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Stable Afghanistan to benefit neighbors

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Stable Afghanistan to benefit neighbors
 Regional and global countries have always invaded Afghanistan due to its rich underground resources using different instruments like terrorism and drugs and continued insecurity in this land so to exploit parts of this territory in their benefit. Since its birth, Pakistan has permanently followed a hostile policy against Afghanistan. Pakistan has always involved Afghan leaders in insecurity inside the country to fail to take step for improving of their people’s living condition. Pakistani leaders and rulers have been exporting extremism to our country to influence and over shadow the Afghan leaders.
Accommodation of Afghan refugees in Pakistan has caused deterioration of Pakistan political relations with Afghanistan. Pakistan has abused compulsion of Afghan refugees warning them to forceful expulsion, exert pressure on the Afghan government.
Announcement of new US strategy was a good opportunity for relaxing of conflict in Afghanistan and the region. But reacting against this strategy, Pakistan wants to quench its thirst with threat to compulsory expulsion of Afghan refugees. In the new US strategy. Pakistan was unprecedently criticized and accused that instead of sincere cooperation with the world community, the US and Afghan governments in war on terror, Pakistan shelters terrorist groups. During releasing of the US new strategy, president Trump said, Pakistan has sheltered those organizations who every day try to kill our people. We have paid multi-billion dollars to Pakistan but they have sheltered those terrorists to whom we are fighting. This situation must be change and this changed would immediately take place. In a report of the US state Department, Pakistan was called as a country who has sheltered sanctuaries to terrorists and these groups have been organizing attacks from Pakistan into Afghanistan. Islamabad has not carried out sufficient works against Taliban and Haqqani network to reduce threats against US interests in Afghanistan. Pakistan has only verbally supported efforts to draw Taliban and Haqqani networks to Afghanistan led  peace talks table but has taken no practical steps in this direction.
A number of political analysts consider efforts of the NUG to force the US and the world community to exert further pressure on Islamabad very valuable. For effectiveness of war on terror, save heavens of terrorists in Pakistan must be targeted. But Pakistan has been reluctant to exert even slight pressure on those groups who are used as an instrument against neighboring countries, let alone elimination of their save hideouts and training centers. In contrary, Pakistan wants to equip and arm them further and achieve its sinister goals in the region. This is not the first time that Pakistan plays a double face game in pace talks and war on terror with its allies but she has been deceiving its allies for many years with such false gestures. Heinous actions have been kneaded in the temper and blood of the leaders of those countries who lack slight sincerity and honesty since their birth. They can never change their habitual course of action and policy. Not only the people of the region and world have been fed up with their nasty actions but even their own people hate them. With creation, arming and funding of terror groups and their training centers these leaders have ignited a devastating fire in which not only their the neighboring countries but they themselves are burning. 

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