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‘Fighting season’: US to send war advisers & drones to fight ISIS

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‘Fighting season’: US to send war advisers & drones to fight ISIS
 The Pentagon has planned to send 1000 combat advisers, drones and modern military equipment to fight ISIS in Afghanistan
According to Pentagon officials, this move is aimed at strengthening the US forces in Afghanistan, which will be operational in the coming spring, when the fighting season begins, and these forces can support Afghan security forces in counseling section.
The Pentagon also emphasized that the drones that will be sent to Afghanistan would provide air support and at the same time, they would be used to collect information, monitor and for identification.
In addition, the Pentagon as well considers sending more choppers to Afghanistan, because the Afghan security forces need more military equipment during the war period.
Meanwhile, the Afghan Defense Ministry officials has announced full preparation for fight against terrorist groups and ISIS in Afghanistan, and praised the cooperation and support of the international community, especially the United States with Afghan security forces as well called US’s air operation effective in elimination of terrorist and their hideouts in the country.
Ministry of Defense (MoD) deputy spokesman, Gen. Mohammad Radmanesh in the connection told The Kabul Times that the Afghan National Security Forces will work in full harmony to fight any group that threatens the security of Afghanistan, but sending US advisers to Afghanistan can help us in counseling and professional training field.
Alongside, the US operations against ISIS, the role of Afghan security forces is also extremely important, and the United States will make such cooperation based on its new strategy with the Afghan government, Radmanesh stated.
To eliminate terrorist strongholds, we use the US technology like drones and certainly these are used in places where civilians are not there, Radmanesh went on to say.
Zalmai Ehsas, a military expert in this regard said that if attention was paid in the past 15 years, now we would be the witness of equipped air forces and they could able to alone carry out air operations as well along with the ground forces, they played a constructive role in curbing enemies’ attacks, but unfortunately, no attention has been paid to this part of the Afghan security forces, so in the new US strategy is expected that more focus should be paid to the Afghan Air Force.
Colonel Mohammad Jabarkhail, former MoD officers said that undoubtedly, now the Afghan security forces have considerable capabilities against enemy’s threats, but they need professional training, and modern military equipment, therefore the international community must follow this issue seriously.
Pointing to the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan, Jabarkhail says that ISIS is an external phenomenon, and it’s not only the responsibility of Afghan security forces to fight, but all the countries should cooperate with the Afghan government, because ISIS is a global threat and need all out battle. While fourteen years have been passed since International forces presence in Afghanistan, but still threats and insecurity are continues in some provinces of the country, and now it is expected that the implementation of the training program by NATO and US for Afghanistan’s security forces the level of threat would be decreased .

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