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Government committed to protect citizens’ rights

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Government committed to protect citizens’ rights

 The 31 passengers who were abducted by unknown masked men in Kabul-Kandahar highway more than two months ago, 19 of which have recently been released. According to local officials, and president Ghani’s remarks to media, 19 hostages have been handed over to the government while the remaining 12 others are still being held hostage.

Details regarding the actual hand over still remain sketchy but President Ghani in a press conference declared that there were no prisoner swap, whom his/her crime was proved by the judiciary organs or money deals with the insurgents. Concerted efforts have been carried out in recent weeks by government to free the hostages, including large scale military operations.
Since abduction took place, several demonstrations are staged by the civil society activists and families of the abductees in the capital Kabul and other provinces of the country, demanding government not to be silence and take necessary measures for releasing the innocent passengers.
The National Unity Government (NUG) has made several concerted efforts for the secure release of the captives through peaceful negotiation and a number of tribal elders from Zabul province had spoken with the parties responsible for the abduction of 31 travelers along the Kabul-Kandahar highway in February, and despite no positive results, the elders have presented the proposed terms of release to the central government in Kabul.
The government has also carried out many military operations, in which in a recent operation the Afghan National Security Forces demolished the recruitment camp of so called ISIS militants in Zabul province and killed dozens of the insurgents. But the abductees were already transferred to Ghazni province.
There have been different claims by different authorities since the incident took place. In very days, there were claims that members of Daesh have abducted them as they have started getting stronger in certain parts of the country. However, afterwards there have been claims that Taliban and Al-Qaeda are responsible for the incident. The local officials had blamed the local Taliban, along with the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Jhangvi militant outfit and the Chechens. On the other hands Zabul mediators claim that the passengers have been abducted by armed high-way robbers and none of the groups has claimed responsibility for the incident.
It is the responsibility of a government within a state to ensure peace and security of its citizens. However, the governments in Afghanistan despite of interferences of regional countries and their intelligence agencies into its internal affairs and insecurity in most parts of the country, has tried its best to provide secure environment for its citizens, however, Afghanistan is still considered one of the countries where the government has not been able to provide tightened security for its people and the common people face different sorts of problems every day.
But peace and security not only depend upon the government, it is the duty of people, tribal elders and influential figures to stand against the threat being posed by these so-called jihadists, operating freely against innocent civilians and must make every possible effort in coordination with their government for providing a secure environment, in particular with respect to releasing of other 12 passengers.

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