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US required to mount pressure on Pakistan

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US required to mount pressure on Pakistan

 A US senate delegation heading by John McCain visited Kabul and met with Afghan government high-ranking officials from among them President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah. After Islamabad, Kabul was the second leg of the US senate delegation tour.

As US President Trump renewing strategy for Afghanistan, the negotiation of this delegation with high-ranking officials of Afghanistan could be very important. It is expected that the Trump administration to resume the initiative in battlefields and for this reason he wanted to increase the number of US troops in Afghanistan.
These forces, would advise the security forces of Afghanistan in various level of division, battalion and corps so that to act professionally in suppressing the enemies.
But, beside to advise and training of the Afghan forces, Trump administration should also take serious measures in fight against the terrorism, as the terrorists and the Taliban group receiving much supports from Pakistan and some regional countries. 
In a report released by defense secretary of the US, it is cleared that the leading body and military bases of Taliban are existed in Pakistan. The US and as a whole the West should clear its stance before Pakistan, so that to overcome the insecurity challenges in the region.
Those countries that bear the brunt of great game of counterterrorism in Afghanistan and support Afghan defense and security forces strategically, should speak with Islamabad very clearly.
The US and the NATO-member nations should obviously tell Pakistan to end its support from anti-government forces in Afghanistan. This country should not lay down its territory and facilities at the disposal of these groupings.
The NATO-member countries should stop their financial support of Pakistan. These countries also can unveil the relation of Pakistan army with terrorist groupings fighting with Afghanistan. Cutting of financial assistance and unveiling of Pakistan ties with the group fighting against government of Afghanistan would exert serious pressure on  Pakistani generals and this would cause Pakistan to revise its policy before Afghanistan.
The NATO- member countries, the regional ones and even Pakistan itself know that neither Afghanistan has the intention of subduing of the world nor the agenda for expanoism and no serious and strategic threat is targeting Pakistan.
Any concern that Pakistan has regarding Afghanistan, should obviously and transparently be set forth with Kabul.
Those countries bearing the main brunt of counterterrorism should not permit Pakistan for the removal of its unfounded worries, to lay down its fiefdom, resources and possibilities at the disposal of those groupings that their aims is over- throwing  of nascent democracy of Afghanistan and establishment of ideological emirates.
The reports released by media indicate that the president Trump administration considers to change its policy regarding Pakistan and ask seriously from Islamabad and Pakistani generals to help honestly international community in counterterrorism and to help secure Afghanistan.
This policy would succeed in a time that the US use all levers of exerting pressure against Pakistan that are in its disposal. Establishing peace and stability is the only wish of the war-torn Afghan nation.

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Yes, US should pressure on Pakistan to decrease terrorism.
Ravi 11/07/2017
The US has to be very strict with Pakistan in every term to stop terrorism,
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