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17th round of national assembly will inaugurate in upcoming days, officials

New Afghan Parliament Building

Officials of the state ministry on parliamentary affairs say that all preparations have already been taken and 17th round of national assembly will be inaugurated by the next four days.
During a news conference, state minister on parliamentary affairs Farouq Wardak said 17th round of the national assembly is expected to be inaugurated in upcoming days.
He stressed that all preparations have been taken and if no change appears in the government’s plan, national assembly will be inaugurated.
Earlier, the presidential office said national assembly would not be inaugurated unless new members of Wolesi Jirga are introduced.
This comes as delay in inauguration of national assembly has been followed with criticizes of lawmakers, winner candidates, civil society and lawyers, they said lack of legislative power would weaken the system.
Parliament is a place where can represent government’s functions against the nation, but if this power doesn’t exist, system will face many problems, a faculty of law lecturer Hashimi said.
As the new members of parliament have not been so far introduced by the Independent Elections Commission (IEC), thus, the national assembly should continue its work, he added.
National assembly’s winter recess finishes on Hoot 15 each year and according to law, new round of national assembly is inaugurated by the president.
This is while that IEC has earlier said that final results of the parliamentary elections would be declared soon, but it failed to do so.
Officials of the electoral complaints commission have stressed that work to review primary results of the parliamentary elections related to remained provinces is being continued and will be finished soon.
Likewise, the commission has said that two third of the Wolesi Jirga new members have earlier been announced and based on law, the government can inaugurated new round of national assembly.
A number of experts believe that national assembly members should further make effort on inauguration of 17th round of parliament, adding they should be present in all sessions and address people’s problems.
“Unfortunately, some of national assembly members were not present in sessions in 16th round, an action that caused most of their sessions not to be effective in tackling people’s problems,” a political expert Amir Mohammad said.
According to him, Afghanistan is a country where has been facing with many problems, thus, lawmakers should act more responsible and be responsive before the nation.
Experts stressed that new members of the parliament are expected to use the past experiences and can better serve the nation. Each year, when national assembly working period is finished, lawmakers’ winter recess starts and after it finishes, new round of parliament is inaugurated by the president.

Suraya Raiszada

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