NATO annual report provides overview of activities in 2016

 NATO Secretary General published annual reports today in Brussels,  The 100 pages annual report by NATO Secretary General published, and provides an overview of how NATO ... Full story

Dunya, Kastamonu University of Turkey reach academic agreement

 KASTAMONU: In his official visit from Turkey, dean of Dunya University of Afghanistan (DUA), Ahmad Shah Sankdel met with dean of Kastamonu university of Turkey ... Full story

World Economic Forum important for regional countries

 Held in Switzerland’s city of Davos, the World Economic Forum under the ‘World Security’, discussed economic challenges, which experts believed would be a proper opportunity ... Full story

Fighting corruption eases good governance

 Corruption constitutes a serious threat to Afghanistan’s nation-building and development process. Over the years, it has increased dramatically and has emerged as one of the ... Full story

The great Uzbek poet revered worldwide

 From the first days of independence under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan carries out extensive work on revival and enhancement of national values, ... Full story

Quadrilateral meetings; regional and world countries’ role in Afghanistan peace process

 Chinese authorities have said they would help peace process get accelerated and stability restored in Afghanistan. In their meeting with the Afghan peace brokers, the Chinese ... Full story

General Director for Afghanistan Sports Institution introduced

 KABUL: Sarwar Danesh, Second Vice President introduced yesterday Humayoun Khairi, the newly-appointed general director of Afghanistan sports to officials and employees of the directorate. In a ... Full story

MoIC condemns Zubair Khaksar assassination

 KABUL: Abdul Bari Jahani, Minister of Information and Culture was deeply saddened over martyrdom of cultural advisor to Nangarhar province, top anchor, poet and scoffer ... Full story

MoF holds leading body session

 KABUL: The session of leading body of ministry of finance was held yesterday under the chairmanship of the finance minister Ekleel Hakimi. In the session, developments ... Full story

3000 books donated to Public Library

 KABUL: An UAE-based Afghan citizen donated around three thousand books to Public Library, here yesterday, BNA reported. The books were submitted by the representative of ... Full story

Afghan kid likely to meet Messi after charming internet with plastic bag shirt

 The 5-year-old kid from Afghanistan, Murtaza Ahmadi, is getting closer to meet his dream football star Lionel Messi after charming the internet with a shirt ... Full story

CE condoles martyrdom of top journalist, writer Mohammad Zubair Khaksar

 KABUL: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was saddened over martyrdom of Radio and Television of Afghanistan (RTA) top anchor, ... Full story

Japan turns on third nuclear reactor since post-Fukushima ban

 TOKYO: Japan on Friday restarted its third nuclear reactor since a country-wide shutdown in the wake of the Fukushima disaster, after a court ruled it ... Full story

President Ghani briefs provincial governors on anti-polio campaign

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani holds video conference and discussed anti-polio campaign with the provincial governors in Tawhid center, here the other day, a statement ... Full story

President Ghani meets Moby group's bereaved families

 KABUL: President Ghani met with the members of martyr families of Moby Group (Tolo, Tolonews and Kabora production) here in presidential palace on Friday, the ... Full story

Domestic products exports' increase big achievement, President

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with a number of the country’s dry fruit export companies’ officials here in presidential palace the other day, a ... Full story

Transparency in humanitarian aids, everyone's responsibility, CE

 KABUL: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan participated in calling program of humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan for 2016 prepared by ... Full story

National security adviser, Indian ambassador discuss bilateral ties

 KABUL: National Security Advisor (NSA), Mohammad Hanif Atmar held courtesy meeting with newly appointed Indian ambassador to Kabul here the other day, a press statement ... Full story

Government's declaration on Human Rights Watch report

 KABUL: The government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has reviewed the contents of the Human Right Watch world report 2015. The government agrees with some ... Full story

MoF asks for cooperation in collecting national incomes

 KABUL: Ekleel Hakimi, Minister of Finance met the other day with governors of a number of the country’s provinces to discuss financial issues. In the meeting, ... Full story

President Ghani’s condolence message

 Kabul: I informed with great regret that the mother of Martyred Abdul Ali Mazari died in abroad as a result of illness. As a symbol of ... Full story

Cabinet asks for soon addressing provincial problems

 KABUL: Joint session of cabinet and governors of nine provinces was held Thursday under the chairmanship of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani at presidential palace. In the ... Full story

Media officials call on VP

 KABUL: A friendly session was held Thursday with participation of officials and personnel of nearly 30 media and supportive media organizations and second vice president ... Full story

Militant’s barbarism behind increasing human rights’ violation

Afghanistan entered a new period of instability since 2014, with important implications for human rights. The presidential election resulted in political impasse. Uncertainty surrounding the ... Full story

Open letter of Retired Union to NUG leaders

 The civil-military retired as precedent servants of the country who worked in various fields in government organs are the victims of long imposed wars in ... Full story

President Ghani chairs NSC meeting

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani chaired the meeting of National Security Council (NSC) here in Arg yesterday, BNA reported. In the meeting, the security situation of ... Full story

CE Abdullah meets Indian ambassador

 KABUL: Chief Executive of the country, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with the newly appointed Indian Ambassador to Kabul, Manpreet Vohra, Bakhtar News Agency reported the ... Full story

Discussion on higher education law held

 KABUL: A delegation of university professors from central provinces called on Ahmad Zia Massoud, Special Envoy of President on Reforms and Good Governance here yesterday ... Full story

Health advices to youth important: Sadat

 KABUL: Dr. Kamal Sadat, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture on Youth Affairs has described giving advices to youth in health sector as significant, BNA ... Full story

War continuation in Afghanistan affects region, President Ghani

 KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said the other day that any efforts to flame war in Afghanistan would affect ... Full story

Reporters, media security a serious issue

 The Union of Afghanistan Radio-TVs has asked the Afghan government to task a special unit for ensuring security of media and reporters. Discussion on ensuring ... Full story

New diplomacy


MoWA 4th gender session held

 The fourth gender session was held by the Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA) at the historical monuments department library the other day. The session discussed gender ... Full story

Sports shining in Afghanistan, despite growing insecurity

Afghanistan National Cricket Team (ANCT) on progress ... Full story

Afghan-Chinese foreign ministers joint press conference

 Excellency Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Distinguished Members of Media, Ladies and Gentlemen,  Good Afternoon! Thank you very much Foreign Minister Wang Yi, for the very warm welcome and hospitality. ... Full story

Preconditions affect access to peace: HPC

 While welcome peace efforts, the HPC authorities emphasize if Taliban offer preconditions before the beginning of direct peace talks, achieving peace would be difficult. Talking to ... Full story

China considers larger role in Afghanistan peace talks

 China is making efforts to have wide effective role in Afghanistan’s long-stalled peace talks as the country is recently facing a growingly outspread of bloody ... Full story

Removal of sanctions on Iran provides new trade, transit opportunities

 Afghan authorities of the MoCI said that removal of sanctions on Iran has created new trade opportunities for Afghan businessmen and growth of trade and ... Full story

Egypt marks fifth anniversary of 2011 uprising

 Egypt on Monday marked the fifth anniversary of the January 25 uprising that toppled longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak. On the eve of the anniversary, President Abdelfattah ... Full story

President Ghani holds video conference with provincial governors

 KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Tawhid National Center yesterday talked to a number of provincial governors through video ... Full story

President Ghani inquires health condition of Malik Usman, other injured people

 KABUL: President Ghani visited Sardar Mohammad Daoud khan hospital and inquired health conditions of Nangarhar recent terrorist attack’s injured people, including Malik Usman, influential tribal ... Full story

Counter corruption plans to get operational, VP

 KABUL: Assessing team of international democracy center called on second vice president Sarwar Danesh and briefed him related to cooperation of USAID’s program for counter ... Full story

High commission on counter disasters holds session

 KABUL: Chaired by Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the session of High Commission for Counter Disaster Management Authority (CDMA) was held yesterday at Sapidar Palace. In ... Full story

Acting director of Liberty Printing Press introduced

 KABUL: Based on the proposal of Ministry of Information and Culture and approval of the President, Dr. Mohibullah Zakeri was introduced as the new acting ... Full story

Constitution the only, best criterion in peace talks

 In the tripartite meeting on the sideline of World Economic Forum held in Davos of Swiss, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani once again reiterated the need ... Full story

Economic war


Reforms in electoral system a must

 While efforts have been started for selecting of electoral commissions members, in his recent utterances to a foreign media, president Ghani said, “Electoral reforms will ... Full story

New regulation supports media workers’ safety

In the new regulation, the rights and privileges of media workers predicted and seriously focused on safety of their profession and lives. ... Full story

Increasing extremism, radicalism concerning

 The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan should seek long-term strategic plans to fight the increasing extremism and radicalism in the country and suppress ... Full story

President Ghani attends praying ceremony of Tolo TV martyred staffs, condoles victims’ families

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani attended Fatiha Khani (praying ceremony) of the martyred staffs of Tolo TV here in Eidgah Masjid yesterday and also expressed ... Full story

President Ghani accepts new Indian ambassador’s credentials

 KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan accepted the credential of the new Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan, Manpreet Vohra, Bakhtar News Agency said Monday. During ... Full story

Government determined to hold elections, Danesh

 KABUL: Second Vice President, Sarwar Danesh said yesterday that the government is determined to hold parliamentary elections in the next summer or autumn. He made ... Full story

Contract signed to regulate Afghanistan irrigation system, Naghlo dam reconstruction 

 KABUL: A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) costing $128 million was signed between the ministry of finance and the World Bank (WB), Bakhtar News Agency reported ... Full story

President’s condolence message on Hajji Jegar demise

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a condolence message over the demise of Hajji Abdul Karim Jegar, an elder of Turkmen tribe expressed sympathy with ... Full story

Anti-Islam protests planned across Europe

 Rallies against “the Islamization” of Europe will take place on February 6 in 14 European countries including the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Poland, Slovakia ... Full story

Gov. committed to protect journalists security, freedom of expression, leaders

 Attack on Moby Group staffs received national and international condemnations and the country’s citizens with a single voice asked the government to safeguard freedom of ... Full story

2016’s national budget approved

 Afghanistan’s house of people with an overwhelming majority of votes approved the country’s national budget for 2016 of up to 444.6 billion Afghanis (6.6 billion ... Full story

International Community further stresses on fighting corruption

 Corruption is a widespread challenge and an ominous phenomenon in Afghanistan. To reconstruct Afghanistan’s infrastructures, the international community stresses on fighting corruption. Due to corruption, many private ... Full story

Birds’ hunting in Afghanistan

 Hunting is one of the good and useful occupations of the people in northern Afghanistan and other places. People are involved in hunting in different ... Full story


Freedom of expression

UNSC should honor promise to take militants’ media attack, war crime

 Few months ago, the key northern province of the country—Kunduz has been attacked and controlled for a bit more than a week by the Taliban ... Full story

NATO’s continued support helps ANSF in war on terror, lawmakers

 The Afghan authorities have said that NATO emphasized on continuation of assistance and cooperation with Afghanistan and they believe that continued NATO support helps Afghan ... Full story

Our respected ANSF

 The protracted war in Afghanistan has become a complex issue both historically and in current times for the Afghan political mandarins and the international community. ... Full story

Afghan women demand role in peace process

 As efforts gather pace to renew peace talks with the Taliban, Afghan women still haunted by the insurgents’ brutal rule say they are being left ... Full story

Hit again

 Just a little over one year after the Army Public School attack, terrorists struck Bacha Khan University in Charsadda. Four attackers mowed down 20 people. ... Full story

President Ghani, EU Foreign Policy chief discuss peace, security in Afghanistan

 DAVOS: On the sideline of Davos World Economic Forum, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with EU Foreign Policy Chief, ... Full story

Judicial committee session held

 KABUL: Judicial committee’s session was held yesterday under the chairmanship of second vice president and head of the committee Sarwar Danesh in Kabul. According to the ... Full story

Newly appointed Indian ambassador assures of continued support to Afghanistan

 KABUL: Minister of Foreign Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan held courtesy meeting with Manpreet Vohra, the newly appointed ambassador of India to Kabul here ... Full story

Meeting on regulation, establishment, activities of mass media held

 KABUL: A session was held in connection with regulation for procedure of establishment and activities of mass media in Kabul and modality of articles and ... Full story

NATO-funded printers to help MoI process 1,000 passports on daily basis

 KABUL: NATO’s Resolute Support mission has donated passport printers for the Ministry of Interior’s passport department here the other day, a statement released in Resolute ... Full story

Afghanistan setting up first women’s university

 KABUL: The government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is setting up its first women’s university in capital Kabul. The move is being seen as a ... Full story

Islam; religion of peace, tolerance

 Holding of a gathering under the title of “Religious solution in war on Extremism” was one of the most desirable initiations that were organized by ... Full story

Honest, transparent peace talks can only suppress terrorism

 Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on peace negotiations between the government and the Taliban insisted on the citizens’ safety and ... Full story

Kabul suicide attack condemned

 KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani condemned in the strongest term a suicide attack that killed a number of Afghan ... Full story

CE Abdullah, Minister Jahani enquire about Kabul attack injures

 KABUL: Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah visited  the Emergency Hospital the other day and enquired about the health of those injured people who survived the ... Full story

CE meets German ambassador to Kabul

 KABUL: Afghanistan’s Chief Executive in his meeting with the German Ambassador to Kabul, Marcos Potsil discussed some key points including reforms in electoral system and ... Full story

60th meeting of commission to prevent violence against women held

 KABUL: The 60th meeting of the commission to prevent violence against women with Fauzia Habibi, deputy on women affairs ministry was held here yesterday, BNA ... Full story

Rabbani attends OIC extra-ordinary conference

 KABUL: Minister of Foreign Affairs Salahuddin Rabbani attended the extra-ordinary conference of foreign ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Jeddah of Saudi ... Full story

MoIC condemns terrorist attack on Tolo TV staffs

Terrorist attacks would not affect people moral, freedom of speech, Minister Jahani ... Full story

No terrorists’ sanctuary in Afghanistan, Government

 KABUL: The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan rejected as baseless what he denounced an improper remark by the Pakistani Army’s Public Relations Chief, who said attack ... Full story

Workshop “Youth Financial Access Project” held

 KABUL: A workshop “Youth Financial Access Project” by the micro finance lending association and Deputy Information and Culture on Youth Affairs was held here yesterday. Speaking ... Full story

Cabinet holds meeting

 KABUL: The cabinet with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on the chair held meeting here in Arg  the other day, BNA reported. During the meeting variety of ... Full story

India’s influence, Pakistan’s concern

 Pakistan has always been pessimist on India’s influence in Afghanistan. Islamabad thinks that increase of India’s presence in Afghanistan is a direct threat to Pakistan ... Full story

Kabul citizens facing lack of city-buses, regular transportation services

 KABUL: The Kabul citizens expressed concerns about lack of city buses and irregular bus-stations, asking the government for tackling the problem. A Kabul citizen, Nasir told ... Full story

Attack on media threatens press freedom

 Afghan journalists have been facing intimidation and violence from Taliban groups as well as other non-state figures and even in some cases from state figures ... Full story

Education development, an urgent need

 As education improves the mankind comprehension and understanding to develop themselves and their environment, so it is one of the basic foundations of socio-economic development ... Full story

NPC approves 7 contracts worth 12.5b Afghanis

 KABUL: The National Procurement Commission (NPC) in its meeting with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on the chair and attended by Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, ... Full story

USAID renews support for improving good governance in Afghanistan

 KABUL: Officials with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in meeting with President’s Special Envoy on Reforms and Good Governance, Ahmad Zia Massoud ... Full story

Youth role significant in implementation of constitution: Sadat

 KABUL: The role of youth is significant in implementing the constitution in the country; this was stated by Dr. Kamal Sadat, Deputy Ministry of Information ... Full story

MoPH shifts 100 more addicts to treatment center

 KABUL: Ministry of Public Health has rounded up 100 more drug addicts and shifted them to the newly opened rehabilitation center. Some 800 addicts have been ... Full story

4th meeting for holding international symposium on Amir Ali Shir Nawaee opened

 KABUL: The fourth meeting for holding the international symposium on Amir Ali Shir Nawaee, the renowned poet and politician was held here yesterday, BNA reported. ... Full story

Peace; a ‘panacea’ but provider only Afghans

 Over the last more than three decades of erosive war in Afghanistan, with the worst provokers of some close Afghan neighbors, peace talks have turned ... Full story

NUG welcomes blacklisting Daesh by U.S.

 Recently, U.S. Department of State has announced that it has blacklisted Daesh terrorist group—a move which was warmly welcomed by the National Unity Government (NUG), ... Full story

Football Stadium to be constructed in Afghanistan, official

 Afghanistan would enjoy a big new football stadium, after the country won landmark victory and championship in the south Asian match, an official said the ... Full story

Transparent elections, the only determinant

 In democratic systems, election is a means that crystalizes the citizens’ determination in codification of policy and ensuring of the political system’s legitimacy.  Through elections, people ... Full story

Unemployment a dangerous phenomenon

 Today the unemployment problem is not a new and unfamiliar pain. Our youth have been seeking for many years a proper occupation but have not ... Full story

Australian PM assures of continued cooperation with Afghanistan

 KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met Sunday evening with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, led a high-ranking government delegation ... Full story

CE looks after Jalalabad incident’s injured people

 KABUL: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan looked after elders injured in a suicide attack on Nangarhar elder’s house Malik ... Full story

MoIC condemns Jalalabad terrorist attack

 KABUL: Abdul Bari Jahani, Minister of Information and Culture has strongly condemned in a message Jalalabad’s suicide attack martyring a number of innocent civilians and ... Full story

Second QCG meeting discusses peace roadmap

 KABUL: The second meeting of the Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) of Afghanistan, Pakistan, the United States and China on the Afghan Peace and Reconciliation process ... Full story

Muslimyar attends funeral ceremony of Jalalabad incident’s martyrs

 KABUL: Senate’s Chairman Fazil Hadi Muslimyar, accompanied by senate’s second deputy and a number of senators, participated in funeral ceremony of those martyred in suicide ... Full story

Acting director for National Museum introduced

 KABUL: Deputy Minister for Culture of the Ministry of Information and Culture, Sayed Mossadeq Khalili introduced Mohammad Fahim Rahimi as the acting director of the ... Full story

Wolesi Jirga approves 1395 fiscal budget

 KABUL: House of People in a session yesterday unanimously approved the budget for 1395 fiscal year. Meanwhile, the house approved modification in 74th and 75th articles ... Full story

Parliamentary, districts councils’ elections in upcoming fall, Nuristani

 KABUL: The Independent Election Commission (IEC) yesterday announced the schedule for parliamentary and district councils’ elections. IEC chairman Dr. Yusuf Nuristani during a press conference said ... Full story

Economic advisors

Economic situation of the nation

Lasting peace, sole NUG expectation

 The second meeting of the quadrilateral talks on Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process is held in Kabul yesterday with participation of the representatives from Pakistan, ... Full story

Chabahar Port helps Afghanistan access to seaway

 Chabahar port is one of the nearest ways and good alternative for Afghan traders from dependence to other countries.  The Afghan authorities address Chabahar port as ... Full story

QCG meetings increase optimism for lasting peace, spokesperson

 Afghanistan hosted the Quadrilateral CoordinationGroup (QCG) meetings at the time that optimisms have been increased for having a lasting peace in the country. The National Unity ... Full story

Public support behind big ANSF achievements

 The Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) which has the crucial mission of defending freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country have always tried to ... Full story

Silent Tsunami should be prevented

 The weather of capital Kabul has been extremely polluted nowadays and this city spends its most difficult days due to highest and fatal pollution. In early ... Full story

Environment pollution concerning

 Air and environment pollution has grievously concerned the Kabul citizens and would remain as a harsh challenge in the future, if not prevented. Deputy Technical Director ... Full story

Chabahar Port links Afghanistan to eastern, southern Asian countries, Haqjo

 In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times, Head of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA), Mohammad Qurban Haqjo said, ‘Chabahar Port plays key role to ... Full story

People support behind ANSF victories

 The MoD authorities said that people supports have caused the ANSF to achieve great victories in the battle fields. In a conversation with The Kabul ... Full story

Remains of German victims of Istanbul attacks flown home

 The remains of 10 Germans killed in a suicide attack in the Turkish city of Istanbul were flown home on Saturday, an AFP photographer said. The ... Full story

Nangarhar suicide attack receives condemnations

The government would not enter peace negotiations with those still continuing war and taking innocents’ lives, President Ghani The enemies, by their vicious act, proved they do not abide by any Islamic teachings, CE Abdullah ... Full story

Commission for urban development and reforms responsible to find solution for people’s problems: Massoud

 KABUL: Special of President on Reforms and Good Governance, Ahmad Zia Massoud said yesterday that the commission for urban development and reforms should have comprehensive ... Full story

Afghanistan committed to implement all conventions with women rights, peace and security: Andisha

 KABUL: The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as an active member of the international community is committed to implement all conventions and agreements signed by this ... Full story

107 books handed over to Public Library

 KABUL: Nasrullah Stanikzai, the advisor minister and head of consultative board on legal and justice affairs, handed over 107 books to the Public Library here ... Full story

1400 ANA forces to join frontline’s brothers:Stanikzai

 Officials in Ministry of Defense have stated on Sunday that despite of launching peace talk’s negotiations, we should also be ready to defend the independence ... Full story

Afghanistan optimistic about quadrilateral meeting

    Expressing optimism on Islamabad role in quadrilateral meeting for creation of an effective mechanism for resuming of peace talks, some of the Afghan participants in ... Full story


Land usurpation

Lawmakers, experts ask for comprehensive anti-ISIS operations

 Existence of Daesh groups in a number of insecure areas of Afghanistan has caused certain concerns and the Afghan officials and experts have also called ... Full story

Afghanistan’s basic foreign policy layout to be sent to house for approval

 According to the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the approval of basic lines of the Afghan foreign policy, the procedure of diplomacy ... Full story

Joint efforts needed to fight corruption, experts

 Hundreds of articles have been written about the cruelty and outcry, corruption engulfed all over the country’s administration and how to uproot the phenomenon, but ... Full story

President Ghani visits Kapisa, inquires overall security situation

 MAHMOOD RAQI: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani visited northern Kapisa province and chaired a security meeting which was also attended by the Minister of Interior and ... Full story

Afghan ambassador to Switzerland presents credentials

 GENEVA: Dr. Suraya Dalil, presented her credentials to the President of Swiss Confederation, Johann Schneider-Ammann, on January 12, 2016 as the new ambassador and permanent ... Full story

CE condoles death of top poet Ustad Habibullah Zrraswand

 KABUL: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has condoled in a message the demise of the country’s top writer and ... Full story

Parliamentary election schedule to be announced on Monday

 KABUL: The chairman of the Independent Election Commission, Yusuf Nuristani, was summoned by the Wolesi Jirga here on Saturday to brief the MPs on the ... Full story

Indonesia identifies convicted militant in Jakarta attacks

 Indonesia has identified one of five attackers in the deadly Jakarta violence as a previously-jailed militant whose picture snapped amid the mayhem went viral in ... Full story

Afghan consulate official’s residence targeted in Peshawar

MoFA seeks Pakistan’s investigation of armed attack ... Full story

Gunmen attack micro finance bank in Parwan province

 A group of armed insurgents launched an attack on a micro finance bank in northern Parwan province of Afghanistan, local officials said Saturday. The incident took ... Full story

Drug addiction – a growing burden

 Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, visited the other day the addicts’ treatment center (camp phoenix) in Pul-e-Charkhi, inspected and ... Full story

China, US have reasons to cooperate in Afghanistan

 The first round of the four-party talks on Afghanistan held in Islamabad on Monday saw Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and the United States discussing a peace ... Full story

Return of US troops to battlefields

 If the US intends to bridle and eliminate Daesh in its origin in war on terror process, she could pave this way with early and ... Full story

Consultations continue to advance peace efforts

 KABUL: Separate meetings were held with a delegation from National Assembly, High Peace Council and a council of Jihadi leaders for advancement of peace efforts ... Full story

President Ghani meets outgoing Indian ambassador to Kabul

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met, Amar Sinha, outgoing Indian ambassador to Kabul here the other day in Arg, and praised his activities during his ... Full story

Healthcare requires govt., donors’ urgent attention, President Ghani

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with Ministry of Public Health officials and the representatives of the donor organizations here in Arg the other day, ... Full story

US supports Afghan-led peace talks: envoy

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with US special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan here the other day, a presidential statement said. US special envoy, Richard ... Full story

Spokespersons have crucial job of delivering information, CE

 KABUL: A consultative meeting of the government’s spokespersons entitled “Coordination and communication meeting of the governmental spokespersons” was held with Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah ... Full story

Political stability, lasting security to bolster economic relations between Afghanistan, Pakistan

 KABUL: Members of Afghanistan and Pakistan joint chamber of commerce called on second vice president, discussing needs, problems and challenges of trade between the two ... Full story

Kunduz elders call on Chief Executive

 KABUL: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met the other day with a number of Kunduz elders, religious ulema, mujahidden ... Full story

Mass Media Commission established to support freedom of expression

 KABUL: The members of the Mass Media Commission were introduced during a press conference here the other day, BNA reported. Speaking during the press conference, media ... Full story

FM meets Iranian ambassador to Kabul

 KABUL: Salahuddin Rabbani, Minister of Foreign Affairs met with Iranian ambassador to Kabul Mohammad Raza Bahrami the other day. In the meeting, the Iranian ambassador briefed ... Full story

FM meets Iranian ambassador to Kabul

 KABUL: Salahuddin Rabbani, Minister of Foreign Affairs met with Iranian ambassador to Kabul Mohammad Raza Bahrami the other day. In the meeting, the Iranian ambassador briefed ... Full story

FM saddened over terrorist attack in Istanbul

 KABUL: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Salahuddin Rabbani conveyed the condolence message over the recent attack in Istanbul of Turkey to Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, ... Full story

MoFA declaration on Hydrogen bomb test by North Korea

 KABUL: The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan condemns the Hydrogen bomb test by North Korea and considers it against all United Nations’ Security Council Resolutions, a ... Full story

Quadrilateral meeting raises hope for stalled peace talks

 The diplomats from Pakistan, Afghanistan, the United States, and China held talks in Islamabad to try to draw up a plan for peace talks between ... Full story

Quadrilateral meeting raises hope for stalled peace talks

 The diplomats from Pakistan, Afghanistan, the United States, and China held talks in Islamabad to try to draw up a plan for peace talks between ... Full story

Taliban spokesperson

Quadrilateral meeting

AYCACC asks for youths’ role in peace talks

 A great meeting of the youths under the initiation the coordination center from the social and civil entities was held at the International Conference Hall ... Full story

ANSF equipment a must

 President Ghani in a meeting with the Chairman of Senate Foreign Relations Committee of the US demands for the strengthening of Afghanistan air force. Every country ... Full story

House asks for new effective security plan

 Afghanistan’s house of people in its fresh session, discussed growing insecurity and asked for a firm new plan to be set by the government to ... Full story

Focus on Islamabad based Afghan peace talks

 The representatives of Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, and US on Monday held a quadripartite meeting in Islamabad aiming at reviving the peace negotiation process in Afghanistan.  BNA ... Full story

12 development projects to be implemented: Danesh

 KABUL: Second Vice President, Sarwar Danesh said yesterday that 12 development projects at national level would be implemented, Bakhtar News Agency reported. Addressing the conference on ... Full story

Local organs should have specific, implementable programs: Massoud

 KABUL: Ahmad Zia Massoud, Special Envoy of President on Reforms and Good Governance said yesterday that the local organs should have specific and practicable programs. He ... Full story

Quadrilateral meeting successful: Khalil Karzai

 ISLAMABAD/KABUL: The first meeting of the Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) of Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and the United States on Afghan Peace and reconciliation process was ... Full story

Diverting TUTAP power transmission line not in national interest: Mohaqqiq

 KABUL:  Hajji Mohammad Mohaqqiq, Second Deputy to Chief Executive has said that diversion of TUTAP power transmission line from Pul-e-Khumri to Kabul via Salang pass ... Full story

Insurgents’ propaganda will not overshadow peace talks

 In a situation that our people and the National Unity Government are impatiently waiting for the results of quadrilateral meeting of Afghanistan, Pakistan, US and ... Full story

Unemployment, poverty, corruption, insecurity behind brain drain

 Releasing a report, the Foundation of Democracy International said that poverty, unemployment, insecurity and extensive corruption before youth have caused them to face plenty of ... Full story

TUTAP power transmission line should be reviewed, VP

 KABUL: Based on the President’s instruction followed by letters of the second vice president, a session was held yesterday with participation of minister of water ... Full story

NSA stresses on expansion of Kabul, Delhi ties

 KABUL: Afghanistan national security advisor had a farewell meeting with Indian ambassador to Kabul Amar Sinha, whose term of office has ended in Afghanistan. In the ... Full story

Lecturers, top graduated students appreciated

 KABUL: 163 lecturers and top graduated students of Kabul-based government universities were appreciated by minister of higher education. In a ceremony held on this occasion, minister ... Full story

ACFA needed to boost friendship ties, Chinese official

 KABUL: In a meeting with Afghanistan-China Friendship Association’s leading body, the Chinese ambassador to Kabul assured of his countries support in different spheres to Afghanistan. ... Full story

Islamabad meeting to setup a correct mechanism

 The quadrilateral meeting which is expected to prepare a roadmap on beginning of peace talks, will start its work today with the participation of Afghanistan, ... Full story

TUTAP, big regional project: official

 KABUL: Talking on importance of TUTAP project with The Kabul Times correspondent, Abdul Basir Azimi, spokesman for the Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) says ... Full story

Agriculture, irrigation system should be improved

 Taking into account its suitable climate for agriculture, 80% of Afghan people are involved in agriculture but despite of that Afghanistan agriculture and irrigation need ... Full story

Fueling tensiaon between Saudi, Iran harmful

 Few days ago, tension between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran, over attack on the Saudi diplomatic mission in Iran ... Full story

Regional countries honest cooperation helps Afghan peace talks get success, experts

 The peace dialogue between the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban is expected to take operational measure in few weeks, during which, the U.S., Pakistan ... Full story

Air strike kills dozens in Syria rebel-held town

 An air strike reportedly killed dozens of people in a rebel-held town in Syria on Saturday as a U.N. envoy visited Damascus to advance preparations ... Full story

President visits Afghanistan’s east

 KABUL/JALALABAD: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani traveled to the eastern province of the country, where he discussed key issues including terrorists’ threats in Nangarhar, BNA reported ... Full story

Amendment on laws, authorities of oversight commission on implemention of constitution a must: Danesh

 KABUL: Second Vice President, Sarwar Danesh has said that amending the laws and authorities of the oversight commission on implemention of  constitution is necessary. He made ... Full story

Conference on national commitment for youth holds meeting

 KABUL: A meeting with regard to holding conference on national commitment for youth was held here yesterday, BNA reported. Attended by Dr. Kamal Sadat, Deputy Ministry ... Full story

Children Protection Network holds meeting

 KABUL: A meeting on protection of children and revelation of the identify of those children who are the victim of violence, by media outlets with ... Full story

Saudi, Iran dispute not to serve regional interest

 Tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia have escalated in the wake of the Saudi execution of a prominent Shiite cleric, but the dispute goes much ... Full story

Powerful individuals

Extraction of mines

Afghans obliged to protect historical monuments, director

 Afghanistan possesses wide number of historical monuments, the protection of which is duty of any countrymen, said director of historical monuments for the Ministry of ... Full story

6 things to know about India-Afghanistan relationship

India on Sunday beat Afghanistan 2-1 to lift the South Asian Football Federation Cup. India, it seems, went into the match with the intent of ... Full story

Commission reviews airports’ responsibilities handover to ANSF

 KABUL: The commission which was tasked by the cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to transfer the responsibilities of Afghanistan’s international airports from the ... Full story

Photo exhibition “Fragments of a hidden life” opened in National Archive

 KABUL: The photo exhibition entitled “Fragments of a hidden life” was opened by Sayeda Mojgan Mostafavi, Deputy Publication Minister of the Ministry of Information and ... Full story

Senior Taliban leader among 17 killed in Takhar operations

A senior Taliban leader has been killed along with several other militants in northeastern Takhar province of Afghanistan as the Afghan national security forces intensify ... Full story

Insurgents’ attacks surge as ANSF lacks proper air support

 There has been a sharp rise in the number of suicide attack in the capital Kabul and in a number of provinces in the recent ... Full story



Afghanistan, Iran need lasting joint cooperation

The two countries also need to help overcome security challenges, as Deash has reportedly been seeking training and activities centers in eastern Jalalabad province, while some other provinces like Zabul and Nimruz near the border with Iran are also feeling the similar unrests, requiring both countries to jointly step up against, for insuring their securities. ... Full story

Holding elections impossible, unless win people trust, activists

 Some lawmakers and a number of political experts have warned that holding elections would be impossible unless basic reforms were brought in the electoral system ... Full story