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Taliban should lead to right way by force

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Taliban should lead to right way by force
 Taliban terrorist group who do not believe to human live, Islamic teachings, civic society and international values, they should be compelled to right way by force in battle fronts. 
BNA studying the situation, commenting on the issue writes Taliban during the last 17 years, where the Afghans were experiencing a new life, emerged as the most horrible and destructive element in our community.
The group in earlier 1370s was established as a project within the frame of Pakistani intelligence service and with participation of some other countries. Since then they were assigned to work for implementing the evil objectives of that country.  During the rule of this barbaric group, some other countries severely harmed. Finally the international community understanding the fatal threat of this terrorist group, with deadly strikes of international community with US leadership their so called Islamic Emirates despotic regime collapses and fled the country.  Unfortunately, with opportunities and programs provided by Pakistani intelligence service reorganized and restarted their criminal acts.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan because of its commitments, to include all political movement in the state, remove all causes of destructive war in the country and provide the ground for welfare and prosperity of our homeland, tried its best to bring Taliban to normal and peaceful life and remove the caused that cause the continuation of war in the country.
The leadership of Afghanistan for bringing Taliban to negotiation table and encourage them to peace has done a lot, but so far has not led to any result.
Diplomatic sources, activated to bring out Taliban from isolation and dependency to foreign countries, agreed for establishment of informal of the group in Doha Qatar. 
In addition, indirect visits and other activities were carries out for strengthen peace process and inter Afghan dialogues.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan provided enormous opportunities for Taliban to use, unfortunately due to the influence of Pakistani intelligence service, dependence of the group to foreign countries and the interests of leaders of the group have kept away from the process of inter – Afghan dialogues.  Instead the group as the Afghan sources say Taliban have passed the red line and instead of  acquiescing to the national and people interests have been continuing  the killing of our innocent people and destruction our homeland.  Some believe consider the proposals and the programs of peace process of the state for restoring peace and stability to the country as sign of its weakness, whereas, the Afghan government because of its great achievement in the battle fronts considers Taliban a weak force that have no way but launching suicide attacks want to cover and conceal their weakness in the battle fields.

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