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Capital security urgent need

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Capital security urgent need
 The country’s National Directorate of Security (NDS) has recently detained a 14 member group of kidnappers in the capital Kabul, where the ordinary citizens and businessmen complained about rising criminal cases.
Kidnapping businessmen and robbery cases have risen in the capital Kabul and other cities of the country, like Herat in the west and Mazar-e-Sharif in the country’s north.
Countrywide insecurity emerging from growing militancy in some remote provinces’ bordered with Pakistan is mostly behind the challenges, however counter-crime forces of the country are doing more to arrest and detain the criminal gangs.
Each day many reports about crimes and violence are released by media, with the organs concerned starting much to be done for preventing the challenges. 
In the past few years, many mafia groups’ leaders have been jailed and some executed, after investigation into their files.
The recent step of the country’s national directorate for security to arrest up to 14 criminals in Kabul is laudable, but the cases should be investigated seriously and those proved guilty should be brought to justice and punished.
Growing criminal cases and rise in the kidnapping of the country’s businessmen and their children have critically weakened investment in Afghanistan. Many firms producing needed materials and vehicle spare-parts in western province of Herat are shut due to the challenges.
Innocent children are abducted for money, some of their families see no option except to pay high amount even by taking loans from others, while some waiting for what police and intelligence organs do for them.
In the last few days, a child of three age was abducted in the country’s northern province of Balkh, where police could trail the kidnappers and rescue the child, a move indicating the country’s intelligence and police bravery and dedication for protection of the countrymen. But this is not enough the organs concerned should do more in this field.
Mafia band and criminal gangs are undeniably linked with some certain powerful individuals and warlords with still hidden arms and ammunitions and even armed men around them. So they should be searched for what they are doing in their own areas and how they have ties with the kidnappers who are growingly disturbing security of the citizens.
The freshly detained group has been said to include notorious criminals organizing armed robberies, threatening traders and finally abducting investors and capitalists in various parts of the country.
The intelligence and police forces should launch investigation into the exact location of the gangs and introduce them publicly, to help prevent repetition of criminal activities.

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In the past few years, many mafia groups’ leaders have been jailed and some executed, after investigation into their files.
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