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Afghanistan China getting closer through media exchange

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At the threshold of 25 April 2017 Afghanistan Mass Media Seminar in Beijing: F. Akhgar

 Afghan media delegation’s visit to Ningxia, China’s northwestern autonomous province was warmly welcomed by Mr. Zhao Yongqing, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Ningxia Committee, Director-General of Publicity Department, Ningxia.
He expressed his strong pleasure about the Afghan media delegation’s visit to China Particularly the rapidly developing Ningxia province.
“Friends from Afghanistan Mass Media Delegation, on behalf of the CPC Ningxia Committee and people of all ethnic groups of Ningxia, I’d like to express my warm welcome to you and sincere thanks for your attention and coverage of Ningxia,” he said.
He added that as a neighboring country, Afghanistan has established strategic cooperative partnership with China.
“The exchange between China and Afghanistan is becoming more extensive,” said Yongquing adding China now was strengthening effort in building the Belt and Road Initiative.
As a country that along the "Belt and Road", Afghanistan has proactively participated in it. President Xi Jinping has noted that the China-Arab States Expo has become a significant platform for China and Arab countries jointly build the Belt and Road, he added.
According to him, The Third China-Arab States Expo will be held in Yinchuan, Ningxia this September. On the premise of serving China's overall diplomatic strategies, Ningxia builds an international platform, focusing on countries along the Belt and Road.
Providing details about the rapidly-development of the autonomous province, the General-Director of Publicity Department went on as saying: “With economic and trade cooperation at its core, the Expo mainly conducts related exhibitions and conferences in five sectors, namely commodity trade, service trade, technology cooperation, investment and financing and tourism cooperation, aiming to make new breakthroughs in pragmatic cooperation and projects launching.”
Pointing to the rapid media progress in the province, he said Ningxia had 25 press institutes including Ningxia Daily, Ningxia Broadcasting and TV Station, etc. Forty seven national press media has set their branches in Ningxia and broadcasting frequency is accessible to all 22 counties and districts that Ningxia have.
The Director-General of Publicity Department, Ningxia said: “I sincerely hope friends from the Afghanistan mass media delegation can play your role as friendly envoys to exchange with our media and to introduce the open, prosperous, harmonious, and beautiful Ningxia to your country and your people, letting Afghanistan people better know Ningxia and China.”
He once again welcomed media from Afghanistan to participate in the media coverage of China-Arab States Expo 2017. 
Meantime, the Afghan Media Delegation thanked Mr. Zhao Yongqing for his warm welcome and hospitality and touching on the Afghan media, head of the Afghan media delegation, Dr. Shamsul Haq Aryanfar said media had eye-catching development since the last more than one and half a decade in Afghanistan, but regretted the imposed war to have destroyed all of the country’s infrastructures.
Numerous of media including public and private TV channels and Radios as well as news-agencies were established in Afghanistan, with the government highly paying respect to the freedom of expression and press.
He said the government of Afghanistan is making effort to revive the fragile economy of the war-ravaged nation and that China’s cooperation in this field was the most important, particularly, the friendly country’s further effort not to bypass Afghanistan from the Belt and Road, the megaproject initiated by China.
Exchange between the two countries media, he said was also the most important as to help the people of Afghanistan to better about the BRI as well as the rapid development in China.
Dr. Aryanfar said he and his led media delegation were pleased to visit China, particularly Ningxia—the autonomous province. 
Located in northwestern China and the middle and upper reaches of the Yellow River, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region covers an area of 66,400 square kilometers. The population of Ningxia is 6.749 million, among which the Hui people account for 36%.
Ningxia enjoys abundant resources, convenient transportation, and distinctive competitiveness in new energy, agriculture, tourism, etc.
It is an important modern agriculture demonstration base, commodity grain production base, coal production base and energy and chemical base in western China. Since ancient times, Ningxia is known as “an oasis in the hinterland”. With an annual average temperature of 8, fine ecological environment and improved governance, Ningxia is a perfect place for trade and commerce, inhabitation, industrial development, business start-up, and tourism.
In recent years, Ningxia doubled its efforts in pushing forward the construction of an open, prosperous, harmonious and beautiful Ningxia. In 2016, the increase of Ningxia’s GDP, local general public budget revenue, investment in fixed assets, actual utilization in foreign investment, as well as income of rural and urban residents are all higher than the national average. 
In the first quarter of this year, Ningxia’s economy maintained sound development. In particular, the industry sector obtained double-digit growth (over 12%), private investment grew by 46.2%, ranking among the first nationwide. Real economy got better return and private economy showed more vitality.
In a word, Ningxia has presented itself as a region with prosperity, ethnic unity, beautiful environment and well-off people.
Based on the competitive edges in agriculture and energy resources, Ningxia promotes integrated development of its first, second and tertiary industries. In terms of agriculture, the Yellow River flows through the central and northern part of Ningxia and the Yinchuan Plain for 397 kilometers.
Thanks to the convenient irrigation from the Yellow River, Ningxia develops the “1+4” distinctive agriculture (i.e., quality grain, forage, goji, grapes, and vegetables grown in cool climate). Ningxia has formed a complete modern agriculture system with the processing and conversion rate of agricultural products reaching 62% and distinctive agriculture accounting for 85.9%. Ningxia is reputed as the hometown of goji, licorice, potato, Chinese jujube, Tan sheep and the capital of wine. It is also an important production base of halal beef and mutton, dairy products and materials of traditional Chinese medicine.
In terms of industry, Ningxia has over 50 proven mineral resources and ranks the third in China in per capita coal production. Focusing on coal and other energy resources, Ningxia accelerates development in coal and electricity-related industry, modern coal and chemical industries and lower stream industrial chain. Ningxia has finished the 600 KV direct current power transmission project to Shandong Province and 800 KV project to Zhejiang Province.
The annual power delivery reaches 12 million KV. Major products, such as coal-to-methanol, olefin, polyformaldehyde, provide favorable condition for further production of lower stream products like benzene, aromatics, chemical fiber, etc. Emerging industries like modern textile, bio-pharmaceutics, equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and information industry develop quickly and inject new vitality to Ningxia’s economy.
Chinese President Xi Jinping said that “socialism can only be achieved by diligence” when he visited the Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base. On December 28, 2016, the demonstration project of four million ton indirect coal liquefication of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group was completed and put into operation, marking that China has achieved phased results in building the largest single set coal-to-oil project.
President Xi Jinping congratulated on that on behalf of the CPC Central Committee and noted that this significant project has great bearing on enhancing China’s energy guarantee capability, promoting efficient and clean utilization of coal as well as promoting development of ethnic regions.  
In terms of cultural tourism, Ningxia enjoys time-honored history. Shuidonggou Site, one of the earliest Paleolithic sites excavated in China, can be traced back to 30,000 years ago.
Ningxia is reputed as China’s Great Wall Museum as it remains Great Wall relics from Warring States Period (475-221 BCE) to Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD). Helanshan Rock Carving and Damaidi Rock Carving, as the great art and culture treasure, can trace to 1,000 to 10,000 years ago.
The Xumishan Grottoes, built in Northern Wei Period (386-534 AD), is one of the ten grottoes in China. The mysterious Western Xia Mausoleum is praised as the “Oriental Pyramids”. Ningxia has splendid cultures including the time-honored Yellow River culture, nomadic culture and Western Xia Culture as well as distinctive Hui culture, immigration culture and revolution culture.
Ningxia has beautiful landscape: from plains to mountains, from rivers to lakes, from deserts to water. Liupan Mountains and Helan Mountains are famous in China. As “China’s tourism miniature bonsai”, Shapotou scenic spot and Sand Lake scenic spot are quite unique tourism destinations and treated as the most favorite tourism sites by internet users for several times.
On July 18th to 20th in 2017, President Xi Jinping observed that “Developing whole-territory tourism is right in direction and needs keep on going.” As the second provincial-level whole-territory tourism demonstration area in China, Ningxia boasts beautiful environment and ethnic unity.
In recent years, Ningxia focus on ecological protection and becoming the first province that prohibits grazing in all its grassland and reverse desertification. The capital city Yinchuan remains ranking the front row in annual air quality days in northwestern China. “Ningxia Blue” favored by people.
At the end of 2016, the State Council officially issued “Development Plan for Tourism in the Thirteenth Five-year Plan”. Four of the ten national boutique tourism belts are related to Ningxia and five of the eight featured tourism destinations including Ningxia.
The Plan elevates Ningxia’s tourism to a new height and creates momentous opportunity for Ningxia to be an international tourism destination with unique features and a whole-territory tourism demonstration area in China.   
As the inland province, Ningxia is a demonstration region for ethnic unity and a great meeting place for Chinese and Arabic civilization along the ancient Silk Road. In recent years, with the further implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by Chinese government, Ningxia focus on building the inland opening up economic pilot zone and holding China-Arab States Expo.
Ningxia proactively participates in the Belt and Road and push forward development by opening up, connectivity and pragmatic cooperation. Currently, Ningxia has conducted economic and trade exchanges and cooperation with over 130 countries and regions including Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, etc.
An international sister-city relations has been established with 52 local governments in 39 countries. Open economy has been pivotal in driving development. Firstly, we set a stage for opening up.
Since 2010, Ningxia has successfully held three sessions of China-Arab Economic and Trade Forum and two sessions of China-Arab States Expo, becoming more pragmatic and better in results. Last year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held the promotion activity “An Open China: from Ningxia to the World” to introduce Ningxia.
First, a China-Arab States Expo has been held in Egypt, China-Arab Political Leaders Dialogue and other significant conferences together with related ministries, making Ningxia more popular and influential. Secondly, a channel for opening up has been created. Building land, air and online Silk Road has been highly focused. The high-speed railway project from Yinchuan to Xi’an is under construction. Yinchuan Hedong Airport has opened 11 international airlines to Bangkok, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and others. In particular, the airline from Dubai to Chengdu and Zhengzhou via Yinchuan operates beyond our expectation.
Three airline companies from Qatar, Turkey and the UAE will soon open lines to six cities in China via Yinchuan. Last year, Ningxia’s inbound and outbound tourists grew by 95% compared with the previous year.
Ningxia’s pivotal project: Online Silk Road has been listed in China’s thirteen’s five-year plan. Yinchuan, the capital city of Ningxia has been approved as the first batch of China’s e-commerce demonstration city and the pilot city for cross-border e-commerce. Thirdly, a carrier for opening up is expected to be built. And going abroad was combined to see and learn with bringing in advanced technologies and experiences, building industrial parks for enterprises and projects.
Promotion of the construction of overseas industrial parks is also in the making.
Industrial parks in Oman and Saudi Arabia are enlisted to the 20 key demonstration parks for international industrial capacity cooperation and acceleration of the construction of China-Mauritania Maritime Comprehensive Industrial Park and nearly finish the animal husbandry demonstration center in Mauritania.
At the same time, the China-Arab Industrial Park, Technology Park, Trade Park and International Logistics Park are under construction and speed-up for building bilateral cooperation institutes including China-Arab Technology Transfer Center, Business Conciliation Center was considered.

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