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Bakhter Treasury exhibition draws more visitors

 Built in second millennium B.C., the Bakhter Treasury was discovered in the ruins of Zoroastrian Fire Temple located in the abandoned city of Sheberghan, northern ... Full story

Maimanagi Art Center, good place for improvement of youth talents

 Directorate of Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Art Center is one of the institutions which could have provided learning facilities of fine arts in various sections to ... Full story

Tourism industry facing security challenges in Badakhshan

 Badakhshan province with attractive tourism nature and wild animals has, in the past, drawn attention of tourists from the region and the world, is located ... Full story

Nangarhar historical monuments need to be renovated

 Nangarhar, one of the country’s warm, ancient and historic provinces, has more than 2,000 historic monuments. The province was originally part of the Achaemenid Empire, in ... Full story

Two historical monuments discovered in Baghlan

 There are over 5000 historical monuments in the country most of posing to danger of destruction including 28 in Baghlan requiring rebuilding urgently. In an ... Full story

Overall condition of Ghor cultural heritage

 Ghor, one of the country’s central provinces, is a low-developed province. When we talk about Ghor’s historic monuments, we think of Jam Minaret considered one ... Full story

Kunar cultural heritages need to be renovated

 Kunar, a mountainous province of the country, has cultural heritages as historic mosques and shrines having more than 400 years history and need to be ... Full story

Hat making a popular industry in Afghanistan

 Afghanistan is a traditional country with unique handicrafts including jewelries, Afghani clothes, embroidery and hat making that take place by males and females and enjoy ... Full story

Govt. inattention stagnates coppersmith industry

With a background of many centuries, the art of coppersmith is one of our handicrafts and using raw copper, the coppersmiths produce priceless and ornamental ... Full story

Bamyan’s Shahmama buddha to be repaired

Buddha giant statues’ history goes to 2nd and 3rd centuries when Kanishka was the king. Salsal and Shahmama statues are among the remained historical monuments ... Full story

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