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Home | Editorial | Afghan-India ties not against Pakistan

Afghan-India ties not against Pakistan

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Afghan-India ties not against Pakistan
 Earlier this week, Pakistani representative at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, opposed India’s political and military role in Afghanistan while the presidential office in a statement rejected the assertions as an interference in the internal affairs of the country.
It said the stances of any other countries on Afghanistan as an independent and sovereign state, was not above the country’s national interest.
Indeed, relations between Kabul and New Delhi would not pose any threat to other countries, as it is only focusing on reconstruction of the country.
Afghanistan has forever protected its rights of having good relations with all neighboring, regional and world countries and that under the current juncture, it is in dire need of reconstruction and wants to have close ally either Pakistan, India or any regional countries to reconstruct the war suffered nation.
This is a big mistake from any neighboring countries if wanted to look to have Afghanistan as a subordinate country, as experiences proved that it would never bend to any threat and would oppose any illegal demand as well as would resist  against any political and practical invasion.
Relation between Afghanistan and the friendly country of India would never impose threat to Pakistan territory.
If Pakistan is affected from Afghanistan, then it can react as the country’s ambassador to India said, but the relation was not against other nations, then they have not the right to oppose.
Afghanistan relation with India is based on the strategic agreement apart from being an independent in forging ties with other nations and can choose its friends on its own.
On the other hand, Afghanistan would never allow anyone to use it against other countries and the immediate neighbor should see us as an independent neighbor.
India had provided some three billion USD in aid to reconstruction and high-impact development of Afghanistan, but had not still asked Kabul to cease ties with Pakistan. While Pakistan since long years trained, equipped and sent insurgents to destabilize Afghanistan and is still shelling the country’s border provinces.
Also the friendly country had promised recently to play key role in training and equipment of the Afghan security forces and it can play effective role in development of the country’s security forces to NATO standards and repair the damaged helicopters.

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Buy Perfumes India 25/09/2017
I hope pakistan will understand this..and stop spreading hatred and terrorism
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India had provided some three billion USD in aid to reconstruction and high-impact development of Afghanistan, but had not still asked Kabul to cease ties with Pakistan.
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