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Home | Editorial | Opportunities missing in uprooting terror

Opportunities missing in uprooting terror

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Opportunities missing in uprooting terror
 Pakistan’s Prime Minister at the United Nations General Assembly has reiterated on his stance that no terrorists’ sanctuaries are in his country, and once again blamed Afghanistan of harboring insurgents itself.
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has reportedly alleged that Taliban safe havens were in Afghanistan and not in his country. “No one desires peace in Afghanistan more than Pakistan.”
Pakistan doesn’t appear to accept terrorists’ hideouts in its soil, thus, it wanted to divert the world’s attention from its longstanding failure to take action against the vicious groups on its territory.
Afghanistan also exercised its right at the General Assembly and said ‘it was evident that the propagation of terror activities in Pakistan constituted the main source of insecurity in the country and the region.’
It rejected the claim and said it was erroneous from one of the member’s state regarding the presence of safe havens in Afghanistan.
“Such a difference is a deliberate attempt by the government of Pakistan to divert international attention over Pakistan’s longstanding failure to take effective action against various terrorist groups and sanctuaries on its territory,” representing Afghanistan, a diplomat said.
“It remains evidently clear to the global community that the propagation of terrorist activities by state and non-state actors in neighboring Pakistan constitutes the main source of insecurity in Afghanistan and the region,” he said.
This is a fact that Afghanistan has time and again persisted to address the challenges through various channels including bilateral dialogue, but the effort to this end yet to yield any result.
All the world media are fully aware of what is going on inside Pakistan and they have had a full coverage of what vicious was happening in Afghanistan and who is the responsible for tragic incidents inside the two countries. 
Pakistan should know that at this juncture, it has another opportunity to resume a comprehensive dialogue about how to fight insurgency and help restore peace and security in the two countries.
Combating terrorism is not something to be achieved via verbal blame against each other, the two countries should hold a political dialogue, under which they could absolutely overcome any dilemma.
Peace in Afghanistan, guarantees stability of Pakistan and other neighboring countries, as well as the region and the world. So there is a need for speaking the truth about terrorism, not to remain persisting in own word and seeking ways to constrain own plan on others.
We shouldn’t blame others for our own problems and instead should do our best achieve our common goal of decisively fighting extremism, as the world has now understood that terrorists have main hideouts inside Pakistani soil and send fighters to other countries, particularly Afghanistan and other neighboring countries.
Opportunities shouldn’t be missed and each moment should be utilized in uprooting terrorism and extremism through a joint cooperation between the two countries.

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