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Militancy, restoration of peace

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Militancy, restoration of peace
 Discussion on terrorism is one of the basic, serious and decisive issues as its interpretation and military-political orientation before it could be effective in success or failure of our war against this phenomenon. Since over one and half decade, Afghanistan inclose cooperation of the world community, has been fighting extremism, while not only this struggle has resulted to no considerable achievement but security situation has been deteriorating every day.
In the outset of presence of international military coalition in Afghanistan, there  was a joint, serious determination by members against terrorist groups and their supporters their full defeat and elimination and due to that reason, the coalition achieved the biggest result in a short time. The Taliban Emirate collapsed and Taliban insurgents with their Al-qaeda collaborators had to leave Afghanistan territory.
Pakistan re-support of Taliban and Al-qaeda and their accommodation in its soil was a dangerous policy which was ignored and underestimated by the US government and other members of the coalition.
The Pakistani authorities under the pretext of their warm relations with the US, tried to keep away presence of fugitive terrorists and Taliban in its soil from the vision of the world community in one hand and tried to separate Taliban from other terrorists groups and convince the world community that the Taliban are not hostile and they have merely political problem with the Afghan government on the other. 
In fact those gestures paved the way for return of Taliban to Afghanistan. The international forces who didn’t enjoy essential coordination first and secondly didn’t follow a clear and certain policy against Taliban, failed to prevent Taliban influence and advance into Afghanistan.
In subsequent years, a further organized policy was followed by the Afghan government and the world community  Taliban were recognized as a native insurgent group. Today the Afghan people compensate the policies which were followed years before by the world community.
Although majority of media and political, security analysts had criticized these policies in that time and called it harmful for Afghanistan peace and stability but this criticizes were not heard and the Taliban were called “ Brothers” by the highest political leader of Afghanistan. Taliban commanders and leaders were released from jails, a number of Taliban leaders were removed from the UN black list and serious restrictions were imposed in anti-Taliban operations. Taliban were allowed to open their political office in Qatar.
Such measures gave legitimacy to Taliban and changed their content from a terrorist groups to a native political opposition group of the government. Change of conceptions to Taliban was also effective in military-political approach with these insurgents and faced quality of fighting this group with problem.
At present over 80pc attacks, explosions and suicide operations are taking place by Taliban. When war on terror and struggle against Taliban takes place with buts and ifs, what does war  on terror mean in Afghanistan?
Nowadays too, the policy of world community and certain domestic circles are concentrated more on peace with Taliban. This policy is based further on this pre-sumption that nevertheless, Taliban are an objective military-political reality and the Afghan crisis cannot be concluded sans understanding with this group. In this policy, the first principle is making peace with Taliban.
The Afghan people don’t seek solution of Afghanistan crisis in continuation of war. Peace talks are at the priority of national policies. But the question is this how one could bring Taliban to peace talks table?
The Afghan people believe that two measures should be inevitably taken for restoration of peace:
1- Military pressure should be intensified on Taliban militants and their maneuver capability should be restricted in remote districts and rural areas. It means intensification of war for access to peace.
2- Economic-political pressures should be imposed on Taliban and other terrorists supporters so they be forced to prefer political solution to military one.
So flexibility, compromise and civility with those who are not loyal to human rights values, don’t believe in national interests brings no result except further complication of situation, prolonging of devastating war and deepening of ongoing crisis.  
Lailuma Noori

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Kiowa 17/07/2017
"Afghan people don’t seek solution of Afghanistan crisis in continuation of war"; but The Afghan people believe "Military pressure should be intensified on Taliban militants (continuation of war)and their maneuver capability should be restricted in remote districts and rural areas (continuation of war). It means intensification of war for access to peace" (IE continuation of war) and "pressures should be imposed on Taliban and other terrorists supporters so they be forced (forced = continuation of war) to prefer political solution to military one". PROBLEM - The Taliban fighters, given permission to fight by their families, are Afghan people too.

A recent survey from a non-US/Afghan Govt sponsored NGO showed 80% of Afghan Taliban fighters are fighting because of outside influence on their families, religion, and core beliefs. They represent societies from about 50% of the Afghan population. Are the beliefs of 50% of the country EXTREME? Does 50% of the country's societies wake up with just the goal of bringing TERROR to their own people? Are they also not "Afghan People"? Do you speak of them as AFGHAN people too? This is the problem.

One cannot bring peace with rhetorical bias and cute terms like "extremists" or "terrorists" - those are western terms meant to shape public opinion to support wars they might not otherwise support by delegitimizing the human aspects of the enemy. "Terrorists" is a term Israel uses to fool Americans into ignoring the Palestinians political arguments - dehumanize the people and dehumanize their justification for fighting. You have fallen into the same trap. Those terms are what makes news propaganda. Call your enemies by their names and maybe, just maybe, the deadly bias will stop.
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Militancy, restoration of peace is very necessary to away from any terrorist from the country. The basic purpose of army of any country to make sure the defense of the country and peace as well. The above discussion at on the same point.
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