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Home | Interviews | Hakimi asks for cultural heritages protection campaign

Hakimi asks for cultural heritages protection campaign

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Hakimi asks for cultural heritages protection campaign

 KABUL: As one of the world’s richest cultural heritages countries, Afghanistan has over 200 thousand ancient relics so far been detected, though half of them have either been destroyed or taken out of the country during the devastative civil war in the country, an official said.

In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times, Media Advisor and Spokesman of the Ministry of Information and Culture, Haroon Hakimi said that besides 5,000 ancient sites, Afghanistan has accommodated wide number of historical monuments and cultural sites from which some 370 ancient relics and 1235 historical sites have so far been registered with the Ministry of Information and Culture.
“An estimation of up to hundred relics have also been protected by the ministry as well two valuable treasuries like Bakhtar and Mes-e-Ainak, some relics of which have been displayed at the foreign exhibitions, while many of them are still hidden and remained earthed,” said the spokesman.
According to him, the Ministry of Information and Culture has launched a public appeal for protection of the ancient sites and the historical relics and asked the people for doing more in keeping sound and intact all of the country’s ancient relics including Shir Darwaza site, as according to him, the ministry on its own can’t overcome all these problems due to limited possibilities.Shir Darwaza hill, with more than 15 centuries background at the hearth of Kabul city, on which Hakimi regretted that had been badly destroyed during the civil conflicts and the stones had been taken by the nearby area residents and even the earth had been excavated and carried by the residents for building their houses.
The ministry through the media and civil society members launched a public awareness for protection of the area and other historical sites, where the ministry due to lack of possibilities failed to protect.
The underwork ancient sites including Hussain Khil, Bagrami, Tapa-e-Narenj, Tapa-e-Hashmat Khan and other sites are expected to excavated, with the found relics would be taken to the ministry’s related departments and irremovable relics would be kept in their own special areas, according to the spokesman who added there were many other sites expected to be excavated and worked on after launching inclusive survey, with some found historical relics would be put in show.
Hakimi also enumerated some entities providing cooperation and funds for repairing and mending of the destroyed historical relics as Agha Khan Foundation  (in different parts of Afghanistan), DAFA institution, Firuz Koh Institute, the World Bank and UNESCO.
Many effective programs had so far been launched in ancient Bamyan province, where the people were witnessing the SAARC’s positive programs launched for repairing the historical relics and beside the capital Kabul, in some other provinces, like Ghazni, Herat, Balkh, Samangan and Badakhshan provinces, the ministry is making effort to launch a precise survey.
To conclude with, the media advisor for the Ministry of Information and Culture, Haroon Hakimi thanked the Agha Khan Foundation  for doing more in repairing the Bagh-e-Babaur (Babur Park) as according to him, it doesn’t need repairing anymore.
          Karima Malikzada

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Hakimi asks for cultural heritages protection campaign.
The ministry through the media and civil society members launched a public awareness for protection.
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