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Afghans want peace

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Afghans want peace
 With barbaric attack on Shamshad TV, the Daesh terrorist grouping once more showed their black and ugly face that caused the wrath and indignation of the peoples of Afghanistan and the world.
This criminal group with under footing of all national and international laws stealtfully attacked on Shamshad TV last week and Sat tens of families on the greif of their dears.
These merciless criminals despite shamefully attacking on holy places, based on instruction and support of their outsider masters, attacked on freedom of expression.
Attack of Daesh on Shamshad TV in fact is a warning to all audio-visual and printing media of the country that the government and the incharges of media should declare this group as unlawful and strict security should be adopted on media centers in capital and provinces of the country.
The people of Afghanistan and the world comprehend well that sans the support and equipment by outsiders, these terrorist groupings are never have capability to resort to terrorist activities in any time and place.
With condemning of this terrorist attack, president Ghani and chief executive Abdullah Abdullah have suggested that with holding of such criminal attacks, terrorists cannot limit the media and freedom of expression that is great worthy of constitution and one of government important achievements.
Mediamen, acting minister of information and culture, civil society, senate and house of people and peace-loving people of Afghanistan condemned this barbaric attack of Daesh grouping on Shamshad TV and laid emphasize on unity and solidarity among people and wanted government to suppress and detain the culprits of this criminal and barbaric act.
At the same time, the international community and secretary general of NATO condemned the attack of Daesh terrorists on Shamshad TV. The US ambassador in Islamabad who was recently speaking in a seminar, once more laid emphasize on annihilation of all secure hideouts of terroristgroupings including Haqqani network in Pakistan soil.
In a briefing held in Brussels, the NATO secretary general warned Pakistan to take in its hand serious measures against secure hideouts of terrorists in the soil of this country.
Secretary general of NATO warned all countries supporting terrorists that no country has the right to accommodate Taliban. The aim of NATO secretary general behind these assertions is Pakistan. Otherwise, it would face with serious reaction of NATO.
These assertions of NATO secretary general are made in a time that after proclamation of US fresh strategy by president Trump resorted to tens of terrorist attacks on holy places and other government establishments in capital and provinces of the country and the hands of certain circles in Pakistan were involved in these attacks and supported them.   
So far, no attention has been paid by Pakistan to the US strategy before Afghanistan and south Asia.
The witnesses warn Pakistan never implement the instruction of the US strategy against criminal bands have safe havens in the soil of Pakistan. As Pakistan uses as tool these terrorists to make Afghanistan and India insecure as well as for killing innocent people, launch suicide attacks, explosions and tens other crimes. Annually, under the pretext of counter terrorism, Pakistan takes tax hundreds millions of dollar from the US and international community and it changed as a custom for Pakistan.
So, the US and NATO are indifferent in the connection. The latters should adopt serious measures in this respect.
The people of Afghanistan has no strength more. Neither in kindergartens nor in schools our children have no security and our man and woman are facing with such state in their working place.
All of our people are suffering from psychological diseases and stress.
So, once more, we are demanding from international community and the international organizations who are supporters and advocate the human rights, the UN, the friendly countries especially Arabian nations and at the head Saudi Arabia for maintaining of peace in Afghanistan, to make humanitarian assistance so that the door of peace, negotiations and understanding be opened with Taliban.
Similarly, we demand from the US, Russia, China and other countries who have great effect on world order to terminate war in Afghanistan. We are in favor of peace and security. 
The Kabul Times 

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In a briefing held in Brussels, the NATO secretary general warned Pakistan to take in its hand serious measures against secure hideouts of terrorists in the soil of this country.
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Your post had provided me with another point of view on this topic. I had absolutely no notion that things may work on this ways as well. Thank you for sharing your perspective.
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