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Prof. Maimanagi a honorable figure

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Prof. Maimanagi a honorable figure
 Painting is an imaginational art which reflects internal feelings and imaginations. That is why it is also called play with colors.
In fact, painting is a complicated art. When we see a big tableau, actually we face a perfect set ofvalues. 
Painting art has long background then language.
The found paintings inside caves show that the primary humans while painting animals were preparing themselves to somehow fight against them.
Painting has also long background in Afghanistan and there have been many prominent painters whom would never be forgotten.
This subject would focus on a well-known and honorable painter who had left countless works behind.
Prof. Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi was born in Maimana in 1252 solar year, in an open-mind and influential family of Abdul Baqi Khan.
He was a talented person since childhood and interested to painting and literature.
He was seven when he along with his family came to Kabul and resided in old city.
His family had faced with many problems in Kabul. Then he decided to write a letter which was consisted of a bird’s picture to Amir Abdul Rahman Khan to find a job.
Amir Abdul Rahman Khan liked his painting and recruited him as the palace’s painter.
After that, during Shah Amanullah Khan’s tenure, due to his high talent and skill, he was sent to Germany for two years to get his higher education. 
After completion of higher education’s period in Berlin Fine Arts Academy, he got the first position among 400 students of different world countries and received his professor diploma.

His paintings were including natural views and various types of portraits. 
In 1270 solar year, he taught painting in Habibia and Harbia schools. 
Then, during Mohammad Zahir Shah’s kingdom, an art center named Professor Maimanagi Art Center was established in Kabul by the then ministry of information and culture.
Titling professor on behalf of a European country to Prof. Maimanagi was a pride to our country.
It has been said that when Prof. Maimanagi was leaving Germany for Afghanistan, he stayed in Italy for a few days. The last morning, when he was about to leave Italy for Afghanistan, he had eaten breakfast in a restaurant. After he finished eating, he painted nine ten-pound-coins on a plate. When the waiter came to collect the dishes on the table, he saw the coins and though they are real.But when he wanted to take them, he noticed they are just a painting.  
Prof. Maimanagi was a brilliant painter who founded the base of an art movement in Afghanistan. Today, many university teachers in fine arts faculty are the followers of Prof. Maimanagi. In 24 Qaus, 1314 solar year, Prof. Maimanagi had passed away aged 62 in his home in Kabul’s Bagh-e-Nawab and was buried in Asheqan-o-Arefan area.  May his soul rest in peace. 

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