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Peace impossible in region without Pakistan help

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Peace impossible in region without Pakistan help
 It is a clear fact that Pakistan is a key ally to either peaceful or violent region, as the two rival occurrences could either be supported or rejected by the neighboring country, something undeniably proved, once former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. 
As a prominent US Senator John McCain has said ‘There could be no peace in Afghanistan or the rest of the region without Pakistan’s cooperation,’ Pakistan is the key force to first eliminate terrorist hideouts inside its soil and then cooperate with its immediate neighbor (Afghanistan) in suppressing insurgents.  
Ahead of the US’s Trump review of Afghan war strategy, McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, in a meeting with Sartaj Aziz, Pakistan’s top foreign policy official said: “Our relationship is more important perhaps than ever before.”
US officials quoted by Reuters last month as saying: “US President Donald Trump’s administration was exploring hardening its approach toward Islamabad over Pakistan-based militants launching attacks in Afghanistan.”
“We will not have peace in the region without Pakistan,” McCain reiterated, while Aziz also called strategic partnership between his country and the US “critical to achieve peace and stability in the region and beyond.”
Afghanistan is not seeking a rapture in ties between the US and Pakistan, but an honest and close counterterrorism cooperation to assure it that there was no hideout and training center for terrorism and the 16-year-old war is now ended.
Kabul has many evidences – perhaps has presented to the Pakistan authorities that terrorists safe havens in Pakistan are allowing Taliban linked fighters places to plot attacks in Afghanistan, launch ground offensives and then regroup.
Haqqani terrorist network, in its turn has played key role to defame Pakistan worldwide and drawing criticism over the neighboring country with Islamic system that Islamabad was not planned and not doing enough to crack down on the vicious group.
Countries in its neighborhood, particularly Afghanistan, India and Iran have repeatedly voiced their protests over what they denounced availability of some certain circles inside the country to train, support and equip militants along the regions with shared borders to Afghanistan.
Some malicious circles inside Pakistan with minding nothing about the two countries relations, are fueling unrest and tension between the two nations by nourishing and supporting extremism along the borders.   
So, there is no option for both Pakistan and Afghanistan, except joining each other in war on the destructive and hatred so-called Islamists, as they had spared no effort to irreparably defame the holy religion as well.
Acquiescing to the wishes of false Islamic groups, Taliban’s act against the people and the holy religion shouldn’t also be ignored by Pakistan, as those with no regard to Islam will not have mercy to others.

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They had spared no effort to irreparably defame the holy religion as well.
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