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Air corridor to boost Afghanistan-India trade ties

 Facing constant roadblocks from Pakistan to carry out their bilateral trade through land route, Afghanistan and India are all set to trade through air. They ... Full story

Unity among Afghans sole response to enemies

 There is nothing the enemies fear more than Unity in Afghanistan; their number one tactic is to keep the fire of discord burning in the ... Full story

US still promising about Afghanistan war rather than practicing

 US President, Donald Trump has reportedly allowed Pentagon to decide on the troop level in Afghanistan, where more than 8,000 American troops and NATO forces ... Full story

Regional approach key to peace in Afghanistan

 Amid hectic efforts at home and abroad to ensure viable stability in Afghanistan, the ‘Kabul Process’ Conference was held on June 6th to seek ways ... Full story

Kabul Process Conference; durable peace, stability in Afghanistan

 The government of Afghanistan has been fully determined to take the initiative for the peace process, aiming to engage the region in order to address ... Full story

Terrorist attacks strengthen Afghans’ resolve to remain united

 Wednesday’s deadly attack took life of more than a hundred people, injured over 4 hundred others and most regretfully, critically sparked anger of the people ... Full story

Anti-terrorism rally should be held with national spirit

 Last week’s vehicle-borne bomb attack has reportedly left behind at least 100 people, mostly civilians dead and over 350 other including women and children wounded, ... Full story

Transparent committee can ensure plot distribution to returnees

 Afghan refugees are facing numerous kinds of tortures and torments outside the country, while returning home find their distributed residential plots usurped. In a fresh assertion, ... Full story

Security forces capable to foil inimical plots, protect people

 The country’s second vice-president in a statement described the holy month of Ramadan, a good opportunity to recognize the enemy of the country and the ... Full story

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