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200 Jiribs of Land Irrigated in Zabul

Irrigation canal Miana Khakh village Tarnak wa Juldak district Zabul province 2

By: Nangialai Ibrahimi

KABUL: A 400-meter irrigation canal project funded by the Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD/CCNPP) has recently been completed in Zabul province.
The canal project has been designed to supply water to 200 jiribs (equivalent to 40 hectares) of land which directly benefits a total of 40 households in Mianakhakh village, Juldak-wa-Tarnak district of Zabul province. The construction of the irrigation canal will lead to a significant increase in yield of highly valued-crops including wheat, corn, cotton and orchards, etc. which will contribute to a desirable increase in rural household incomes, on farm employment and would have a direct impact on poverty alleviation one way or another.
The residents of Mianakhakh village appreciate the irrigation facilities and benefits gained from the concrete irrigation canal, constructed with financial support of MRRD/CCNPP. According to them, most often, the water would usually either dwindle away or waste midway before reaching their farms because of unpaved and mud canal in the past.
They emphasize that the canal project has addressed equity issues as the farmers and water users will no longer go for any controversies or disputes over the distribution of water.
Taking the employment generation and economic recovery into consideration, a total of 900 labor days have been created for both skilled and unskilled local laborers during the canal project implementation.
As of now, the MRRD/CCNPP has been able to facilitate the irrigation of more than 780 thousand jiribs (equivalent to 156,000 hectares) of land by implementing 2,036 projects in irrigation sector across all 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.