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Home | Editorial | Northern areas’ security must be NUG’s top priority

Northern areas’ security must be NUG’s top priority

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Northern areas’ security must be NUG’s top priority
 Fierce fightings are going on in sensitive strategic regions of the country. Consecutive collapse of districts of northern provinces has increased this concern that Taliban militants in collaboration with other terrorist groups expand scope of insecurity from south to north and change the north to a red battlefield like south.
Although in the last three years a number of northern districts included the list of volatile areas but today’s concern is much beyond few districts.
Devastating wars in Kunduz, Faryab, Takhar, Badakhshan, Sar-e-Pul and Baghlan provinces show that the terrorists new war strategy has been set up on extensive insecurity of northern areas and these groups want to expand war territory across the country through insecurity of the north and weaken the government defence capability against insurgents in one hand and pave the way for influencing into central Asia on the other.
Beside that, today’s insecurity of the north has closely tied with regional and international rivalries and some countries try to facilitates their access to security, economic and political interests via destabilizing the north and delay and prevent implantation of regional useful projects.
In recent years, major part of Afghan drugs have been trafficking through north into central Asia and then to European markets.
The northern security damages drug trafficking on this route and even make it difficult or impossible.
Access of terrorists and local influentials to rich north mines and their illegal extraction and trafficking is another reason for insecurity of the north. Due to being remote and insecure, those groups illegally extract gold, lapis, emerald and other precious mines and earn multi-million dollars every year. Pillaging of mines is one of the bitter realities that unfortunately in recent years has been increasing in the light of insecurity.
As insecurity of the north is important for the foes of Afghanistan, it is security is vital and essential for Afghan people and government. Experiences have proven that central power is affiliated to government political domination on northern areas. If the government loses its domination on these regions, pillars of political system relax and collapses gradually. At current difficult security situation, north is the government and ANSF strategic depth and a reliable resting place of the Afghan people, therefore the importance of the north must not be underestimated and its problems cannot be compared with other areas.
Taking into account the factors and motives behind insecurity of the north and its importance in general stability and security of the country, it requires that utmost efforts must be made to secure this area.
We should not expect extraordinarily from the ANSF. According to their available resources and equipments, they fight bravely against terrorists and manly resist. We should accept that settlement of these areas’ problems and complications that cause insecurity, is much higher from the power of ANSF.
The northern security must be at the top political priority of the Afghan government and a comprehensive and realistic plan should be drafted and implemented for mopping up of these areas and restoration of reliable security. So far we have acted weak in two direction. In drafting of a war plan and in effective management of war. It is the responsibility of the government to react effectively in these two fields and remove weaknesses and disorders.
Fortunately majority of the northern population have no good relations with terrorists. These people are in favor of restoration of peace, security and implementation of development programs. They don’t want war and absolutely support the government programs for restoration of peace. The government should exploit this potential in the benefit of peace, stability and security and restrict grounds of insurgents influence.
One of the important issues that has overshadowed security of the north and made settlement of problems difficult, is deterioration of disagreements between the government and influential northern figures. These disaccords have remained negative impacts on process of cooperations and pave the way for new opportunities to terrorists.   

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Experiences have proven that central power is affiliated to government political domination on northern areas.
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