Foreign contacts with Taliban to ease intra-Afghan dialogue: Dr. Abdullah

KABUL: Addressing the second and final session of a two-day ulema Conference on corruption in Kabul, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah on Sunday said ulema’s role in eradication of corruption was vital, saying their support could facilitate the government’s anti-corruption drive.
Dr. Abdullah went on saying that corruption has badly affected Afghanistan image worldwide and has been the main obstacle before security in the country, adding government was having firm will to fight the phenomenon. He also emphasized on key role of Ulema and public in fighting corruption in the country.
Meanwhile the Chief Executive said growing contacts with Taliban of by foreign countries aimed to help create environment for intra-Afghan dialogue.
Dr. Abdullah also said such contacts existed in the past as well and had been effective, clearing that it would be the people of Afghanistan to decide the fate of their country because it belonged to the nation.
“Different contacts had been established with the Afghan government and the Taliban had been also reached out by some foreign countries in order to facilitate intra-Afghan talks,” he added.
The Kabul Times

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