15 Daesh rebels join peace in Nangarhar

JALALABAD: Fifteen Daesh or Islamic State (IS) rebels on Sunday surrendered their weapons and joined the reconciliation process in eastern Nangarhar province, an official said.
The reconciled Daesh members said they decided to join the peace process after witnessing Daesh atrocities over innocent Afghans.
They joined the reconciliation process during a ceremony held at the National Directorate of Security (NDS) compound in Jalalabad.
Governor Spokesman Attaullah Khogyani said the Daesh militants joined the reconciliation process as a result of NDS efforts.
He said they conducted anti-state activities in Nazyan, Achin, Haska Mena and Kot districts in the past.
Khogyani added they reconciled after security forces operations in the Nazyan district were almost sieged.
Earlier, nine Daesh foreign rebels joined the reconciliation process who were also shown to the media.
Bang Gul, who joined Daesh many years ago, said they were told that Afghan government and their allies were all infidels and Jihad against them was must. Daesh have not yet spoken about the arrest of its fighters.


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