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Ramadan calls for peace

 The blessed month of Ramadan brings happiness, goodness, spiritual enlightenment, rewards, and physical and spiritual benefits to all the Muslims. Ramadan brings out a special ... Full story

Basic change should be brought in DABS to remain accountable

 Media reported that Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), the main power supplying company in the country had been accused by lawmakers to have imposed overcharge ... Full story

United global effort needed to fight terrorism

 The United States President Donald Trump has appreciated Afghan national security forces’ sacrifices, saying Washington and its allies stand firmly behind Kabul in the global ... Full story

Riyadh Summit must confront terror swiftly

 Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia to host a forum on terrorism and extremism today under the sponsorship of the Islamic Military Alliance to Fight ... Full story

Government using all means to overcome security threats

 A number of politicians and jihadi leaders, attending a gathering to mark the fourth death anniversary of a former Baghlan provincial council head, blamed the ... Full story

Time for security forces to grab all chances from militants

 Fighting insurgency in some eastern and northeastern provinces of Afghanistan is still going on, when the militants seasonal offensives arrive. The Taliban fighters, in the past ... Full story

Women’s crucial role in peace process

 Empowering women and girls are much important to have their active participation in different spheres of life and help realize Afghanistan’s full potential. Women and ... Full story

Fighting terror needs practical step not sole claim

The White House in a statement said that a winning strategy was in the making to defeat Daesh and the Taliban in Afghanistan. The US President Donald Trump was quoted by a statement from the White House to have a plan to develop a ‘winning strategy to defeat ISIS and the Taliban in Afghanistan, though he doesn’t want to reveal his plan in details.’ According to The White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, President Trump wanted to make sure that the United States defeat ISIS and the Taliban and that this was in the American national security interests.’ The secretary in response to a question said: “I mean, he’s talked about not projecting where he’s going and what he’s going to do to let the enemy know ahead of time, and part of that guidance that his national security team is giving him are different pieces that you’re talking about.” “How do we achieve those key outcomes? How do we do what’s in the country’s best interest and utilize our military and our treasure to the best of our ability? That is something that we’re continuing to work on and do, and that’s part of what he is getting briefed on and is implementing,” The White House Press secretary said. Spicer went on to say that ‘he wants to make sure that we do what we can to win. And that’s why he charged the generals and other military advisors and national security team to come up with a plan that can get us there.’ However Trump’s strategy, as the secretary said was to make sure that the US put its national security interests first, and defeat all of those folks that seek to do it harm, but the war suffered Afghan people want a practical step to clearly witness what the US and its allies are practically doing for ensuring security in the country. Since the long years of US mission in Afghanistan, nothing still seen tangible in defeating ISIS or Taliban, despites repeatedly claims of Afghanistan anti-terrorist partners that they wanted a free-terrorist nation. The plan to overcome terrorists and insurgency in Afghanistan and the region have been said to be put into practice when bilateral security agreement (BSA) is signed between Afghanistan and the US as well as with those of the stakeholders in the country’s political and military issues, but insurgency grew more than ever and other terrorist groups are seen emerging the scene and disturbing security of the nations, not only in Afghanistan, but in the region as well. If the US wants Afghanistan remain a close partner, it should not suffice to a mere slogan of counter-terrorism battle, but should practically show that it was working for a lasting defeat of terror in Pakistani border region, where the militants main hideouts are still operational and by passing each day, terrorist activities are getting more momentum across the two countries borders.

Civil society role shouldn’t be ignored in transparent elections

 President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, during a meeting with a number of civil society activists the other day praised them of playing key ... Full story

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