foundations that were waiting for our survey, would start their assistances this week,” he said.
This is while that UN coordination agency on humanitarian affairs has recently said that 210000 people have been displaced due to Ghazni war.
This report added however, Ghazni situation has been normalized, but the displaced people need primary aids.
According to the report, World Food Program (WFP) and Red Crescent Society have sent primary humanitarian assistances to 8600 families.
Almost three week ago, Ghazni province had witnessed a heavy conflict between the Taliban and Afghan security forces.
The war continued for five days, resulted in killing of hundreds of people and forced many families to leave their houses.
At the same time, a number of provincial council’s members confirm that assistances have been distributed to displaced people, adding the government should assure Ghazni people of ensuring security so they can return their areas.
A member of provincial council, Hamidullah Nawruz says the assistance have been sent to displaced people, but we ask the government to win the people trust, more security posts and belts should be established, and the Afghan security forces should soon start mopping up operations against the insurgents so the people can comfortably return their areas.
Sharifa a Ghazni resident told The Kabul Times the situation of families is awful here. She asked the government to clear the areas so we can return our homes.
Shukria Kohistani

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