Winter tourism industry creates more revenues for govt, private sector

The 7th cross country-skiing festival was held in Bamyan province in which beside Afghans, skiers from seven countries had also attended that would produce good revenue for government and private sector.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, Bamyan provincial head of tourism department for MoIC, Sayed Ahmad Hussein Ahmadpoor said, to attract tourists in winter, our department planned skiing competition in the last seven years with the participation of local and foreign tourists. In current festival, led by deputy MoIC for financial, administrative and Tourism Sayeda Mojgan Mostafawi a delegation was sent to organize the festival.
He added, we hope touristic tours would continue in different seasons particularly winter due to Bamyan potential historical, ancient attractions. It was a valuable step taken by the MoIC.

Ahmadpoor added, every program take place in Bamyan, creates good revenue for government and private sector as in current year we collected over Afs 700000 plus over Afs 3m from the sale of ticket in Band-e-Amir.
He added, for this purpose Ski challenge winter competition were also held in Bamyan in three parts, ski among ladies, traditional cross country-skiing and Afghan challenge in which sportsmen from different countries and Afghanistan provinces, had taken part for two days.
In these parts Bamyan provincial government, authorities deputy MoIC and large number of locals had attended. The main goal behind these steps was development of ski sport for introducing of Afghanistan and Bamyan as one of the important winter touristic centers.
Ahmadpoor added, in this festival, exhibitions of handicrafts, Bamyan printing publications, photos, painting, pottery, handicrafts and engraving on wood, stone, Barg, Rug, handkerchief, socks, local foods as well as fencing, local music, singing songs Music by ladies etc were organized which attracted the attention of participants.
Exhibition of ladies handicrafts was opened by deputy MoIC Mostafawi.
In these festivals, 12 ladies, 56 ski players had attended and Afghan ski challenge gained the first position.
Karima Malikzada

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