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Home | Editorial | Mirza Olang tragedy shouldn’t be underestimated

Mirza Olang tragedy shouldn’t be underestimated

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Mirza Olang tragedy shouldn’t be underestimated
 Tens of civilians, including women and children have been shot, beheaded and massacred by certain groups, reportedly consisted of both Taliban and Daesh militants in Mirza Olang district of Sar-e-Pul province.
After overrunning local police in Sayad district of the province, a joint and coordinated Taliban and IS fighters stormed to Mirza Olang, where they didn’t spare even to kill innocent women and children.
The joint and coordinated attack by the two rivals — the Taliban and the IS has been seen rare as they have reportedly clashed each other in many parts of the country, but coordination between local and national police force were as weak as they couldn’t thwart the rebels plot that led to such a tragic incident.
As many as 50 civilians have been killed by the insurgents in a remote area in Sayad district, where the local police have been reported to flee the area, after at least two days of battle with more than two hundred storming insurgents.
Though the Taliban by their spokesman denied if the operation was launched in a coordinated plan with the IS and that they had not killed civilians, but the killing of civilians mostly civilian and children are seen to highlight the nature of the rebels who are by no mean reconcilable.
The government should launch a soon probe into the case and should make it clear that neither the Taliban nor the IS are ready to relent on the innocent civilians.
On the other hand, the village is reportedly inaccessible, as there is no active telephone network to help get an update about the situation and such a deadly situation might happen repeatedly if the security forces could retake the district, but fail to protect it.  
Likewise, killing civilians, which has been repeatedly happened by the Taliban and Daesh, particularly in the recent heartbreaking incident occurred in Mirza Olang district, shouldn’t be underestimated. Both the government of Afghanistan and the international community are full aware of the Taliban and Daesh’s ominous nature and notorious plots of massacring innocent people. They should also revise in their plan on the militants by considering their act of killing civilians as war crimes.
There is no different in nature between Taliban — with main training bases and hideouts along the borders with Pakistan, and Daesh — with the main command centers in the Arab country of Syria.
Though, both vie for supremacy and clashed since IS gained a foothold in eastern Afghanistan few years ago, but while seeking common interests, they would team up and share joint goal to deal a blow to the government forces in many certain areas.
Thus, the government forces have to have a coordinated plan against the enemy. They should ruthlessly deal with the brutal militants and make effort to protect civilians. Also, the forces shouldn’t remain vigilant of enemy’s plots and try to foil them before being launched.
Retaking a district like Mirza Olang of Sar-e-Pul or Jani Khil of Helmand, would do nothing, unless to be lastingly protected as militants will never remain silent after losing any area to the security forces.

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