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1398; a decisive year

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Peace is made in the battlefield not behind talks and negotiation table while that could be facilitator of peace process. But peace gets a meaning when the warring factions manage to convince each other to talk for end of war.
If today Taliban are negotiating with Americans,their negotiations are the result of 18 years war of both sides in the Afghan battlefields. In these 18 years, Afghans have left behind hard days but at the same time gained remarkable and undeniable achievements too.
18 years ago, Afghanistan lacked army or military forces. Our defence, security forces had been dismantled following the collapse of Dr. Najeebullah regime due to external conspiracy and ignorance of those who had taken power after Najeeb.
Afghanistan tanks and military equipments were sold in neighboring country ofPakistan at the rate of old and used metals. Afghanistan war airplanes and jet fighters were destroyed or taken out of the country.
18 years ago when the new political system was established in the wake of Bonn Accords, Afghanistan was a ruined country and lacked security forces. The only warring forces in the country were armedmen of Jehadi parties and Tanzeems who had been associating the bitter experiences of solar 70s. With the help of global community, Afghanistan rehabilitated its security structure from the zero point.
Today despite of their problems and shortages, our securityforces are the only guardian of system, people and national values.
At least since the last five years, these forces have been resisting and fighting terrorist groups independently.
Today that peace talks are hard talks more than ever, we should restore peace in our country leaning on our national security forces. Peace is ensured in our country when we manage to show our power and intention in the battlefields to enemies. Peace which is gained through pleading and exchange of concession, would not be reliable and acceptable to people.
The peace in which our 18 years achievements that are gained at the cost of blood of thousands man, women, old and young, are destroyed, would not be a peace but captivity and slavery. Our politicians who look critically at the activities of the government and attend peace talks, should consider this issue.
We have a distance of only few days with spring and new year. Unfortunately, spring has always been the season of war in Afghanistan. Exploiting the weather situation, our enemies have always been intensifying their offensives in spring and summer as at the moment in large parts of the country, offensives have already been started or would be starting soon. It seems that upon advent of the new year, difficult days would be ahead. Our security forces should be supported. If we want a real reliable peace, we should put aside our slight and stylistic differences and act as a single fist against sworn enemies. Newyear would be an important year for Taliban and other terrorists but a decisive year to us, a year in which we could manage to enter direct peace talks and rescue of country from the calamity of war and further devastation.
Relying on our security forces is, our basic priority. Today the highest eligible individuals are leading our security forces who are unique in the last 18 years. They have shown that are capable and eligible for these posts on the condition that our political forces support them. We shouldn’t let the bitter experiences of the past be repeated once again, and Afghanistan return to dark days. Our difficult past caused us fail to achieve peace and security. The devastating wars of Kabul had roots in policies of Pakistan as the latter changed Afghanistan to a bloody battlefield. If today too we don’t act intelligently and tactfully, we would be again trapped.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.