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12.3 billion Afghanis revenues collected from transport services: Official

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Speaking at the State Accountability Program to the nation held at the Government Media and Information Center on Thursday, Mohammad Yama Shams, Acting Minister of Transport, said: The MoT has implemented 77 development projects in fiscal year 1398, including survey, design, construction and maintenance of highways, roads, bridges; Survey, design, construction and maintenance of railroads, stations and office buildings.
Of these, 52 development projects have been allocated to the National Roads Authority, six development projects to Railway Authority, 15 development projects to the Civil Aviation Authority, two development projects to Road Transport Authority and three development projects to the Traffic Administration, he added.
“Ministry of Transport had a total budget of AFN 29.4 billion in fiscal year 1398 and an amount of AFN 28 billion of it, which accounts for 95% of the total budget, been spent on implementation of development projects,” according to the official.
In fiscal year 1398, the ministry was able to collect AFN 12.3 billion from the delivering transport services. Of which, AFN 7.2 billion collected through the Civil Aviation Authority, AFN 2.5 billion through Railways Authority, AFN 2.1 billion through Road Transport Authority, AFN 488 million through Traffic Department and AFN 65 million through National Roads Authority, the ministry said.
According to the minister, MoT, in fiscal year 1398, has created 23,000 direct jobs, including technical, professional and non-professional personnel hired by contractors. It has provided another 138,000 indirect jobs through the implementation of development projects in 34 provinces.
“Ministry of Transport constructed 478 kilometers of asphalt road and 146 kilometers of crash roads in FY 1398, as a result of which in addition to developing the road network in order to achieve the major economic and strategic goals of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, it has also connected about 246 villages and districts,” he added.
Implementation of development projects across Afghanistan creates facilities in transportation, employment, economic growth, solves problems in traveling’s, connects Afghanistan provinces, and rehabilitates Afghanistan’s status as a regional crossroads and increases the country’s revenue.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.