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Independence Day; a day of pride for Afghans

 On August 19, Afghans celebrate the 98th anniversary of gaining of their country’s independence the from then Great Britain, which ruled India and Pakistan from ... Full story

U.S.’s Afghanistan strategy should focus on domestic forces equipment

 The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), in one of its report, strongly criticized the United States of failing to enable the Afghan security forces despite ... Full story

Hajj; a religious performance shouldn’t be politicalized

 Time for hajj, the holy Islamic performance is getting nearer, urging Muslims everywhere in the world to get preparation for Makah departure.   Millions of adult ... Full story

Mirza Olang tragedy shouldn’t be underestimated

 Tens of civilians, including women and children have been shot, beheaded and massacred by certain groups, reportedly consisted of both Taliban and Daesh militants in ... Full story

Northern areas’ security must be NUG’s top priority

 Fierce fightings are going on in sensitive strategic regions of the country. Consecutive collapse of districts of northern provinces has increased this concern that Taliban ... Full story

Domestic products need attention

 A landlock country, like Afghanistan, is not expected to yield as much as higher agricultural products, as eye-catchingly seen this year, in many provinces of ... Full story

Pakistan’s terrorism policy change helps Afghans overcome militancy

 Nothing tangible has so far been witnessed in war on the regional terror, as the immediate neighbor – Pakistan had not still launched strict counterterrorism ... Full story

Firm practical plan stronger than fencing borders to suppress terrorism

 Terrorist activities lasted nearly one and half a decades, not only in Afghanistan, but also along the borders with some neighboring and regional countries, like ... Full story

MoPH’s drugstores control commendable

 The people of Afghanistan are facing other challenges, such as insanitary food vended along the streets and low-quality medicine prescribed by the related unskilled physicians.  The ... Full story

Coalitions in favor of people or against?!

 Millions of Afghans killed, injured or left their residences, since the last several decades of meaningless conflicts and imposed wars in their country. We have now ... Full story

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