Turkey: Russia ties to be mended shortly

A senior Turkish official says his country and Russia do not have any insurmountable issues, and that sour relations between the two sides would be ... Full story

President Ghani inaugurates reconstruction of historical Darul Aman Palace

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani yesterday in the first session of high urban development commission and opening ceremony of reconstruction and renovation project of the ... Full story

CE meets Takhar elders, representatives

 KABUL: Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met yesterday with a number of elders and representatives of Takhar’s Rustaq district in Kabul. In the meeting, representatives and ... Full story

NSC principly approves strategy to fight Daesh

 KABUL: Presided over by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the National Security Council’s (NSC) session was held at presidential palace yesterday. In the session, security and defense ... Full story

Govt takes valuable steps in support of media, Naderi

 KABUL: Leading body of Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) in a session with freedom of speech support ambassador Nadir Naderi and advisor to President on media ... Full story

Meshrano Jirga asks UN to add Pakistan to list of terrorist states

 Calling for sanctions against Pakistan, the Meshrano Jirga session on Sunday asked the United Nations (UN) to add the country to the list of terrorist ... Full story

Afghan Chinese language learners compete in proficiency contest

 KABUL: The Chinese Bridge, the worldwide contest of Chinese proficiency for foreign college student, was held in Kabul on Sunday, the first of its kind ... Full story

A nation stays alive when its culture stays alive

 Recognizing the power of culture as a motive of social and economic development, the government of Afghanistan and the United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization ... Full story

Protection of cultural heritages our obligation

 Since Afghanistan has been the passage of different civilizations in the course of history and at the same time cradle of certain native civilizations too. ... Full story

ANSF capacity building a strong barrier against global terror

 According to western sources, the US senate Armed Services Commission has approved the US government recommendation on new financial aid to Islamabad that includes US$ ... Full story

Increasing pressure on Taliban advances peace process

 Talks with Taliban as the most important armed opposition of the Afghan government has been discussing for many years and this objective has overshadowed political ... Full story

NPC approves 34 contracts

 KABUL: The National Procurement Committee (NPC) approved up to 34 contracts worth 8.5 billion Afghanis during its weekly session chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani ... Full story

Laws Committee approves 3 contracts

 KABUL: Chaired by the second vice-president, Sarwar Danesh, the Laws Committee approved three contracts on Sunday, the Bakhtar News Agency said. According to the agency, the ... Full story

First federation congress of Afghanistan sport journalists opened

 KABUL: Sport journalist federation of Afghanistan for the first time opened its congress here in Kabul on Sunday, BNA reported. Attended by wide number of sport ... Full story

Govt. has to support industrialists, Massoud

 KABUL: Ahmad Zia Massoud, President’s Special Representative on Reforms and Good Governance in a meeting held yesterday reviewed the power problems of the industrialists, Bakhtar ... Full story

MoF marks 60th establishment anniversary of diplomacy institute

 KABUL: In a ceremony held on 60th establishment anniversary of diplomacy institute at the ministry of foreign yesterday, Salahuddin Rabbani called foreign relations in pursuing ... Full story

Kabulis high council to do more for citizens

 The Kabulis high council once again committed to provide more services for those native to the capital after, monthly holding get together with them and ... Full story

Afghan industrialists complain about power bill rise

 A number of industrialists in the capital Kabul complained about the growing rise in the power bill as the main power supplier – Brishna Shirkat ... Full story

“Our culture connects the world,” President Ghani

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani attended the ceremony of inauguration of the trust cultural fund, the national cultural program and the creative industries here the ... Full story

CE’s condolence message on 5th martyrdom anniversary of Gen. Daud, Gen Shah Jahan

 KABUL: “Jawzah 7th which is coincided with May 28 is the fifth martyrdom anniversary of the great Mujahid, indefatigable commander and the freedom fighters Gen. ... Full story

Presidential decree

 KABUL: Based on proposal of Attorney General Office (AGO), for improvement of affairs, enhancement of work effectiveness and creating a sound administration and approval of ... Full story

People’s welcome to government’s work key staple of good governance, Massoud

 KABUL: Special envoy to President on reforms and good governance Ahmad Zia Massoud met yesterday with the people of Parwan’s Bagram district. During his visit with ... Full story

Gen Dostum’s message on selection of new govt in Turkey

 KABUL: First Vice President Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum has expressed happiness over selection of leadership of Turkey’s Justice and Development Party and starting of new ... Full story

Expansion of literacy, govt’s key responsibility, Danesh

 KABUL: National literacy committee’s session was held yesterday under the chairmanship of second vice president and head of the committee Sarwar Danesh. In the session, ... Full story

National security advisor seeks Belarus’s cooperation

 KABUL: National security advisor has asked Belarus for cooperation with Afghanistan in training and equipment national security forces. National security advisor Mohammad Hanif Atmar met Friday ... Full story

Education best tool to end militancy

 In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, education is often advocated as an antidote to terrorism, the idea primarily being that education may make individuals ... Full story

Art, a basic social need: Hashimi

 As it is evident, during different historical eras, our believed homeland, Afghanistan has been fostering high cultures and civilizations that have left behind rich treasuries ... Full story

Focus on urbanization culture in Afghanistan

 In the past, there was big difference between the costumes of ordinary citizens and the civil servants. The citizens, while leaving for workplace like government administrations ... Full story

Feature: Female driver keeps foot on the accelerator to speed up equality in Afghanistan

 KABUL: Following all the traffic rules and regulations, a female driver brought her car to a halt among dozens of other vehicles driven by men ... Full story

National meeting approves journalism’s ethical principles

 Calling the approval of draft on ethical principles of journalism as a high step towards accountability, president Ghani said the government is following the media ... Full story

From word to deed

 National Investigation Commission on route of Turkmenistan 500kv power transmission line which was tasked by President Ghani, finally presented its report on last Tuesday. The president ... Full story

Peace inevitable, but interfering the main obstacle

 The government armed oppositions, with a new perspective of giving up war, ceasing foreign supported terrorists’ networks and accepting the country’s constitution, could return to ... Full story

Afghanistan enjoys old culture, civilization

 There have been countless scientists, poets, writers and researchers in Afghanistan since long whom have left many valuable books and works behind which famed our ... Full story

US welcomes Afghan government, Hezb-e-Islami peace accord

 Peace talks between the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has reportedly been finalized with the Hekmatyar led Hezb-e-Isalmi’s negotiating team. After a long discussion ... Full story

CE meets Chinese Trade Development Council Chief

 KABUL: Chief Executive of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with the Chief and some member of the Chinese ... Full story

Taliban commander among 12 killed in Zabul

 QALAT: In an operation conducted by 205 Atal Corps in Shahjoy district of Zabul province the other day, a Taliban commander along with his 12 ... Full story

Media to play significant role in public awareness

 Safeguarding freedom of speech and development of press and media and supporting them is the priories of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the latter is ... Full story

Peaceful demonstration laudable but hostile slogans disgusting

 Thousands of people marched through Kabul to protest against what they said their right to gain from the government. Bearing the country’s national flag, protesters demanded ... Full story

Turkey's Erdogan blasts Europe's silence on Bangladesh leader's execution

 ANKARA: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday lashed out at Europe’s silence over the execution of a veteran Jamaat-e-Islami leader in Bangladesh, accusing the ... Full story

“Peaceful demonstration people’s legal right”, President Ghani

 Dear countrymen, Dear brothers and sisters, The voice of our people is heard because it is the voice of kindness, betterment and feeling of responsibility. The government ... Full story

President Ghani accepts credentials of new Italian ambassador

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani received credentials of the newly appointed Italian ambassador to Afghanistan here yesterday, a presidential statement said. In the ceremony held on ... Full story

NPC approves eight contracts worth 792m Afghani

 KABUL: Presided over by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the national procurement commission’s session was held Sunday evening at presidential palace. In the session, eight contracts and ... Full story

Chief Executive underlines Sino-Afghan efforts in war on terror

 KABUL: Extremist groups pose a shared threat to Afghanistan and China, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has said, calling for concerted efforts to combat terrorism. ... Full story

TUTAP project prompts massive protest in Kabul

 KABUL: The capital Kabul was in lockdown as people stage protests over the proposed route of a power line. Thousands of Hazara demonstrators took to ... Full story

Afghanistan launches national polio immunization campaign

 The Ministry of Public Health, along with its partners UNICEF  and the World Health Organization (WHO), has today launched  a national effort to vaccinate every ... Full story

TUTAP to be executed based on commission’s proposal, press release

 KABUL: After massive demonstration in Kabul, the Presidential Palace on Monday announced the government would follow suggestions of the special commission tasked with reviewing the ... Full story

CASA-1000; for robust economy in Afghanistan

 The development of the Central Asia & South Asia regional electricity market (CASA-1000) is envisaged as a phased development of institutional arrangement and infrastructure to ... Full story

First carpet selling center opened in Kabul

 For the first time, the center of Afghan carpet selling is opened in Kabul the other day. With possessing of over 1500 designs, the carpets are ... Full story

Pakistan takes revenge over Afghan border guards’ rebuff

 Pakistani forces have recently blocked Turkham Port before thousands of crossing Afghans, including ailing passengers leaving for the neighboring country for treatment, after the country’s ... Full story

Protests to face TUTAP project with deadlock

 Afghanistan’s cabinet has recently decided to pass 500Km power project through Salang—a move which has sparked protests in the capital Kabul and some other provinces ... Full story

President Ghani returns home as world leaders pledge to tackle corruption at London Summit

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani returned home yesterday after a two-day trip to UK where he attended the London Anti-Corruption Conference-2016 and held meetings with ... Full story

MoIC, ASA sign agreement on joint scientific, cultural, research cooperation

 KABUL: Abdul Bari Jahani, Minister of Information and Culture signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Head Researcher Suraya Popal, Director of the Academy of ... Full story

Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Cooperation introduced

 KABUL: Adila Raz was introduced as the new Deputy Minister for Economic Cooperation of the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan here yesterday, ... Full story

Early marriages cause legal, family problems in society, Saadat

 KABUL: Deputy minister of youth affairs for information and culture Dr. Kamal Saadat in an official meeting with UN representative on youth affairs Abdul Saboor ... Full story

State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs pledges support to Journalists Financial Supporting Fund

 KABUL: The leading body of the Journalist Financial Supporting Fund (JSF) met with State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Nabi Farahi here yesterday, BNA reported. JSF head ... Full story

‘Naway-e-Dil’ unveiled

 KABUL: ‘Naway-e-Dil’, a collection of Najia Karim’s poets, was unveiled yesterday. The collection of the Afghan poet Najia Karim’s poetry was unveiled in a ceremony with ... Full story

Collective policy should rule on our decision-making

 Since long, the TUTAP was planned by a German company in the name of Fischner. This company intended to promote the 25-years master plan of Afghanistan ... Full story

Necessary measures to be taken to prevent tobacco, MoPH

 Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) plans to take necessary measures to prevent increasing tobacco in the country. Officials of the ministry said that after indorsing, the ... Full story

Govt, Hezb-e-Islami to finalize peace agreement in two days, HPC

 Officials of the High Peace Council (HPC) said, ‘Negotiations with Hezb-e-Islami is going on and we have agreed on some main points.’ HPC deputy, Ataul Rahman ... Full story

How to tackle ongoing challenges?

 Afghanistan is one of the Islamic countries in Central Asia where has always sustained much live and property damages due to long years of war.  The ... Full story

Israel and France in murky waters on peace plan

 A top Israeli official on Friday reiterated the country’s opposition to a French attempt to resurrect the peace process with the Palestinians, ahead of a ... Full story

Corruption behind political violence, President Ghani

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in the World Counter-Corruption Conference in London denounced corruption to be behind what he called a political violence and that ... Full story

Asia to change into a great economic continent, President Ghani

 KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a gathering of Tajik leaders at the hosting country’s National University, pointed to ... Full story

CASA-1000 power project inaugurated in Tajikistan

 KABUL: The Central Asia South Asia Power Transmission (Casa-1000) Project has been inaugurated by officials from four member countries in Tajikistan the other day, Bakhtar ... Full story

All offices should try Hajj process to be performed properly, Danesh

 KABUL: Chaired by Second Vice President, Sarwar Danesh, National Committee of Hajj held meeting the other day, Bakhtar News Agency reported. In the meeting, after listening ... Full story

Children Literature House ceremony held

 KABUL: The Ministry of Information and Culture in joint cooperation with the Children Literature House overviewed the children literature in Afghanistan, a statement from the ... Full story

Afghan forces facing terrorists supported by neighbor’s intelligence

 Former acting defense minister, who recently appointed as the NDS Acting Chief for a time waited to be introduced to the house of people for ... Full story

Afghan-central Asian nations’ relations and war on terror

 Relations between Afghanistan and the central Asian countries are a need as both nations are facing a common threat from terror and challenges from the ... Full story

‘Next time they will kill us’ - family to leave Ireland after vicious racist attack

 An Afghanistan family living in Dublin say they fear for their lives after a racially-motivated attack left three of them requiring hospital treatment. Gardai are investigating ... Full story

Introducing Afghan products through exhibitions

 Holding exhibitions would lay positive impacts on the country’s products including, industrial and agricultural, as experts believed the move would help Afghan products get introduced ... Full story

President arrives in Tajikistan, discusses terrorism threats with Tajik counterpart

 KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani leading a high-ranking delegation arrived in Tajikistan, BNA reported the other day. According the Bakhtar ... Full story

Women’s inclusive partnership to strengthen national unity, CE

 KABUL: Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah attended a women related gathering (Promote) and said the joint constructive efforts of the United States Development Program and ... Full story

Masoom Stanikzai begins work as Acting NDS Chief

 KABUL: Under a decree from the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai began work as the NDS chief, Bakhtar News Agency ... Full story

Pakistani ex-PM’s son rescued

 KABUL: In a joint anti-terrorism operation by Afghan and international forces in southern Paktika province, Pakistan ex-PM’s abducted son has been rescued, the President’s Press ... Full story

Gap feared between people, government, Danesh

 KABUL: Second Vice President, Sarwar Danesh met yesterday with US ambassador to Kabul, Michael McKinley, during which both sides discussed variety of issues such as ... Full story

Enemy faces heavy blow from security forces, spokesperson

 KABUL: Spokesman of the ministry of national defense, in a joint meeting of the spokespersons of the ministry of interior and National Directorate for Security ... Full story

Reward, punishment to help uproot corruption, insecurity

 The capital punishment was performed on six perpetrators of heavy crimes against civilians and public security here the other day. The execution order was enforced ... Full story

Korean President makes first official visit to Iran since establishment of diplomatic relations

 Korean President Park Guen-hye paid a three-day state visit to Iran from May 1 to May 3. President Park’s tight schedule in Iran included a ... Full story

Afghan Govt, HIG peace talks’ success to help tighten security

 The leader of Hezb-e-Islami is expected to arrive in Kabul and sign a memorandum of peace with president and chairman of HPC. Quoting representatives of HIG, ... Full story

Mediothek appreciates journalists on WPFD

 On the occasion of International Day of Media which was arranged by the social and media center of Afghanistan (Mediothek), a number of journalists were ... Full story

President Ghani orders officials to address Ghazni incident victims’ problems

 KABUL: Presided over by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, a session was held yesterday at presidential palace to address Ghazni traffic incident victims. In the session, President ... Full story

8th round of extraction begins in Ainak archaeological site

 LOGAR: Directorate of archaeology for information and culture ministry has started eight round of extraction in Ainak copper mine historical site. 37 Afghan archaeologists including 12 ... Full story

AJC, Wolesi Jirga appreciate journalists

 KABUL: Dozens of government and private media journalists have been appreciated in a ceremony by Lower House of parliament and Afghanistan country-wide journalists’ council here ... Full story

Archaeological sites set to be mapped

 KABUL: An agreement was reached between the Ministry of Information and Culture and the French embassy in Kabul for mapping of the archaeological sites across ... Full story

CE saddened over Ghazni deadly traffic incident

 KABUL: Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah was deeply saddened over Ghazni deadly traffic incident in which a large number of our countrymen were martyred and ... Full story

“We are committed to balanced development,” President Ghani

 KABUL: As President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, I’ve pursued the people’s visions related to transmission of electricity from central Asia during the past ... Full story

Atmar praises outgoing French ambassador’s efforts in bolstering bilateral ties

 KABUL: National Security Advisor Mohammad Hanif Atmar met with French ambassador to Kabul, Jean-Michel Marlaud here yesterday, NSC press office said, adding that the two ... Full story

19 military operations underway in 15 provinces, official

 KABUL: Spokesman for the Ministry of Defense (MoD), Dawlat Waziri, said on Monday that 19 military operations are currently ongoing in 15 provinces in the ... Full story

Mubariz defeats Russian MMA champions Maksim Katkov

 MOSCOW: The Afghan Mixed Martial Art fighter Baz Mohammad Mubariz defeated Russia’s MMA champions Maksim Katkov during OFS 8 here the other night. Mubariz defeated Katkov ... Full story

Pentagon report reveals confusion among U.S. troops over Afghan mission

 Amid fierce fighting after the Taliban captured the northern city of Kunduz last year, U.S. Special Forces advisers repeatedly asked their commanders how far they ... Full story

‘Citizenship in the price of life’

 The Islamic Council of Iran (ICI), the country’s parliament recently approved a law allowing the government to give citizenship to the children of those foreign ... Full story

Introduction of two new key acting chiefs effective in fighting terrorism

 Finally, amid long criticism by Afghans, President Ghani has appointed Mohammad Masoom Stanikzai as new Acting Director for National Security (NDS) and General Abdullah Khan ... Full story

ADB provides $878m for uplift projects to Afghanistan

 In a meeting held recently between the authorities of finance ministry of Afghanistan and Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Frankfort of Germany, the bank pledged ... Full story

Laws Committee holds meeting

 KABUL: The Laws Committee, with second vice president on the chair held meeting, in which some related agendas including the legislative work plan for 1395 ... Full story

Silk Way; the route of trade, cultural exchange, Karzai

 KABUL: Deputy Political Foreign Minister, Hekmat Khalil Karzai in a one-day seminar held in cooperation with the Chinese Embassy to Kabul called the Silk Way ... Full story

President approves death penalty on six heavy criminals

 KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has approved death penalty of six heavy criminals the other day, the presidential press office said. Under the ... Full story

President saddened by deadly Ghazni road crash

 KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said he was deeply saddened by what he said a terrible road accident in ... Full story

President committed to secure Bamyan, central regions’ power

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said on Sunday that he was firm on extending power energy to the Bamyan province and other central regions, his ... Full story

ICRC day marked in Kabul

 KABUL: The International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) and Red Crescent Society day had been marked here in Kabul, where the message of the ... Full story

Rocket attack on National Assembly building foiled

 KABUL: Personnel of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) and the Afghan National Police Special Forces arrested a person on Sunday who was preparing to ... Full story

Drug fueling insurgency

 It is spring that determines how a year turns out, and if the Helmand poppy fields this spring are any indication, the Taliban will have ... Full story

Yousufzai wins medals in two continents’ powerlifting contests

 Besides other sports, weightlifting has an old history in Afghanistan. Fortunately, over the recent years, the Afghan bodybuilders could attain many achievements in this respect.  Mostafa Yousufzai ... Full story

On the occasion of International Day of RCRC: ICRC; the biggest non-political humanitarian network

 18th Saur coincides with May 8th the International Red Cross and Red Crescent (RCRC) day. This international organization which was set up in 1864, aimed ... Full story

Fighting corruption to be decisively continued, AG

 Corruption in Afghanistan is a widespread and growing problem, as based on recent report of the Transparency International, after Somalia and North Korea, Afghanistan is ... Full story

Massoud meets elders of Kabul’s Surobi, Qarabagh districts

 KABUL: Special Envoy to President Ahmad Zia Massoud met yesterday with representatives of Kabul’s Serobi and Qarabagh and Sayed Khael of Parwan districts. In the meeting, ... Full story

Kandahar museum, public library to have new buildings

 KABUL: Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) is determined to construct new and equipped buildings for Kandahar museum and public library. EFCO Company would provide 10 ... Full story

Youth national employment program begins

 KABUL: Deputy ministry of youth affairs for information and culture has begun national employment program for youth. In a ceremony held yesterday on this occasion, deputy ... Full story

Special Forces storm Taliban prison – 60 inmates freed in Nawzad

 NAWZAD: Afghan Special Forces backed by helicopter gunships freed more than 60 people held captive in a Taliban prison in southern Afghanistan, officials said yesterday, ... Full story

Pentagon asks Congress to limit Afghanistan trips

 WASHINGTON: The Pentagon has asked Congress to limit official travel to Afghanistan during a new fighting season so helicopters and other support would be available ... Full story

Corruption;The most powerful challenge

Poverty and violence are usually portrayed as the biggest challenges confronting Afghanistan. But if Afghans to be asked about, the answer would be different, corruption ... Full story

41 journalists lost life for freedom of expression, reflection of truths

 Shuhada-i-Rasanaha (The Media Martyrs) is the title of a book published by Directorate of Baihaqi, Ministry of Information and Culture’s Book Publishing House. The book includes ... Full story

HECA’s support of domestic industries to help revive fragile economy

 The High Economic Council of Afghanistan (HECA) has expressed its support from domestic industries of Afghanistan in a time that now, according to a number ... Full story

Fine manuscripts 3-week workshop held in National Archive

 The first 3-week workshop – Cataloging & Manuscripts was held in Kabul, under the National Archive initiation, with four teachers from two U.S. Universities training ... Full story

Tourism sector to help beef up economy

 Although, in the pre-war times Afghanistan had been one of the few international tourist destinations in South and Central Asia, but, unfortunately, more than three ... Full story

President Ghani confers state medals to reporters on World Press Freedom Day

 KABUL: In a gathering held to commemorate the world press freedom day and was attended by a number of the country’s journalists, the president besides ... Full story

National citizenship agreement program to accelerate economic development, President Ghani

 KABUL: Presided over by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the national citizenship agreement program’s session was held Thursday at presidential palace. In the session, deputy minister of ... Full story

CE asks spokespersons for proudly defending people, national values

 KABUL:  Chief Executive of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah held meeting with provincial spokespersons here the other day and heard their problems and ... Full story

Gul-i-Anar traditional poetry held in Kandahar

 KANDAHAR: Gul-i-Anar ‘blossom of pomegranate’ traditional poetry was held in public park of Aino Mina with participation of Minister of Information and Culture Abdul Bari ... Full story

Khalili submits credentials to Czech President

 Prague: Sayed Mosadiq Khalili, who was appointed recently as Afghanistan ambassador to Czech, submitted his credentials to the president of Czech in a ceremony held ... Full story

President Ghani considers narcotics global challenge

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani opened national center of treatment and vocational learning for drug-addicts (Omid National Rehabilitation Center). In a ceremony held on this occasion ... Full story

President Ghani names picks for acting defense minister, NDC chief

 KABUL: Based on separate decrees, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has appointed Mohammad Masoom Stanikzai as the acting chief for National Directorate of Security (NDS) and ... Full story

Massoud congratulates World Press Freedom Day

 KABUL: Special envoy to President Ahmad Zia Masoud in a message has congratulated World Press Freedom Day to journalists and media workers In his message, special ... Full story

Media’s core responsibility before the nation

 Widely reflecting the world’s events and bringing the world nations as close as a small village residents, the media and communication networks resemble to have ... Full story

Workshop to help decrease violence against women held

  KABUL: Planning to reduce violence against women and encourage them for political and social partnership, the Aid and Quick Development Agency held an awareness ... Full story

Countrywide awareness workshop launched for reforestation & rural development

KABUL: A S. Korean expert team visited Afghanistan, where the members shared their experiences through a 2-day workshop with the ministry of rural rehabilitation and ... Full story

Clearance operations to lessen crimes in Kabul, MoI

 Following recent kidnappings in Kabul and other provinces, Ministry of Interior (MoI) assured of sparing no efforts to prevent criminal activities throughout the country.  On increasing ... Full story

No efforts should be spared to complete schools’ building projects, President Ghani

 KABUL: Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the National Procurement Commission (NPC) meeting was held yesterday, the President Press Office said in a statement. In the ... Full story

Eidgah Mosque to be rehabilitated

 KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani visited different parts of the Eidgah Congregational Masjid , which had critically sustained damages ... Full story

CM sub-economic committee holds meeting

 KABUL: The council of ministers sub-economic committee held meeting, with CE Dr. Abdullah on the chair, the other day discussing some related issues including the ... Full story

Rabbani holds farewell meeting with French ambassador to Kabul

 KABUL: Foreign Minister, Salahuddin Rabbani in a courtesy meeting with outgoing French ambassador to Kabul, appreciated France cooperation with Afghanistan in various arenas, the ministry ... Full story

President condoles death of Ustad Baresh

 Regretfully, I got informed that Ustad Moheb Baresh, a university lecturer had passed away due to protracted illness he was suffering the other day, a ... Full story

WPD highlights importance of free & independent journalism

 Access to information is a fundamental freedom and part of the basic human rights to freedom of expression. Receiving and transmitting information, both offline and ... Full story

5th gender, national work plan workshop for Afghan women concluded

 On Apr 30.2016 the 5th round of awareness giving on Gender and national work plan was organized and held by the Gender department of the ... Full story

Abductions add to concern of war-hit Afghans

 After National Directorate for Security (NDS) reported about capturing of a group of kidnappers, despite committing other heavy crimes, six months before, they martyred a ... Full story

“People waiting for work & positive change,” President Ghani

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani chaired an overnight meeting that assessed projects of Ministries of Public Works, Education, Public Health, Rural Development and Rehabilitation, Water ... Full story

Afghanistan forests need renovation, President Ghani

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met  yesterday with Korean ambassador to Kabul and the country’s experts delegation on forests. In the meeting held at presidential ... Full story

AISA to be annexed to MoCI, Economic Committee

 KABUL: Chaired by Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the economic committee’s session was held at Sapidar palace to discuss joining of AISA with ministry of ... Full story

Spokespersons bridge gap between people, government, Mostafavi

 KABUL: The Deputy Minister of Publication of the Ministry of Information & Culture insisted on delivering true information to the people during a gathering of ... Full story

Atmar meets Indian ambassador to Kabul

 KABUL: National security advisor Mohammad Hanif Atmar met yesterday with Indian ambassador to Kabul. In the meeting, both sides discussed preparations for opening of Salma dam ... Full story

Taliban shadow governor killed with 43 fighters in ANSF raid

 KANDAHAR: Taliban shadow governor for southern Kandahar province has been killed along with his 43 fighters during an operation of the Afghan security forces. A statement ... Full story

Second VP stresses on extension of TUTAP project through Bamyan

 KABUL: Dear countrymen! As you know electricity transmission of 500 Volt project from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan which was discussed in 2006 between the two countries ... Full story

Exact figure of individuals with death penalty to be announced soon, Mortazavi

Exact figure of individuals with death penalty to be announced soon, Mortazavi ... Full story

Destitute people should be assisted enough

 During the last more than three decades of war and poverty, the people of Afghanistan faced severe challenges, even affecting by various fatal diseases, mostly ... Full story

Unemployment to spike insecurity

 Unemployment has recently changed to an untreated pain in Afghanistan, as daily, hundreds of thousands of people, particularly the youths are looking for jobs, but ... Full story

TAPI project adds $1b annually to national budget

 The first awareness giving conference on “Importance of TAPI project Implementation” was recently held with the presence of Herat and Farah local authorities, deputy ministers ... Full story

Drug addict not lessened but eye-catchingly rising

 Afghanistan ministry of public health expressed concern over what it said a drug-addiction outbreak among the people, mostly youngsters in the country, where the number ... Full story

President Ghani chairs High Repatriates Commission

 KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani chaired the High Repatriates Commission and after full discussion on the key related issues, ... Full story

House should soon approve electoral reforms legislative decree, Danesh

 KABUL: Second Vice-President, Sarwar Danesh, while inaugurating the new building of the state ministry for the parliamentary affairs asked the house of people for soon ... Full story

Standardization of RTA, BNA discussed with Minister Jahani

 KABUL: A number of civil society members, in their meeting with Minister of Information and Culture, Abdul Bari Jahani discussed some key issues including standardization ... Full story

No effort to spare in supporting workers

 KABUL: President Special Representative on Reforms and Good Governance, Ahmad Zia Massoud in his meeting with a number of laborers on the occasion of the ... Full story

Shaheed Massoud’s Foundation appreciates BNA

 KABUL: The Shaheed Ahmad Shah Massoud Foundation has appreciated Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) — the only state ran agency during a ceremony in Kabul, where ... Full story

Taliban sustain huge casualties in operations led by VP Dostum

 SHEBERGHAN: In freshest conflicts in northern Jawzjan province, tens of Taliban insurgents have been killed and injured and many villages cleared from their existence, BNA ... Full story

Terror groups not legitimate to address people’s problems

 Taliban on last Wednesday formally confirmed that a delegation from their political office in Qatar was visiting Pakistan and promised “fruitful results”, but rejected the ... Full story

Air pollution threatens health of Kabul residents

 Afghanistan is one of the most polluted countries of the world and still no step has been taken by the government and other relevant international ... Full story

Book reading culture fading in Afghanistan

 World Book Day (WBD) celebrated in Afghanistan while the culture of reading book is fading in the country and reviving this unique culture requires public ... Full story

May 1st ;World Labor Solidarity Day

 In May first of 1886 in Chicago city of the USA, 35000 labors staged vast demonstration to gain their class requirements, maintain better condition, reduce ... Full story

NUG leaders, Australian Governor General discuss bilateral ties

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met yesterday with Australia’s Governor General  Peter Cosgrove in Kabul. In the meeting held at presidential palace, both sides discussed ... Full story

President Ghani assures of justice in Shaheed Abbasin’s murder case

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani talked over the phone here yesterday with Haji Abdul Ghafoor, father of Shaheed Abasin, who was brutally killed by a ... Full story

Afghanistan welcomes Pentagon’s report on MSF Hospital airstrike

 KABUL: The government on Saturday welcomed the Pentagon’s inquiry report on the US airstrike on Medicine Sans Frontiers (MSF) Hospital in northern Kunduz province. The National ... Full story

FM meets Iranian ambassador to Kabul

 KABUL: Foreign Affairs Minister Salahuddin Rabbani met yesterday with Iranian ambassador to Kabul Mohammad Raza Bahrami. In the meeting, minister of foreign affairs by recalling Iran’s ... Full story

Judiciary organs urged for death penalty of Abbasin’s killers

 KABUL: The Ministry of Interior (MoI) asked judiciary institutions to award harsh punishment for the perpetrators involved in the brutal murder of a 14-year-old boy ... Full story

President Ghani calls Ahmad Belal hero of battlefield

In the ceremony, provincial director of hajj and endowment spoke and said that Pakistani militaries attacked on security posts in Lalpur district in which the soldier was martyred, asking the international community to prevent from traitorous attacks of Pakistan. ... Full story

Cabinet meeting reviewed ministries’ second 100-day action plans

 KABUL: Presided over by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, cabinet session was held at Presidential Palace yesterday. In the session, cabinet of the Islamic Republic of recent ... Full story

Kabul Qul-e-Hashmat Khan to welcome more springtime water-birds

 As the winter ends, birds, particularly those of water-residing start migration without restraint over Afghanistan, mostly seeking secure, where swampland are accessed as Afghan Analysts ... Full story

FM meets newly appointed UAE ambassador to Kabul

 KABUL: Foreign affairs minister Salahuddin Rabbani had a courtesy meeting yesterday with newly appointed United Arab Emirates ambassador to Kabul Juma Mohammad Abdullah al-Kabi. In the ... Full story

Salma Dam to soon be opened

 Salma Dam—the greatest dam in Afghanistan is expected to be inaugurated in the presence of Afghanistan-India leaders this week. Last year, Afghanistan’s cabinet has decided to ... Full story

World Press Freedom Day marked in Kabul

 KABUL: The Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) and the Afghanistan Journalists Federation (AJF) marked the World Press Freedom Day (WPFD) under the title of ... Full story

Atmar meets Swedish ambassador to Kabul

 KABUL: National Security Advisor (NSA), Mohammad Hanif Atmar met yesterday with Swedish ambassador to Kabul, BNA reported. During the meeting, the Swedish ambassador spoke out on ... Full story