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Post plays decisive role in society

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Post plays decisive role in society
Post is the most old and extensive mean of communication among people of the world countries and territories. The developed societies focus profound attention to communication network for implementation of their progress and have made huge investment plan on it. Since long time, post has been playing decisive role in social life. Therefore for coordination and arrangement of postal relation among countries an agreement on establishment of General Post Union was signed in Bern. Switzerland on Oct 9.1874 by 22 countries based on recommendation of Germany. Based on the agreement, the signatories formed a postal territory that had guaranteed transit freedom for mutual exchange of correspondences throughout the union territory. Afghanistan gained the IPU membership in 1928.
There are over 200 world postal services and Afghanistan postal services is responsible to offer guaranteed and rapid transportation services across the globe. Afghanistan Post Services are called an EMS services or Afghan Eagle Post that means service, safe and rapid. EMS conveys the incoming post in five days to receiver according to international accepted norms and tries to supply further high quality services with possible facilities to customers. For the first time, Afghanistan now posted communication were appeared during the reign of Amir Sher Ali Khan(1886). In the beginning a relay station or post-office was setup in Kabul Balahisar, that was the only postal transportation center in Afghanistan for long time. There was no certain schedule for sending of postal packages because the number of correspondence were less and their transportation was also difficult.
Simultaneous with the establishment of Afghanistan Post Administration, the first Postal stamp which was known to “ Lion Head” was published in 1879 with black color on white paper, that were stuck on postal packages. Samples of this stamp are in London museum. Later on Afghanistan post services were faced with problem and postal services were stopped until the reign of Amir Abdurrahman Khan and in case of emergency need posts were sent by couriers.
Post connection was considerably increased with the world later and air postal services were established between Kabul and the world big cities including Moscow, Delhi, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Geneva, Rome, Beirut, Qairo, Tokyo, Ankara, Sofia, Beijing, Tehran, Islamabad and Karachi.
In 1856 air post services were established inside Afghanistan and Kabul was connected to Herat, Mazar, Kandahar and Maimana cities.
According to Afghanistan post authorities, at present Afghanistan and Kabul was connected to Herat, Mazar, Kandahar and Maimana cities.
According to Afghanistan post authorities at present Afghanistan territory has been covered in postal services and transferring of postal packages take place even in remote villages. At present the MoCIT is planning to setup speedy post, establishment of postal code in 34 provinces launching of forerunner post, dispatching of post employees to abroad for training and coding of roads, avenues and localities.
At the moment, beside public post services, private domestic and foreign post services including DHL, TNT, Fedex and Bakhter Speedy Post are involved in supply of postal services.
 Lailuma Noori   


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Replica Watches 11/10/2017
According to Afghanistan post authorities, at present Afghanistan and Kabul was connected to Herat, Mazar, Kandahar and Maimana cities.
studiesinscience 16/10/2017
thank you for a great post.
Cpu priority 31/10/2017
Thanks for this fabulous post. i just love to reading this amazing post. Keep posting.
I must say that overall I am really impressed with this article. Superbly written and well explained. Thanks for your article.
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