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11th round of excavations begins in Mes-e-Aynak archeological sites

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KABUL: 11th round of excavations in Logar’s Mes Aynak archaeological sites has been officially begun by deputy minister of culture and art for ministry of information and culture Prof. Mohammad Rasul Bawary.
In a ceremony held on this occasion yesterday in Mes Aynak historical sites in Logar with participation of provincial governor Mohammad Anwar Khan Ishaqzai, head of provincial council, directors of the MoIC and MoMP, first head of excavations project of Mes Aynak Khair Mohammad Khairzada briefed related to works and achievements of the project, saying that more than 10500 historic movable and immovable relics have been discovered from Mes Aynak historical and archeological sites and nearly 3,000 movable relics have been submitted to national museum after maintenance and repairing.
Meanwhile, deputy minister of culture and art for ministry of information and culture Prof. Mohammad Rasul Bawary spoke and added that opening ceremony of excavations in the respective historic sites was held every year to recall of past years’ achievements, introduce the historic site and Mes Aynak mine to the world and praise hard works of Afghan archaeologists and security forces.
Bawary further said that Mes Aynak historical sites was one of the biggest historic sites in the country, asking local officials and the people to cooperate in implementation of the project.
Afterwards, governor of Logar Mohammad Anwar Ishaqzai spoke and considered the respective site as sign of national identification.
It is worth mentioning that Mes Aynak is a site 40 km southeast of Kabul, located in a barren region of Logar Province. The site contains the world’s largest copper deposit, which is major revenue source for Afghanistan. Aynak is of historical, cultural and spiritual importance to Afghans with more than 2000 years history.
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