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Dykondi historical monuments require rehabilitation

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Dykondi historical monuments require rehabilitation
 As one of the mountainous and green provinces, Dykondi is a suitable touristic place as it has over 57 historical monuments which are the manifestation of our ancestor’s art and civilization enthusiasm.
In an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent talking on these historical monuments, the head of Dykondi provincial department of Information and Culture Mohammad Hussein Seerat said, Historical monuments are heritage of our great ancestors and it is responsibility of our today’s and future generation to safeguard them, prevent their destruction.
He added, as one of the central provinces, nine years ago, Dykondi was a district in Uruzgan province but it was promoted to an independent province with nine administrative units including Khadir, Shahristan, Mirmor, Ushtoli, Sang-e- Takh to Bander, Hakitie, Gojran and Gezab districts, in which ethnic Hazara, Pashtoon and Balooch are living in a peaceful atmosphere in over 28000 villages. All the above historical monuments are scattered in districts.
 He went on to say, a number of these sites are not posed with danger while another numbers are posed to destruction and require serious attention of rehabilitation. These sites have background of many centuries. Early 1392 H.S, tens pieces of coins of Islamic era were discovered and unearthed in Sheikhali era of Sang-e- Takht district during a road construction activity including 200 coins, 3 silver rings, 2 gold earrings, three coral beads which were buried under the ground inside a jug at a total weight of 0.660 kg. In one of these coins the word of “there is no Allah but the only Allah” had been engraved. At present Dykondi province lacks a museum while it is essential to accommodate discovered relics in it that would display the historical identity of its people.
Touching the survey of some ancient sites, he said since 1390, the provincial department of information and culture has surveyed 42 sites out of which 15 monuments have been registered, signs have been installed for 5 sites, 11 sites have been destroyed and nine sites are posed to destruction while no site is under the occupation of armed opponents. All these 42 sites located in five districts.
Our department prepared and sent a recommendation on visit, re-surveying and collecting of verbal and written information for writing of a book on these historical monuments to the MoIC.  
Karima Malikzada       

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Dykondi historical monuments require rehabilitation.
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