MRRD maintenance projects to reduce poverty in Afghanistan

Currently, unemployment is one of the biggest problems in Afghanistan—an issue that will negatively affect the people life. To tackle this problem, the Ministry of ... Full story

The strategic position of Helmand and insecurity

Helmand is one of the biggest province of Afghanistan which has a strategic position in the area, in last decades Helmand has lots of historical, ... Full story

ANSF have considerable achievements, successes, MoD

The officials of the Ministry for Defense (MoD) said, ‘to ensure security and curb the insurgents’ attacks, the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) have conducted ... Full story

Process started to take Hekmatyar off UNSC sanctions

Hezb-e-Islami Leader, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar signed peace accord with the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, a plan would open the way to remove the ... Full story

Would Clinton or Trump increase military, economic assistances to Afghanistan if wins elections?

However, more than 8000 US soldiers are deployed in Afghanistan, but still war is going on in the country—a war that is the longest one ... Full story

Firm anti-IS plan needed in the east

Reports from the eastern zone of the country narrate that the IS or the Daesh militants are still operational, though the ministry of national defense ... Full story

CE Meets US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction

KABUL: Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, John Sopko and his accompanying delegation at the Sapidar Palace, ... Full story

VP Danesh chairs Laws Committee meeting

KABUL: Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, Second Vice-President chaired the Laws Committee session in which different related agendas were discussed, said his office in a statement yesterday. According ... Full story

Public Relations Policy of MoIC prepared

KABUL: Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Dr. Kamal Sadat in a meeting of the ministry’s directors and officials said the policy of the ministry ... Full story

Intangible cultural heritages to be protected through consultative unit

KABUL: A consultative unit is expected to be created to help protect the country’s intangible cultural heritages, a plan, Acting Minister of Information and Culture, ... Full story

Seminar, awareness conference to assess youth problems, drugs harms held in Farah, Bamyan

 KABUL: A research and scientific seminar was held in southern province of Farah, where the message of Dr. Kamal Sadat, Deputy and Acting Minister of ... Full story

Mortar attack leaves 7 family members killed in Baghlan

PUL-E-KHUMRI: A mortar fired by the Taliban insurgents left at least 7 members of a family dead in Northern Baghlan province, local officials said Sunday. The ... Full story

Taliban facing financial, leadership crisis, NATO

BRUSSELS: NATO officials have said the Taliban is struggling with a number of major issues mainly a financial recession, the rising number of casualties and ... Full story

Saudi Arabia to host Int’l conference on Afghanistan peace, stability

The Saudi Arabia intends to hold a big conference on Afghan peace and stability with the participation of the world scholars. It is expected that using ... Full story

WB contributes $120m in fight against poverty to Afghanistan

The World Bank authorities have announced that they would be beside the Afghan people in this sensitive juncture of time and in the continuation of ... Full story

$150 million needed to respond recent influx of Afghan returnees, UN

Afghanistan based UN Humanitarian Aids Office expressed concern over the increasingly repatriation of the Afghan refugees and said $150 million was needed to support them ... Full story

Intl. community’s first aid package donated to Afghan government

The first assistance package of the US committed in Brussels conference worth $790mln has come into effect. The aim behind this assistance is to promote ... Full story

Hike of prices as winter draws closer in Kabul

With the advent of fall season, the fuel and foodstuff prices have been considerably climbed—an issue that seriously concerned the citizens. Ahmad Shah, a Kabul ... Full story

Int’l community optimists on ANDSF’s capabilities

Building Afghanistan’s capacity to provide its own security was a major priority for the international community following the ouster of the Taliban regime in 2002. ... Full story

Retires, martyrs, disabled salaries, concessions discussed

KABUL: Minister of Finance in a meeting with Minister of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled discussed salaries and concessions of martyrs’ families.  In the ... Full story

MoIC lauded athletes’ achievements in int’l competitions

KABUL: Acting Minister of Information & Culture and Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs, Dr. Kamal Sadat held separate meetings with three well-known athletes, Baz Mohammad ... Full story

Czech Republic assists $100,000 for Afghan returnees

KABUL: On September 7th, 2016, humanitarian country team flash appeal was launched by the UN emergency relief coordinator in Kabul. The total USD $150 million ... Full story

MAIL launches first ever fish farming in Afghan-Indo friendship dam

HERAT: The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) announced launching of the fish farming in Salam Dam, which was built with the financial support ... Full story

93rd establishment anniversary of Republic of Turkey marked

MAZAR-E-SHARIF: 93rd establishment anniversary of Republic of Turkey was marked in a ceremony in the country’s consulate in Mazar-e-Sharif. In the ceremony held yesterday on this ... Full story

Deliberately targeting civilians ‘a war crime’

In recent months, terrorists have repeatedly targeted civil demonstrations, sacred places, mourners and travelers on the highways across the country. Recently the enemies of the ... Full story

600,000 repatriates need urgent aids

Over 600000 Afghan refugees have repatriated in current solar year from Iran and Pakistan to Afghanistan. MoRR says that if they are not assisted, a ... Full story

People stress on inter-Afghani peace talk, lawmakers

Following assertions of Pakistan’s security advisor, Sartaj Azizon resuming peace talks in Afghanistan, a number of lawmakers and experts said, ‘Pakistan’s role on Afghan peace ... Full story

Indian ITEC Day held in Kabul

KABUL:Indian technical economic cooperation program celebration (ITEC) day was held in the Indian embassy compound in Kabul the other day. Indian Ambassador said ITEC was the flagship program of the ... Full story

Ainak area a cradle of Sasanids, Koshanids’ historical works

Afghanistan is a rich country with ancient relics as large number of this works were recently discovered which explain the long history of this territory. ... Full story

Afghanistan in SAARC sufi festival 2016

Entering into Indra Gandhi International Airport’s terminal nodded my head with many questions in regards to my country. Before, my mind was surrounded by more ... Full story

President Ghani inspects some provinces’ security situations via video-conference

KABUL: President Ghani held different video-conferences with 10 provincial governors, investigating the security situation of the country, a statement from his office said the other ... Full story

Women’s role considered in electoral commissioners’ selection, Dr. Abdullah

KABUL: Afghanistan Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with a number of the Free and Fair Election of Afghanistan (FEFA) members including youth and women ... Full story

President Ghani chairs Public Financial Management meeting

KABUL: Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the Public Financial Management meeting was held the other day at the Presidential Palace, the President Press Office ... Full story

President Ghani returns home

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and his accompanying delegation were warmly welcomed by Qatar Minister of Environment and Urban ... Full story

Mostafavi meets some Pakistani journalists

KABUL: Sayeda Mojgan Mostafavi, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture on Publication Affairs in a meeting with a number of Pakistani journalists, including News Editor-in-Chief, ... Full story

Kabul Traffic Department notification

A 30-year-old man wearing gray blouse, black coat and blue cowboy pants was severally injured in a traffic incident in 5th distinct of Kabul, DewanBigi ... Full story

Meeting held for better use of development budget

KABUL: In order to better use the development budget, a meeting was held in the Ministry of Information and Culture, Bakhtar News Agency said the ... Full story

President Ghani flays Ghor’s Daesh massacre

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan condemned in the strongest possible term the incident took place in Gor province, where the terrorists massacred ... Full story

Afghanistan in SAARC SUFI festival 2016

 Entering into Indra Gandhi International Airport’s terminal nodded my head with many questions in regards to my country. Before, my mind was surrounded by more ... Full story

National unity essential for Afghans

Today, the main cause of bloodshed in the Islamic world is tendency toward disputation among some Muslims, and for that same reason the Islamic world ... Full story

China contributes two transportation planes to ANSF

The MoD authorities said that China wishes to contribute two transportation planes to ANSF. Emphasizing on further equipping of ANSF with modern war-fares, the MoD ... Full story

Ministries failed to spend enough budget to face law

Afghanistan minister of finance, Eklil Hakimi has said that some ministries have failed to spend more than 35 per cent of their budget this year. The ... Full story

Fear of isolation to push Pakistan into Afghan peace contribution

As of its birth to date, Pakistan facing our muslim people with hundreds problems and insecurities so that to reach to its goals easily. They never ... Full story

Taliban authorities ready to start peace talks with Afghan officials

The NUG is trying to restore everlasting peace and stability for Afghans and has recently motivated these efforts to achieve peace through negotiations with oppositions. Quoting ... Full story

MoPW signs contract on 5 reconstruction projects

The Ministry of Public Works (MoPW) has recently signed a contract on 5 roads’ reconstruction projects with private sector.  The contracts include 60.32 kilometers road ... Full story

ANDMA plans to address IDPs problems

Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) reported on its predicted plans on addressing of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). The ANDMA is responsible and authorized to ... Full story

President Ghani leaves for Qatar to condole former Amir’s death

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani left for Qatar to express his deep condolence over the death of former Qatari ... Full story

Religious scholars play effective role in prevention of commonplace traditions, Mostafavi

KABUL: Conference on prevention of commonplace traditions, which was started few days ago, was ended on Tuesday, Bakhtar News Agency reported. The conference was attended by ... Full story

Girl International Day marked in Kabul

KABUL: Girl’s International Day was marked in Kabul, with a message read out from the country’s Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the BNA said Tuesday. The ... Full story

Pakistan to attend Heart of Asia Conference on Afghanistan in India

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has said it will take part in the Heart of Asia conference on Afghanistan to be held in India despite tension and periodic ... Full story

Terrorism threat to region, world, President Ghani

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani strongly condemned terrorist attack in Quetta of Baluchistan state, saying terrorism was a threat to the region and the world ... Full story

President Ghani meets US congress delegation

KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with US congress delegation headed by Senator Jack Reed at the Presidential Palace, ... Full story

MoIC expresses regret over Faizi’s demise

KABUL: The Ministry of Information and Culture expressed deep sorrow over the death of the country’s known writer and prominent journalist, Mohammad Sayyed Faizi who ... Full story

Turkmenistan completing construction of railway to Afghanistan

ASHGABAT: The construction of a new railway from the Turkmen town of Atamyrat to the Afghan settlement of Akina is under completion, the Neutral Turkmenistan ... Full story

Deplorable condition of Afghan refugees

The number of Afghans who have fled violence and remained trapped in their own country – where they live on the brink of survival – has dramatically ... Full story

Govt. seeks US, gulf countries cooperation in peace talks

Resuming peace talks between the government and Taliban happens while war should be ended in the country. But, how would war end is a difficult ... Full story

MoCN launches ‘Youth National Mobilization’ weekly program

 The Ministry of Counternarcotics (MoCN) launched recently the weekly programs of “Youth National Mobilization” with cooperation of ulema, youth, civil society and athletics team in ... Full story

President Ghani chairs HEC

KABUL: Presided over by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the session of high economic council was held Sunday evening at Presidential Palace. In the session, deputy minister ... Full story

President Ghani meets Finnish foreign affairs minister

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met yesterday with Finnish foreign affairs minister at Presidential Palace. In the meeting, the Finnish minister of foreign affairs said, “I ... Full story

CE meets UN special envoy to Afghanistan

KABUL: Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met yesterday with UN Special Envoy to Afghanistan at Sapidar Palace here in Kabul. In the meeting, recent political changes ... Full story

CE meets UN special envoy to Afghanistan

KABUL: Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met yesterday with UN Special Envoy to Afghanistan at Sapidar Palace here in Kabul. In the meeting, recent political changes ... Full story

Dutch Ambassador applauds DUA's academic activities

 KABUL: In a meeting with the dean of Dunya University of Afghanistan (DUA), Prof. Ahmad Shah Sangdel, the Ambassador of Netherlands to Kabul Geoffrey van ... Full story

CE office provides cash assistance to victims of attack on Afghan-American University

KABUL: Based on decree of chief executive office, 4.2 million afg has been assisted to victim families of recent attack on the Afghanistan American University. According ... Full story

Mostafavi stresses on role of ulema in prevention of immigration to foreign countries

KABUL: Chaired by Deputy Minister of Publication Affairs for information and culture, the session of working group of public awareness was held for prevention of ... Full story

Exhibition ‘Czech Gems’ opened in Kabul

KABUL: Ambassador Miroslav Toman opened the exhibition ‘Czech Gems’ at the Babur garden together with garden’s general manager, Ahmad Shah Wardak here on Sunday. Speaking to ... Full story

Seminar seeks ways to implement Korean development model in Afghanistan

KABUL: The seminar ‘Application of Korean Development Model in Afghanistan’ aimed to share the knowledge and lessons of the trainees of the invitation training program ... Full story

Opium on the rise, if not bridled

Afghanistan saw a high rate in opium production, this year the United Nations said in a statement Sunday that the toll rose to up to ... Full story

NATO committed to continue Afghan air-force training after 2016

The NATO-Resolute Mission (NATO-RS) said it has started training of the Afghan air force, and would continue the mission after 2016 to help them raise ... Full story

Peace in Afghanistan key to rescue Pakistan from isolation

The Taliban delegates in Qatar office have traveled to Pakistan to consult with Taliban leaders residing in Pakistan on possible peace talks with the Afghan ... Full story

Restoring peace, implementation of justice UN main objectives

The Charter of the United Nations was signed on 26 June 1945, in San Francisco, at the conclusion of the United Nations Conference on International ... Full story

Some authorities refuse to pay on-time power bill

Officials in the Breshna Sherkat—Kabul’s main power supply company have said that thousands of people, mostly government authorities are yet to pay their power bill, ... Full story

NPC signs 11 contracts worth 5 billion Afghani

KABUL: Led by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the National Procurements Committee (NPC) has signed 11 contracts at the cost of 5 billion Afghanis, said a ... Full story

Riyadh to host Islamic conference to assess Afghanistan situation, Abdullah says

KABUL: Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said Saudi Arabia would host a gathering of the world Islamic scholars to assess the current situation in Afghanistan, ... Full story

Danesh meets Commander Kaftar

KABUL: Second Vice President, Sarwar Danesh met with Commander Kaftar, a well-known jihadi and female commander of northern Baghlan province here in Kabul yesterday, his ... Full story

Justice, Judiciary Committee approves national reforms program

KABUL: Chaired by the second vice-president, Sarwar Danesh, the committee on justice and judiciary approved program of national justice and judiciary reforms, saying the main ... Full story

Nouristan elders share demands with CE deputy

KABUL:  A number of Nouristan tribal elders, people representatives in provincial council and youth met with CE First Deputy, Eng. Mohammad Khan here in Kabul ... Full story

Pakistan renews hope for peace talks

Peace talks have been a serious challenge for government of Afghanistan and came to a standstill in one way or another. The Taliban outfits played ... Full story

Regional coordination appearing in war on terror

Terrorism and extremism are those movements that have made the region particularly Afghanistan at close quarters with numerous problems. Every day the world countries are ... Full story

IDPs experiencing critical life

Due to ongoing war in some parts of Kunduz, Helmand and Farah provinces since several weeks, large number of locals have been displaced from their ... Full story

MRRD starts third round of employment program in 19 provinces

The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Urban Development (MRRD) has started the third round of employment program in 19 provinces of the country. The program ... Full story

Cabinet meeting applauds achievements of Brussels Conference on Afghanistan

KABUL: The cabinet meeting held with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on the chair here yesterday at presidential palace with Minister of Finance Eklil Hakimi briefed ... Full story

Hakimi briefs House on Brussels conference achievements

KABUL: Eklil Hakimi, Minister of Finance has delivered brief report about achievements of the Brussels conference to general session of national assembly. The conference, hosted by ... Full story

5th anniversary of Child Literature House marked in Kabul

KABUL: 5th operating anniversary of child literature house was marked in a ceremony held by House of Child Literature and office of deputy minister of ... Full story

‘Shah wa Aroos’ dam to have capacity of 5 million cubic meters of water

KABUL: Ali Ahmad Osmani, Minister of Water and Energy has paid a visit to construction process of ‘Shah wa Aroos’ dam in Kabul’s Shakardara district. Construction ... Full story

Journalists supporting fund to assist Sharafat family

KABUL: Afghanistan journalists financial support fund held yesterday a news conference in connection with martyrdom of state-run national Radio-TV journalist Yaqoob Sharafat. In the conference, the ... Full story

Afghanistan, Uzbekistan sign criminals extradition agreement

KABUL: Afghanistan and Uzbekistan have signed agreement on extradition of criminals. Addressing in a news conference held yesterday, a spokesperson to ministry of foreign affairs asserted ... Full story

Afghan govt, Taliban talks revive hope of peace, stability among people

The Afghan government is ready to negotiate with every group who drop weapons and conduct legal peaceful political activity to achieve its goals. News were ... Full story

Govt leading body should focus high attention towards Northern violence

While comparing previous year, the security situation gets worsen in the north of the country and Taliban make insecure further areas of the country, in ... Full story

Pen shortest way to reach peace, supporter

Pen is the shortest way to help reach peace, though no regard had been still paid to it since the last long years in Afghanistan, ... Full story

Training workshops effective in people life

To decrease violence against women and to increase their partnership in political and social spheres of the country, a two-day workshop titled ‘Women Leadership Training’ ... Full story

Health sector requires urgent attention

Health is the most vital asset of life as a healthy person would always be victorious in social life. The three decades devastating wars have ... Full story

Women’s leadership development essential

Historically, Afghan women have always been marginalized and accorded subordinate status. The position of women in the family and society has been shaped by many ... Full story

Change in rural women’s life govt.’s top priority, President Ghani

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani attended at the 17th international agricultural exhibition and the World Rural Women’s Day initiated ... Full story

German envoy praises Afghanistan’s success of Brussels conference

KABUL: President Mohamamd Ashraf Ghani met with German special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Sabine Sparwasser here on Thursday in presidential palace and exchanged views ... Full story

President Ghani’s decree on peace deal enforcement

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has issued a nine-article decree on implementation of government’s peace agreement with the Gulbuddin Hekmatyar-led Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan (HIA) group and appointing a ... Full story

RTA reporter’s mourning ceremony held in Zabul

ZABUL: The mourning ceremony of Mohammad Yaqoub Sharafat reporter of BNA was held Thursday in Zabul province. Zabul governor, Besmillah Afghanmal, security commander, heads of government ... Full story

Saudi Arabia pledges all-out support to Afghanistan

KABUL: Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah returned home on Thursday evening after a successful visit from Saudi Arabia, a ... Full story

Afghan forces retake Ghormach during an operation led by VP Dostum

KABUL: The Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have retaken the control of key areas of Ghormach district during an operation led by the ... Full story

Afghan forces’ achievements play prominent role in ensuring security

While war is continuing between security forces of Afghanistan and Taliban in a number of northern provinces of the country, the authorities of national defense ... Full story

First assistance foundation to ANSF inaugurated

In a ceremony held in Kabul the other day, the first Assistance Foundation to those Afghan security forces sustain injuries or lose their lives on ... Full story

Rassoul-led group willing direct peace talks after foreign forces specific withdrawal deadline

The seceded Taliban group led by Mullah Rassoul has announced its willingness to directly take part in the ongoing peace talks by the government, after ... Full story

Access to information still problematic despites passing law

A statement from the presidential office quoted President Ghani as issuing some decrees asking the ministers and provincial governors for arranging information about their effective ... Full story

Joint efforts crucial to wipe out polio epidemic

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), together with UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) launched a national effort on Monday to vaccinate every child ... Full story

Poor stratum not invested on in last 15 years, President Ghani

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said nothing has been still done for the poor classes of the society ... Full story

Justice, Judicial Reforms National Program to be finalized soon, Danesh

KABUL: Second Vice President, Sarwar Danesh met with UN Secretary General’s Special Representative on Afghanistan, Tadamichi Yamamoto, during which both sides exchanged views on recent ... Full story

FM Rabbani attends 43rd OIC Foreign Ministers Meeting

KABUL: Foreign MinisterSalahuddinRabbani attended the 43rdForeign Ministers Meeting of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) held in Tashkand Tuesday, the Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported. According ... Full story

Contractors to be legally persuaded if proved not working based on law, Sadat

 KABUL: Dr. Kamal Sadat, Deputy Minister of Information and Cultured on Youth Affairs, while investigating the work process of the National Museum’s Chai Khana project, ... Full story

Conference on Drugs’ Harms Awareness held in Dykundi

KABUL: A conference was held in Dykundi province, where the youths have been fully warned of drug use, Bakhtar News Agency reported. The agency quoted a ... Full story

Promoting access to information, fostering transparency

Ensuring journalists’ safety remains the core issue for strengthening the state of press and media freedom around the world. It also has a direct impact on the ... Full story

Saudi Arabia’s role in Afghan peace, stability

Leading a high profile delegation, Afghanistan Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has left for Saudi Arabia, to discuss Afghanistan’s peace, security and stability, with the ... Full story

ARCS Special Week under ‘Red Crescent to All’ kicked off, SG

Officials of the Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) said, ‘the ARCS started a program names ‘Red Crescent to All’ for one week, aims to collect ... Full story

Interference in selection committee work is crime, President Ghani

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met yesterday with members of the selection committee at presidential palace. In the meeting, head of the committee’s secretariat Shukrullah Atif ... Full story

Negligence in government affairs intolerable, CE Abdullah

KABUL: Chairing the Council of Ministers’ meeting here yesterday at Sapidar palace, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said that ... Full story

Extradition agreement signed between Afghan, Uzbek foreign ministers

KABUL/TASHKENT: During his 2-day visit to Uzbekistan, Afghanistan foreign minister, Salahuddin Rabbani discussed some key issues on the bilateral relations including political, security and economic ... Full story

National Security Advisor calls on Chinese ambassador

 KABUL: Afghanistan National Security Advisor, Mohammad Hanif Atmar in a meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Kabul, Yao Jing, discussed some key issues including security and ... Full story

Pakistan supporting terrorists, Senate Chairman

KABUL: Abdul Hadi Muslimyar, Senate chairman in a meeting with Norwegian newly-appointed ambassador to Kabul said that Pakistan and some other countries were supporting terrorists. In ... Full story

MoIC condemns attack on journalist

KABUL: Ministry of Information and Culture condemned the attack on RTA reporter in Zabul, Mohammad Yaqub Sharafat, asking provincial security officials to spare no efforts ... Full story

Militants fail to take over big cities

Though the Daesh fighters are currently operating in some districts of the eastern province of Nangarhar, but, many of them have been reportedly eliminated during ... Full story

MoD intensifying attacks to fully uproot Daesh, spokesperson

Presence of Daesh militants in eastern parts of Afghanistan has become concerning, but officials of the ministry for defense (MoD) are saying that they won’t ... Full story

Transport, transit play vital role in economic growth

October 17th is coinciding with the day of transport and transit in the country. Transport plays vital role in economy of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a land ... Full story

Pen-Day, a cultural coincidence for change

Pen is not the instrument only to write or get education with, but history of human civilization has begun with pen. It is important such ... Full story

35pc of development budget spent, officials

The Ministry of Finance reporting on spending of 35 percent of the developing budget while a number of experts and people believe that the government ... Full story

Challenges ahead of Afghan women prisoners

There are numerous problems and shortages in Afghanistan jails but the problems are more urgent in females prisons than male ones. In some provinces the ... Full story

President Ghani assists youth fund

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani  provided the youth fund with an amount of 660,000 afghanis from his ... Full story

Firm step to be taken for Kunduz security, CE

KABUL: Chief Executive of the national Unity government, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah assured the Kunduz elders to tighten security of the province and prevent repetition of ... Full story

Dr. Abdullah meets UN Special Envoy

KABUL: Dr. Abdullah, the Chief Executive of the National Unity Government met with the UN special envoy to Afghanistan, discussing some key issues including implementation ... Full story

NOC’s internal problem to be soon met, Dr. Abdullah

KABUL: CE Dr. Abdullah Abdullah on Sunday assured to soon meet what he said a prevailing internal problem in the National Olympic Committee (NOC), a ... Full story

Releasing hostages key priority, Mohaqiq

KABUL: Second Deputy to Chief Executive, Hajji Mohammad Mohaqiq met with members of Maidan/Wardak’s provincial council, elders and influential figures of Behsoud and Daimirdad districts ... Full story

Youth responsible on city sanitation, Dr. Sadat

KABUL: Deputy Minister of Information and Culture on Youth Affairs, Dr. Kamal Sadat launched a sanitation program in Kabul city Sunday, the Bakhtar News Agency ... Full story

Presidential order

KABUL: A statement from the presidential office quoted President Ghani as asking the ministers and provincial governors to arrange information about their effective plans and ... Full story

Govt. should codify consensus bill to curb insecurities, House

Lawmakers said that insecurity has considerably raged throughout the country particularly in north and south, and to curb the Taliban offensives, the people support is ... Full story

President Ghani meets political, Jihadi leaders over growing insecurity

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with political and Jihadi leaders discussed some key issues related to the ... Full story

Millions of people suffering poverty worldwide

October 16 coincided World Food Day and is marked while, over 800 million people have no access to sufficient food worldwide. Access to food is ... Full story

I International Fruit and Vegetable Fair in Tashkent

 I International Fruit and Vegetable Fair will be held at JSC "Uzexpocentre" from 8 to 10 November 2016 in Tashkent. The fair is organized by ... Full story

Consultation, the best way to end violence

Consultation, negotiations and dialogues are the best ways to solve the disputes and in some rare cases, a military operation was found inevitable, but except ... Full story

Hajj pilgrims should be provided annually with proper facilities, President Ghani

KABUL: President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani welcomed the last caravan of the country’s hajj pilgrims at Hamid Karzai International Airporthere Friday ... Full story

President confers Ghazi Wazir Akbar Khan state medal on outgoing Japanese ambassador

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in farewell meeting with Japanese ambassador to Kabul conferred state medal of Ghazi Mohammad Akbar Khan on him for appreciating ... Full story

Youth should be aware of country’s laws, Sadat

KABUL: Seminar titled ‘youth awareness of the country’s laws’ was held by ministry of information and culture for further awareness of Afghan youth from the ... Full story

Liberty Printing Press new director introduced

KABUL: Acting Minister of Information and Culture introduced new director of the Liberty Printing Press Mohamamd Zia Bumya to the institution’s employee here during a ... Full story

Afghan forces release 50 prisoners from Taliban jail in Ghazni

The Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) released at least 50 prisoners from a Taliban jail in southeastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan. According to the ... Full story

Afghanistan to open consulate in Indian city of Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Afghanistan will set up a Consulate in Hyderabad, a facility that Ambassador to India Shaida Mohammad Abdali on Friday said will help expand bilateral ... Full story

5th regional security conference held in Herat

HERAT: The fifth regional security conference was held yesterday in Herat and was attended by 120 government officials and representatives of nearly 20 countries and ... Full story

Targeting worshipers, a barbaric act

The month of Muharram is the month of epic action, the month in which blood triumphed over the sword; the month in which the power ... Full story

Nepotism in ANSF appointments another reason behind insecurities in Afghanistan

Deployment of non-professinal officials in military positions is the big reason behind increasing insurgencies and districts collapse. The presidential palace said that now it has ... Full story

Recent insecurities cause uncertainty of thousands of people

In these days war and insecurities is a matter of concern. Current war in Kunduz, distressed situation of Baghlan, Helmad and Farah is a sign ... Full story

Security in turbulent provinces, districts to soon be restored, MoD

Amid raging insecurity in some provinces such as Kunduz, Helmand, Badakhshan, Farah and Badghis, officials of the Ministry for Defense said that they were making ... Full story

Russia, India share need to rebuild Afghanistan: Vladimir Putin

MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin on Thursday said India and Russia were both interested in deepening “constructive multilateral cooperation” to help rebuild war-torn Afghanistan where decisive ... Full story

People expect transparency in consumption of Brussels aids

A number of people and experts in their interviews with The Kabul Times reporter, expressed different opinions on the consumption of US$15.2b aids committed in ... Full story

Consultative meeting of national figures, Jihadi leaders held in Kabul

KABUL: President Ghani held a consultative meeting with a number of national elders, political and jihadi personalities, during which he strongly condemned the recent terrorist ... Full story

“Remain committed to Afghanistan,” President Ghani to young military cadets

KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with a number of military cadets who have recently finished their higher education ... Full story

Peace, security meeting held in Zabul

KABUL/QALAT: A gathering, under peace and security, was held in southern province of Zabul, where tens of youths, including students of university and high schools ... Full story

Traditional Kabul city’s lanes facing annihilation

Kah Foroshi lane has over 100 years background. This lane was the center of selling of straw and dry bread for animal husbandry. With passing ... Full story

International Friendly Match: Afghanistan vs Malaysia

Afghanistan national team is expected to face Malaysiain a friendly football match, after those of against Tajikistan and Lebanon, an official said Monday. Kuala Lumpur will ... Full story

North Korea’s nuclear test ‘a grave threat’

North Korea conducted its fifth underground nuclear test on September 9th, despite threats of more sanctions from the United States and the United Nations. The latest test, according ... Full story

President Ghani reviews security situation via video conference

KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, president of the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan spoke with security and civil officials of Kunduz, Baghlan, Helmand, Kandahar, Farah ... Full story

Contract signed for drawing $200m investment in carpet industry

KABUL: A major housing project of Industrial and Residential Carpet Townships was signed between the Ministry of Urban Development, Independent LandAuthority, and Union of Carpet ... Full story

Daikundi provincial members, civil society activists call on VP

KABUL: A number of members of provincial council of Daikundi, civil society activists and cultural figures of the province called on second vice president Sarwar ... Full story

MoIC holds seminar on life, work of prophet’s Ahl-e-Bait

KABUL: The fourth round of seminar on life and work of Prophet Mohammad’s family members began yesterday by reading out the message of President Mohammad ... Full story

Korean Embassy in Kabul holds National Day Reception

KABUL: The embassy of the Republic of Korea in Kabul hosted an official reception on anniversary of the National Foundation Day here on Sunday, October ... Full story

ANSDF committed to clean Kunduz from insurgents, President Ghani

KABUL: A number of Kunduz elders, ulema, members of provincial council, dignitaries and youth met with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in Presidential Palace yesterday. In the ... Full story

Gunmen beat-up journalist in Kabul

KABUL: A newsman was beaten late Sunday night by unknown armed men in the area of Golae Khwaja Bughra related to the Kabul 15th police ... Full story

Taliban’s continued militancy against Afghan nation

Fifteen years have passed since the costly US-led war on terror in Afghanistan and the ousting of the hardliner Taliban regime, but insurgency and conflicts ... Full story

EU stakes to Afghan refugees repatriation

The European Union (EU) has said it would send back thousands of Afghan refugees, with no still accepted citizenship in the European countries, under a ... Full story

World Post Day; innovation, integration & inclusion

World Post Day is celebrated each year on 9 October. The event was declared by the 1969 Universal Postal Congress in Tokyo as a means ... Full story

Taliban recent momentums ineffective

Taliban recent momentums ineffective At the threshold of the Brussels Summit, the Taliban insurgents have conducted attacks on some provinces, aiming to put a shadow ... Full story

Pakistan indirectly confirms fueling Afghanistan instability

Pakistan has said that peace cannot be enforced in Afghanistan, unless Kashmir dispute was settled between India and Pakistan. Special envoy of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ... Full story

Reasons behind growing insecurities in Afghanistan

However, two years have passed since establishment of the government of national unity, but still security is not properly ensured and it is raging by ... Full story

NPA chief conferred medal, 24 contracts signed

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, during a ceremony, conferred state medal of Mir Masjedi Khan to the chief of ... Full story

Following govt.’s previous programs a must, Danesh

KABUL: Second Vice President, Sarwar Danesh met Canadian ambassador to Kabul yesterday, discussing variety of issues on Afghanistan, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported.  According to ... Full story

Sadat welcomes Afghan returnees in Pul-e-Charkhi

KABUL: Dr. Kamal Sadat, Acting and Deputy Youth Affairs of Ministry of Information and Culture welcomed, with floral wreath a group of the Afghans refugees ... Full story

34 ISIL loyalists killed in Nangarhar

JALALABAD: Afghan officials said an ISIL recruiter was arrested by the Interior Ministry’s intelligence officers in Eastern Nangarhar province, while at least 34 loyalists of ... Full story

Uzbekistan organizes election venues abroad

The Central Election Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan (CEC) organized a meeting on October 3, 2016, at the Republican Press Center for coverage of ... Full story

MoIC’s message on Moharram-al-Haram

KABUL: The Ministry of Information and Culture in a message about the Moharram-al- Haram—the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussain, called it a great event in ... Full story

Transparency crucial for aid effectiveness

Insecurity and violence jeopardizing progress in Afghanistan, international assistance constitutes most of the expenditures in the country, thus how the aids are being spent has ... Full story

Afghanistan; sound regional economic, political competitions

The last one and half decade wars and conflicts have left behind serious problems, challenges in each field in Afghanistan that compensation of these problems ... Full story

Implementation of uplift projects benefits rural areas

150public utility projects were recently exploited in Nangarhar province by government departments for improving of people living conditions. Saifuddin Saihoon a lecturer at the Faculty of ... Full story

Art, creativity explain emotions, sentiments of artists

On the occasion of Oct 7th, Day of Art: ... Full story

Returnees’ issue should be government’s focal point

Afghans refuges repatriation is one of the biggest challenges after security and unemployment. Four tofive thousand Afghans are returning from Pakistan and Iran each day, after ... Full story

Teacher; symbol of illumination

Teacher is a person who always makes effort to provide education to students, as a teacher’s role may vary among cultures. Teachers may provide instruction ... Full story

NUG not to ignore Afghan citizens’ rights in peace talks

KABUL: Chief Executive (CE), Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, on the threshold of the quadrilateral meeting about the Afghan refugees with Deputy UNHRC, Kate Gilmore assured that ... Full story

Hakimi meets British, US & WB officials

KABUL: Eklil Hakimi, Minister of Finance has participated in IMF and World Bank’s annual meeting held in US. In the sideline of the meeting, minister of ... Full story

Professional cadres needed for implementation of Trans-Hindukush road, Massoud

KABUL: Chaired by special envoy to President on reforms and good governance, Ahmad Zia Massoud, the leading body’s session for trans-Hindukush road project was held ... Full story

Sadat vows to address Samangan’s DoIC challenges

KABUL: Works of Samangan provincial Directorate of Information and Culture has been reviewed by a high-ranking delegation of MoIC and necessary instructions have been given ... Full story

MoIC signs two contracts with AWN, FEFA

KABUL: In the series of its effort to sign contracts with the national and international entities for the youths, the ministry of information and culture ... Full story

Brussels’ new pledges promising message to Afghans

On October 5th, 2016, the 75 countries and 26 international organizations participating at the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan renewed their commitments of the partnership for prosperity ... Full story

Joint Communique, Brussels Conference on Afghanistan

Issued on October 5, 2016 by the 75 countries and 26 international organisations participating in the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan ... Full story

President Ghani returns home as Afghanistan wins Brussels’ trust for aids

KABUL: President of the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, returned home on Thursday morning, October 6th, after attending the Brussels Conference ... Full story

President Ghani, CE Abdullah meet US Secretary of State

BRUSSELS: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met US Secretary of State John Kerry on the sidelines of the international donors’ ... Full story

President Ghani commends Pakistan’s $500m aid pledged in Brussels

ISLAMABAD: Adviser to Pakistan’s Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz on Thursday underscored the need for continued engagement and support of international community for sustainable ... Full story

CE asks Pakistan to extend time-table for Afghan refugees

KABUL: Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in a meeting yesterday with Pakistan minister of refugees Abdul Qadir Baluch asked Pakistan to extend time for Afghan ... Full story

Iran spares no effort to address Afghan refugees’ problems

KABUL: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Execuive met with Iranian deputy minister of interior Hussain Zolfaqari in Geneva. In the meeting, the country’s chief executive spoke related ... Full story

Scientific seminar on single-seat electoral zones begins

KABUL: Scientific seminar on single-seat electoral zones was held Thursday in Khatamul Nabiyeen and was attended by second vice president, Sarwar Danesh in Kabul. In the ... Full story

Deputy Ministry of Youth Affairs marks World Teachers’ Day

KABUL: Deputy ministry of youth affairs have established 10 English language learning centers and preparation course for the entry test in 10 girls schools in ... Full story

Aga Khan Trust for Culture to rehabilitate Kabul’s historic sites

BRUSSELS: A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the conservation and rehabilitation of Kabul’s key historic areas was signed on October 5th, 2016 on the sidelines ... Full story

NATO Secretary General reaffirms commitments to ANSF

BRUSSELS: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reaffirmed NATO’s commitment to Afghanistan’s security upon arrival at the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan on Wednesday (5 October 2016). The ... Full story

Regional cooperation against no one, but in favor, President Ghani

BRUSSELS: On the first day of a two-day international conference on Afghanistan in Brussels held on Tuesday, October 4th, the participants underlined that regional economic cooperation could ... Full story

Insurgents once again create fear in Kunduz

Insurgents have recently once again attacked Kunduz from four directions and occupied some parts. ANSF sources said that following arrival of commando forces in the ... Full story

International aids should be spent through govt. budget: UK

The authorities of United Kingdom (UK) Embassy in Kabul have said that the government of this country considers to help Afghan government 750 million£ within ... Full story

Teachers should be supported

On the occasion of World Teachers’ Day: ... Full story