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New plans underway to improve higher education quality, entry exam transparency, MoHE

 Officials of the ministry for higher education said to prevent frauds in Kankor examination, they would execute different programs to improve higher education quality and ... Full story

Sapling supply in unfading bazaar of spring

 Upon advent of spring, the bazaar of sapling suppliers have been unfading than before and more crowded by sapling buyers and sellers. These saplings have made ... Full story

Japan contributes over $10m to humanitarian & emergency assistance agencies in Afghanistan

 KABUL: The Government of Japan has recently provided over 10 million funds to UNHCR, UNICEF, UNMAS, WFP, and IOM for humanitarian and emergency assistance in ... Full story

Education should not be politicized

 An international conference under the title of Safe Schools to be hold in Buenos Aires the capital of Argentine where using schools as military base ... Full story

Over 47000 people displaced in less than three months, UN

 Officials of the United Nations said that due to insecurity throughout the country, more than 47000 families had to leave their homes in less than ... Full story

MoE’s new plans aim to improve education in 1396

 Reporting on vast agricultural plans in 1396, the spokesperson to the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) said the ministry was intended to launch ... Full story

Lines Written on Afghan Refugees in Pakistan

 Hey Silly bird! Listen frank Live here, and die here, The penthouse might be stink, Sourness and wasteland is to bear;   Own brackish water is better than other’s sweet ... Full story

Nawroz in traditions of Afghanistan people

 Nawroz Festival, which is the most ancient and historic festivals of Afghanistan, has been celebrated by people from diverse ethno-linguistic communities since Jamshid King, according ... Full story

The History, Philosophy and Spirituality of Now-Roz

 Introduction: Now-Roz in Persian literally “New Day” is the first day of the Solar Hijri calendar. Although, every morning falling of the sunbeam across the earth ... Full story

AGO addresses 2400 cases of violence against women this year

 Attorney General Office (AGO) has declared that more than 2400 cases of violence against women have been addressed this year.  In a press conference, Zarghona Mostaghfar, ... Full story

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