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Parwan historical monuments need serious attention

Parwan is the second grade and one of ancient and central provinces of the country that is located at 64 km north of Kabul. This province ... Full story

He was the savior of Afghan music. Then a Taliban bomb took his hearing

When musicologist Ahmad Sarmast’s pioneering institute – open to girls and boys, women and men from all backgrounds – became a target, it nearly cost him his life. But the attack has only made him more determined ... Full story

Afghan handicraft products compete with best

The handicraft in Afghanistan has its own historical background which is definitely the honor of all Afghans people and now is being promoted in various ... Full story

Focus on Bamyan giant Buddha statues

The UNESCO has republished book in several chapters”The image of the Buddha” in 482 pages in which over 350 black and white and colored photos ... Full story

Book-reading culture should be promoted among people, President Ghani

The third book fair to celebrate Book Week at the initiative of Ministry of Information and Culture and with the cooperation of a number of ... Full story

Herat cultural heritages require serious attention

While historical relics of Herat are the indicators of our ancient culture, most of them needs to be rebuilt and repaired. This priceless historical city ... Full story

About $15b allocated for rebuilding Afghanistan: SIGAR

 The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction SIGAR John Sopko said that at present over $14.9b is being spent for Afghanistan reconstruction and this ... Full story

Buddha Purnima: Ancient Buddhist city in Afghanistan could be destroyed by copper mining

 A 2,000-year-old Buddhist city, Mes Aynak in Afghanistan, rich in stupas, shrines and monuments could be razed to the ground if a Chinese mining company ... Full story

Afghan Karakul enjoys global market

 Breeding of Karakul sheep has been common among the Afghan people since long time, particularly among Turkmen who are usually living in Qataghan and Turkistan ... Full story

Wise leadership; South Korea’s quick development

 Still remembering horrible results of decades of civil war, South Koreans hurried to reconstruct their country and change it into an industrial hub of the ... Full story

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