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Unemployment & hidden treasures

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Unemployment & hidden treasures
 July 1st coincides with (Saratan 10th) is known as the “World Day of Industry and Mine”, the issue that is seemed to be discussed more on it. Because, majority of youth in the country are sleeping on treasure with empty stomach because of lack of employment and poverty.
This is in a time that the master key of all economic problems and unemployment of our youth is hidden in the heart of the soil of this country.
With leaning to capabilities of professional youths, the government should extract these treasures and lay down at the service of economy.
Since long, the hidden treasures and underground and surface waters of Afghanistan are remained intact or useless.
Now, with the existence of professional and educated youths, our country can adopt some measures in connection with extraction of mines and control of its waters.
If within recent few years, millions of dollars donated to Afghanistan were utilized for establishment of factories and providing job opportunities, qualified education and immigration of refugees, today, the youths of other nations ought to be referred to Afghanistan for employment.
There are over one trillion dollars underground mines in Afghanistan.
The measure of existence of lithium, iron, copper, cobalt, gold etc. is how much that if be extracted professionally and according to international standards, Afghanistan would be changed into one of important countries of the world that is enjoying from mines.
The New York Times and site BBC Persian program introduced the underground mines of Afghanistan as 1400 varieties.
Likewise, there are the great petroleum storages such as Badambagh, Beni Hessar and Reg-i-Shah Mardam, the storage of Puli Khumri, Hairatan, Badar-i-Aaqina, Tourghundi of Herat. 
The storage of petroleum of Islam Qala in Herat as a whole estimated to 165804 tons are active in the country.
Extraction of these hidden treasures and utility from fuel and gas resources of the country not only is important for Afghanistan but it affects in lifting of other nations requirements as well.
Utility from natural and underground resources of Afghanistan, causes 80 grade change in economic situation and rescue our youths from vagabondage.
But unfortunately, it should be mentioned that so far, we have no serious program and plan in this respect and crisis of division of management in the country taken completely the competence of thinking about.
Daily-increasing insecurity made people disappointed about their tomorrow life.
Non transparency, official corruption in all government organs, lack of capital and healthy management are the main factors behind vagabondage of youth and remaining hidden of underground treasures in our homeland.
Unfortunately, Afghanistan especially, the capital city of Kabul is threatening by the dangers of explosions and suicide attacks and these claim the lives of our compatriots and make families mournful.
  No one of project and infrastructural programs are implemented because of insecurity and no one is ready to invest in the country.
Till the domestic and foreign investors feel danger of insecurity, they never express their readiness for investment in our mines extraction.
Because, this economic project needs long-term process and security is the basic requirement for continuation and reaching into a result in this regard.
A researcher in international Strategic Studies Center says utilization from underground resources of Afghanistan would not be simple.
I don’t image how you utilize from the mines of Afghanistan while heavy military operations are continuing there.
Daily increasing of insecurity, suicide attacks, assaults of armed insurgents in different parts of Afghanistan including high ways is changed into an unsolvable issue and this caused the domestic and foreign investors be disappointed on extraction of mine in the country.
As long as, the government of Afghanistan is unable to curb the suicide attacks and ensuring of security, the investors would not invest in the country.
Increment of terrorist groups, poverty, lack of serious determination, discrimination in appointments, political instabilities and ruling of insecurity in majority of provinces especially those provinces that are enjoying from huge quantity of mines, are the basic hurdles and problems before contacts and extraction of mines.
A: The first and foremost roadmap for starting extraction of mines is ensuring of security in the country. The leaders of national unity government should solve their own mutual disputes and take in hand effective roadmaps for maintaining security.
Transparent domestic foreign policies, maintaining justice, definition of foe and friends, counter-corruption, enforcement of intelligence services, giving morale to national army and police, establishment of harmony between people and these forces as well as mass medias, strengthening of borders of the country and comprehension of people’s problems are the basic roadmaps for security sectors of the country.  
B: The national unity government should pay serious attention towards management of human forces and youth and pave the way for their employment inside of the country. Because, the labor force is the source of durable expansion in economic growth.
C: The in-charges should provide opportunities for enhancement of foreign investment in the country. The projects management should be professionalized and appoint experienced cadres in important positions.
Till the government not to have long-term economic motive and doesn’t absorb neighbors for cooperation with Afghanistan, the latter would be grappling with poverty and unemployment.
D: The master key for solution of problems in Afghanistan is hidden in underground mines of this country. 
With leaning on energetic forces of experts and professionals, the national unity government leaders should solve the problems of unemployment and economy in the country.
E: Absorption of investments, providing facilities necessary for investment, establishment of free industrial regions, making effort for ensuring security of investment and contractors.
The result:
1- Afghanistan is from among rich countries by having rich underground mineral resources. But, because of lack of plan and drafting correct programs, official corruption, insecurity, its people are sleeping with empty stomach on hidden treasures and because of unemployment, our youth are fleeing for overseas.
2- With absorption of capital, the government should utilize from foreign investment, human resource, Afghanistan should utilize from hidden capitals and natural resources so that the country to reach to its self-sufficiency from one hand and on the other, the employment be provided for millions of our unemployed youth.
3- Maintaining economic security, counter official corruption, transparency in contracts, and enforcement of government legality as well as enforcement of government managements are from among important roadmaps for access to economic welfare in the country.
The in-charges of national unity government should rely on these issues for access to its economic goals. 
The Kabul Times      

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Courses After 12th 07/07/2017
It feels good to know that Afghanistan is such as naturally rich country and I agree with the thought that if these resources are extracted professionally they can strengthen the impression of Afghanistan on world’s map. The government must take some effective measures to curb the constant insecurity and open doors for investment. This is the only way to solve poverty and unemployment in the country.
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Great tips and very easy to understand. This will definitely be very useful for me when I get a chance to start my blog.
assignment writer 15/07/2017
Unemployment is the biggest issue of every country and lots of the countries try to stabilize their position in this way. Afghanistan tries to improve their status and should to raise the unemployment. Now, the position of the Afghanistan is so bad.
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