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Home | Editorial | Democratic Afghanistan needs unbiased help

Democratic Afghanistan needs unbiased help

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Democratic Afghanistan needs unbiased help
 In the course of less than two decades, Afghanistan political partners are rising voices of supporting the war-suffered nation in any areas – in term of politics, economic or most importantly military.
Afghanistan is a sovereign country, either a certain circle, within the government or beyond agrees or disagree.
Remaining a safe, secure and steady system links to how the international supporters behave with, and how noninterference from other neighboring or regional countries are confirmed.
This is not something hidden – but a crystal clear fact that Afghanistan is an independent, democratic and sovereign country, and this should be understood that no democratic system has so far been seen, with tens of international supporters in term of military, economic and politics, but still drowned deeper into the quagmire of interferences from malicious circles, while the international supporters keep quiet.
Qatari’s relation with terrorism is something a mere gossip, propaganda and against reality as it had clearly denied any report that this Arab nation had link with terrorism or other extremist groups. It rejected any hostile interferences from rival governments and defended its program of moving forwards against any types of terror in the region and the world.
However, it has close relation with some certain regimes, labelled with terrorism support, but this doesn’t mean that the advanced nation was supporting the meanest and the most regressive elements like Daesh, Al-Qaeda or the so-called Taliban group.
So, as a sovereign nation, Afghanistan needs to be supported honestly by its world allies to overcome all kinds of militancy – either from Taliban, Daesh or other terrorist networks, not to be asked for severing ties with some certain countries.
Recently, NATO Secretary General Jen Stoltenberg, after the NATO-Russia Council meeting at Brussels, said the organization and Russia have common interest to have a free, safe and democratic Afghanistan and that, arguing “a stable Afghanistan was essential for regional security.”
“We had a frank and useful discussion on three key issues: Ukraine, Afghanistan, and transparency and risk reduction…NATO often reiterated support for Afghanistan in the future. The alliance is involved in train, advice and support mission of Afghan security forces,” he said.
NATO Allies and Russia share a common interest to support the National Unity Government and to work towards a free, safe and democratic Afghanistan. Stoltenberg added.
But, NATO SG said the issue of Taliban support by Russia was ‘mentioned, but not as an important issue.’
Why the issue of the Russia’s Taliban support is underestimated by NATO and the allies who are expressing support to a democratic Afghanistan – or could it be enough to verbally express support and practically abandon the country while needed.
The troubled Kunduz is part of Afghanistan. In the northern province, no one is safe and secure even passengers are being dropped from buses and shot dead by the Taliban militants, in the area close to the ambushes of the security forces.
The NATO and its allies are seeking clear proof, but not interested in an exact launch of research to confirm that in many battlefields, Taliban militants are being supported by some certain sources or countries aimed to turn Afghanistan into the second Syria.     
“We have heard reports, but we haven’t seen any proofs…and Russia has clearly stated that it doesn’t supporting Taliban,” he said.
On the other hand, chanting slogan of support to an Afghan led and an Afghan owned peace process with the Taliban and other armed groups by the international partners can prove prolific when other side was ready to join the reconciliation process. But when they are rejecting peace offer, seeking ways to kill innocent people, destroy government establishments, oppose the country’s constitution and finally try to collapse the legal system, how could the goal be reached and why such elements are not enlisted as terrorist groups rather to count on them as the other  side of negotiations. So, a democratic country needs its international partners’ support to survive rather to be abandoned alone when seeking help.

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