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Security plan, impact on Kabul’s current situation

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Security plan, impact on Kabul’s current situation
 Following in recent deadly attack in the capital, President Ghani called on security agencies to take serious security measures to halt enemies’ attacks and better maintain the security in the country.
Following the implementation of the new plan to secure Kabul by the new police chief of the province, Kabul provincial council members are optimistic about the plan, saying the plan is good for the security of the province, and they are welcoming this scheme and emphasizing on its implementation.
Rahimullah Mujahid, a member of the Kabul Provincial Council on the new Kabul security plan said that in order to ensure better security in Kabul, first the security of diplomatic areas must be taken seriously, because the most attacks this year have taken place in these areas.
Mujahed pointed that each commander that has been appointing in a province has plans in its mind to provide better security in the province; he added that the new Kabul security plan has been proposed to the president and he approved it. We hope that with the implementation of the new security plan, the security of Kabul city will be improved.
The new security plan is 80 percent in the interest of the Kabul people, because the existence of security check posts in highways and crowd regions can prevent security threats, Mujahid stated.
Although, this member of the Provincial Council accepts that the implementation of the plan and the blockage of roads for workers and drivers will be hard and will reduce the scope for work, but he stressed that generally the new security plan is in the interest of the Kabul people. And by doing so, the Kabul security will be maintained properly.
Scanners at Kabul’s four gates prevent the transportation of narcotics, explosives, weapons and other crimes, and the Kabul police should pay serious attention to this and check all vehicles,” Mujahid continued.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior spokesman, Najib Danesh in this connection said that the Kabul security plan, in contrast to other plans is more comprehensive and complete and this plan, has focus on strengthened of intelligence agencies, the establishment of coordination among security agencies and the identification of more security challenges, and no doubt it would have direct impact improving security situation, especially in Kabul city.
Abdul Basir Mujahid, spokesman for the Kabul Police Chief Command, said that our top priority always been ensuring country’s security and people, and this plan will cover the entire city of Kabul, even districts, and by implementing of  that the citizens will be witness  of better security.”
The increase in barriers in Kabul will not disturb the people, and the security plan will, on the contrary will be in the interest of the people, and efforts to secure the lives and the properties of the citizens will be increased, Mujahid asserted.
If we do not bring reform in the ranks of the armed forces, not change the thoughts of the people about to the enemy, these security plans and paying attention to the diplomatic areas will not cure any harm, because along the security forces people should also cooperate in maintaining security in the country.

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