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Home | Opinions | Politics | Excerpts from inaugural speech of Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, new President of Afghanistan

Excerpts from inaugural speech of Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, new President of Afghanistan

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Excerpts from inaugural speech of Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, new President of Afghanistan

 After his sworn-in ceremony, attended by hundreds of domestic and foreign high ranking officials, new President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai in his inaugural speech quoted First Caliph of the Holy Islam, Abubakr Seddiq as saying: 

“I was elected your leader, but I am not better than you. If I could do well, help me, if failed instruct me to the right direction. Your weakest is mighty than me, till (if Allah is willing) I could remove the reason of weakness, and your mighty is weak to me, till I succeeded to take the right of others from them.”
We, the people of Afghanistan, could successfully withstand the ordeal we faced. With the support and staunch devotion of the valiant people of Afghanistan and under wise leadership of His Excellency Hamid Karzai, peaceful transition of power institutionalized in the country. I congratulate you and the whole people of Afghanistan. Therefore, I want to thank and appreciate all the people of Afghanistan, particularly His Excellency Hamid Karzai. 
Good Governance
Constitutionally, the government stands on three forces, with the president on the lead. On my perspective, there is a need for bringing fundamental changes in the three state forces and provide coordination among them.
I. Legislative Force
The legislative force carries three responsibilities: representation of the people, monitoring the government performances and legislation.
Under the law, we want to create a contract, based on which, any minister and ministry could provide a clear annual performance and report to the national assembly.
We ask the honorable MPs of the national assembly not to hold personal meetings with the leadership and other managements of the ministries. In the meantime, we ask them to refrain from proposals requiring appointments, dismissals or changes in positions all over the government’s institutions, particularly in security sector.
The people need a good representation from their elected deputies at the house of people in order to convoy their voices to the government. To reach the goal, under the law, there is a need for how well and clearly represent their clients within the house of people.
Constitutionally, the drafted fundamental formation law should soon be inked to pave the way for summoning the historical Loya Jirga on which we have agreed.
II. Judiciary force
Justice is a foundation of the holy Islam and judges are responsible and asked for implementation. Transparency should be secured in the judicial force, which is called a mirror of the sharia and law.
Unfortunately, there are reports on accusation of corruption in the judiciary force. Corruption in the judiciary force could pave the way for insecurity.
Today, I ask the Supreme Court to launch investigation into the entire personal, under rewards and punishments principle.
Endorsement of appointment, dismissal and retirement of the personal of the judges are from the president’s authorities and I would do my best to bring reforms in this sector based on the rewards and punishments principle.
In order to implement the rule of law and punish the corrupt high-ranking officials, the judiciary force should be clean and trusted in. All incomplete files should be completed as soon as possible under the civil law and criminal law and in order to successfully go ahead with the process, an authorized committee should be set.
A solemn change is also needed to be brought in the attorney general office performances alongside the courts. Under the 134 article of the country’s constitution, the attorney general office has the responsibility of investigation of crimes and posing lawsuit on the culprits. The attorney general office can’t step out of his authority and not allowed to interfere in other affairs. III. Executive Force
In the presidential system, the presidency is a strategic entity and policy maker, regulatory and responsible. Constitutionally, the presidential office has specific authorities. The executive force is the executive arm of the president. Under the presidential system, as the international experiences indicates effectiveness of the government had link to the institutionalization of the president authorities within and entity, through which, the personal authority of the president could be transferred to the presidential institution.
This could provide possibilities for the president to remain responsible for the people.
Under a regular and clear policy, the responsibilities of the government institutions would be determined and work interferences among the government ministries and other administrations could be removed.
The measure would pave the way for the independent or parallel offices to join the ministries.
For a good governance and culture of accountability, any ministries would outline and practice a trilateral legalized commitment: commitment between the ministry on one side and the national assembly, chief executive office, the president and people.
The contract could be the benchmark for rewards and punishments of the ministers and the ministries.
Here, I want to make clear that we can’t tolerate corruption and for removal of the reasons behind the wicked phenomenon, we will make all our inclusive efforts.
Local governance
Provinces, districts, municipalities would have legal status. In the meantime, they would have specific authorities and responsibilities. We are committed to send the national budget to the province directly.
For implementation of social justice and guaranteeing the people partnership at the village level, districts and provinces, specific programs would be taken and practiced.
Securing relation between the central government and the provincial offices including districts, village and municipality is a need, on which precise attention would be drawn in the national unity government. Creation of good and effective government is one of the government’s vital responsibilities, as this is the undeniable rights of the people of Afghanistan and they have to reach it. The people cannot tolerate corruption. All government authorities including me should start campaign on corruption from ourselves.
I have no political household, and anyone claiming my relationship could dare to underestimate anyone would be brought to justice. Under good governance, we can overcome all our great national challenges such as refugees, internally displaced people, insolvents, disables and cripples, and nomads and put an end to the challenges. We have 5 million of refugees and we are incomplete till there was a single Afghan outside the country. The word of displacement should be removed from the national culture.
We are intended to bring the sidelined youths, women and needy who have been changed into minority into the political, social and economic midpoint.
The young generation of Afghanistan should come professional and skilled, as much as the boys and girls of the country could compete at the regional and world level. The move would help us change into skill, profession and services exporters and prevent economic refuge.
A number of our youths are leaving the country to find work. They are either killed or wounded or sunken into waters. This is a critical challenge and we should find a solution.
Security can be secured, if we have a government restricted use of security forces, under which, the law could be strengthened. To reach the goal, illegal use of force should be put an end.
As the armed forces supreme commander, I am responsible for the Afghan national forces lives, prestige and peace.
I appreciate the country’s national army, police and personnel of the national directorate for security (NDS) for their staunch devotion and spare nothing to do all what I can for their further enforcement and professionalization.
The country’s security troops, officers and all other officials should be confident that rule of law and government of rewards and punishments would be popularized in the country.
For consistency and better management of our foreign policy resulting to stability and prosperity of the country, we need to define five circles of our relations in the regional and international levels. We have formulated special plans and multipartite programs for each circle are as follows.
First circle-Neighboring counties: Stability in our country is interrelated with the neighboring countries. Instability in our country is considered a danger to our neighbors and instability in one of these countries creates threats to us. Therefore, each one of these countries has their own contribution and could be a good partner in maintaining peace in regional and global level. This was President Karzai’s general perspectives and will keep it continue. In the first step, we will strive to reach an outcome on a regional agreement for enhancing the security and economic development in the region. The base of this regional cooperation agreement would be the recognition of credibility of each government and mutual respect. No country will keep the right to interfere into internal affairs of other country and issues would be settled through political negotiations and cooperation among the two governments. 
At the same time, we want to assure that our soil will not be used against any country as President Karzai had stressed upon this and we also expect the same thing from our neighboring countries.  
Second circle-the Islamic World: The Islamic world circle would be one of the important circles of our foreign policy, our perspectives, ideology and manners have been shaped in line with the provisions of Islamic teachings and Islamic faith. Hence, our relations with the Islamic world would be warm, extended, broad and effective. I want to welcome the distinguished guests who have arrived here from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. 
The third circle-Europe, US, Canada and Japan: With consideration of the change in explaining our relations with the world community, we will enter a new stage which means the relation of a government with another government on the basis of mutual equality. Afghanistan will enter in contact with the US, NATO member nations, Japan and the EU member countries. In this way, our country which used to be a failed state thirteen years before by the international community  and was imagined as a danger point on the basis of the UN Security Council decision will emerge in the scene by keeping its rights and international responsibilities. This also has been one of the major achievements of the past decade and the national unity government will maintain its relations on the basis of these achievements. 
Our security forces are ready to take the security responsibility of their country and the people, but they still need cooperation of international community to provide them equipments, training and it is hoped that international commitments are soon honored in this sphere. We use international aids with transparency for institutionalizing and strengthening the security forces. Today, we want to announce that our commitments with regard to transparent spending of the aids would be beyond the expectations of international community. We are committed on our commitments to fight corruption and will not violate this commitment, because the main demand of the people of Afghanistan is the formation of transparent and accountable government. We hope that the international donors also pursue transparency in their aids. Our experience from international perspective shows that it would be the best way to spend the aids through the government budget and we hope that this persistent demand of the Afghan people is changed into reality. 
The fourth circle-Asian countries: In economic perspective, the Asian continent will change into a strong economic power in next 25 years, our neighborhood with China and our close relations with gulf states and our neighbors will be bring a general change in the economy in Asian level. Although, we have witnessed outstanding development in some Asian countries, but still Asia keeps one of the major impoverished centers in the world, we try to reach a broad Asian level consensus regarding the economic development. Afghanistan is the heart of Asia and we will change Afghanistan into square and connecting bridge for regional interaction. 
The fifth circle- Major international institution: The fifth circle of our foreign policy will be related to major international development institutions and major investors in private sector. The UN, World Bank, Asia Development Bank, International Monetary Fund, European Union and international donor institutions would be part of this circle. Our aim is to get advantage of the aids in order to pave the way for mega investments in the country. International experience reveals that those countries that followed clear strategy, firm political determination and best management system to get advantage international aids and investments. We have firm determination and effective programs to bring change and transformation in our beloved country. Stable and prosperous Afghanistan is in the interests of the fife circles, for this purpose, we want Afghanistan to be the central point of cooperation between the fife circles so that Afghanistan is changed into a paradigm of foreign cooperation. 
The war isn’t a solution to the issues, we have proved that political issues can be settled through political moves, for this reason, we call on the Taliban and Hizb-e-Islami to enter into political negotiations. 
Foreign policy: The issue of Afghanistan has external aspects, for this reason, foreign policy has crucial role for us. Afghanistan is the intersection of negative and positive international developments. Because of this, the foundation of stability of Afghanistan is interconnected with stability of the world.  There are no any differences between Afghans for us and law. This is my and my government high-ranking officials to spend one afs to the welfare of people.  This is our responsibility to feel ourselves as the owner of this land, and know that our dignity and pride joined to each other’s.  
 Let’s build this land so our next generations remember us and in the judgment day, we jointly be responsive in the court of Allah the Almighty.Long live Afghanistan!
   The Kabul Times 


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