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190000 cc blood needed annually in Afghanistan: CBB

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The officials of Central Blood Bank say that about 190000 cc blood is needed annually in our country while lack of modern equipments, profession personal, sufficient budget, and lack of public awareness on effectiveness of blood donation by people major problems ahead of this process.

Addressing a ceremony held on the occasion of celebration of Blood Donation World Day, the head of CBB Enayatullah Hashimi said, the MoPH is required to approve suggestions of CBB to receive essential blood and implement our plans. Our main problem is shortage of budget.

Our budget level doesn’t meet our needs to supply essential euqipments. We need support of government leaders and WHO.

Afghanistan CBB is a good and reliable source for collecting of hygienic blood and offers safe blood for needy people. We have provincial CBB branches that supply vital services to patients.

The officials of CBB said that every day 150-200 blood bags are needed in the capital Kabul while this quantity doubles in the provinces.

The MoPH authorities acknowledge CBB problems and vow to settle them.

The head of MoPH Preventive Medicine Department, Dr. Mujeebullah Zahir said, we have equipped CBB provincial branches in 34 provinces but they are facing budget problems. If peace is ensured in the country, I believe that all the resources which are spent in war, would in contrary be invested in health and development sectors. He asked the Afghan people to donate blood and safe life of their countrymen.

Abdul Moqim a local citizen said, our people have essential courage to donate blood to needy people but unfortunately in some hospitals the donated blood is sold to patients which is shameful and painful. I saw this situation in a public hospital while the relatives of needy patient didn’t afford to purchase blood.

He asked the authorities of the MoPH to prevent this situation in public health centers because our people are poor and lack essential financial afford.

Although the blood donation centers have been setup in different parts of the city by the MoPH but people who donate blood don’t trust them and fear they may affect with possible viruses.

Monila a lady who had come to a blood donation centers in Deh Afghanan area, Kabul city to donate blood, said, we are in war condition, everyday a number of our countrymen are injured and need blood, so it is our humanitarian obligation to donate blood and rescue a needy countryman or woman.

Shukria Kohistani

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