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Leather-making buckets, ancient handicrafts in Afghanistan

 Murad-Khani, where has been popularized as an ancient and traditional area among the Afghan people, is situated in the north of the Kabul River.  It was ... Full story

Pamir in the course of history

 When Eskander Kabir who was a well-known person decided to see the highest Pamir’s Castle, but while passing by the roads with his popularized horse ... Full story

Book introduction

 A book, Black Hand-2, [Proxy War] deeply focusing on matters about the intelligence and police has recently been published, with the writer, Prof. Abdul Hadi ... Full story

Smithy should be protected as traditional industry

 The traditional smithy should be kept developed, with the main workplace located in a very old and beautiful area of Shorbazar, a locality in Kabul ... Full story

National Library to be constructed near Public Library

 Afghanistan lacks national library. The national library is the best place for protection of cultural, historical relics.  Afghanistan national library was planned to be constructed one ... Full story

Murad-Khani’s rehabilitation a priority

 Murad-Khani is one of the famous areas in the Kabul City, where Temor Shah Durrani has been quoted to have moved from Kandahar province to ... Full story

Felt-rubbing industry faces stagnancy

Gull Mina who is involved in the felt-rubbing trading works ,had conversation with The Kabul Times reporter, saying that due to the lack of suitable marketing facility for the handicrafts, specially the felt-rubbing industry has been faced with some obstacles to be boosted in the central provinces in this country. ... Full story

Bamyan’s tourism industry in progress

 As a historical and ancient province of Afghanistan, Bamyan contains good touristic grounds interesting for the world tourists. This central province of Afghanistan which was once ... Full story

Ghazni: beauty of nature in grip of insurgency

 Ghazni is one of the most important and central provinces of Afghanistan. The province is second grade based on the statistics of Central Statistical Office ... Full story

People traditions as Eid arrives

 The holy month of Ramadan is month of blessing and benevolence. In this month like other Muslims of the world, the pious Muslims of Afghanistan ... Full story

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