President Ghani calls on people to help snow-storm affected people

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has called upon national traders, businessmen and the people of Afghanistan to contribute in assisting the natural disaster affected people. In ... Full story

High Audit Administration should act independently, Danesh

 KABUL: Sarwar Danesh, Second Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a training conference of budget, challenges and solutions while pointing out related ... Full story

Jawed Farhad sends to India for medical treatment

 KABUL: With the support of the ministry for information and culture, the renowned poet and writer Jawed Farhad was sent to India for medical treatment ... Full story

MoIC urges media outlets to respect National Mourning

 KABUL: Acting Minister of Information and Culture Sayed Mosadiq Khalili urged media outlets yesterday to respect the spirit of national mourning and adopt the tone ... Full story

Iran expresses sympathy with Afghanistan over natural disaster victims

 KABUL: Dr. Mohammad Jawad Zarif the foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran phoned foreign minister of Afghanistan Salahuddin Rabbani yesterday and expressed sympathy ... Full story

President Ghani condoles death of Musamim

 KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a message has condoled death of the country’s former attorney general Sayed Abdul ... Full story

Rais Khudaidad hanged in Kabul

 Sayedullah Alias Rais Khudaidad, who was identified as one of the most dangerous person in the history of Afghanistan by the National Directorate of Security ... Full story

Pakistan to invalidate Afghan refugees’ ID cards

 LONDON/GUARDIAN/BNA: The Guardian has released a report related to Sharbat Gula, an Afghan girl whose photo was published on Pakistan National Geographic Magazine’s cover and ... Full story

US to contribute $3.5 billion for enhancing ties between Kabul, Islamabad

 Washington contributed about $3.5 billion for enhancing of relations between Kabul and Islamabad to both countries. John Kerry US Secretary of State asked from the congress ... Full story

‘Our Afghanistan strategy still intact’: White House

 White House rejected any change in its strategy including troops’ downsizing in the country, where the US president was quoted as saying he was trying ... Full story

Natural disasters mourn nation

 Afghanistan is considered as a country prone to a number of natural disasters: earthquakes, fleeding, drought, landslides, and avalanches.  Earthquakes are relatively frequent, being more ... Full story

53rd establishment anniversary of The Kabul Times marked

 The 53rd anniversary of establishment of The Kabul Times Daily celebrated the other day. At a function held on the same occasion at international press center ... Full story

Russian opposition leader Nemtsov shot dead in Moscow

Boris Nemtsov, a charismatic Russian opposition leader and sharp critic of President Vladimir Putin, was gunned down near the Kremlin, just a day before a ... Full story

President Ghani, CE Abdullah visit Panjshir

KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has paid a visit to Panjshir province for offering condolence and sympathy to victim ... Full story

Azerbaijan pledges further support for Afghanistan

KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met this afternoon with Azerbaijan’s Minister of Economy & Industry, Mr. Shahin Mustafayev. The ... Full story

Negligence in Logar police HQ attack to be probed

KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met Thursday with martyred families of recent terrorist attack on Logar police headquarter. At the ... Full story

CE meets NATO General Commander to Afghanistan

KABUL: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met Wednesday with Gen. John Campbell, NATO general commander to Afghanistan. At the ... Full story

2nd session of convening commission for Zulisanain Amirul Kalam int’l symposium held

KABUL: The second session of convening commission for Zulisanain Amirul Kalam Nizamuddin Ali Shir Nawayee was held Wednesday under the chairmanship of Sayed Musadiq Khalili, ... Full story

President Ghani phones Turkish President

KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a telephone conversation Thursday with Turkish President, Recep Tayyeb Erdogan offered him and ... Full story

President Ghani congratulates Afghanistan national cricket victory to countrymen

KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has congratulated the first victory of Afghanistan national cricket team in Cricket World Cup ... Full story

MoIC announcement

On the occasion of the announcement of National Mourning in the country to pay homage to the victims of those who lost their lives in ... Full story

Statement of Afghan government on UNAMA, OHCHR annual report

KABUL: The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has persistently taken serious the report annually released by the U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) ... Full story

Assistance to farmers, a roadmap for reduction of poppy cultivation

 What is today regarded as a roadmap for prevention of poppy cultivation and narco-trafficking is rendering assistance to farmers for alternate crop to poppy and ... Full story

SAARC festival a touchstone on president Ghani’s commitments on Bamyan

 The festival of Bamyan introduction, as the first cultural capital of SAARC is expected to be organized in the center of Bamyan in over two ... Full story

Protection of minorities and to confront religious extremism

 EU must unleash its internal potential to shape international politics, MEPs say In Brussels the other day in European Parliament. The EU has yet to unleash ... Full story

Conditions hamper rescue efforts as avalanche death toll raises

 Afghanistan has witnessed many snow fall this year. Nonetheless, Panjshir and Badakhshan are among the provinces that witnessed record snow fall, leading to blockade of ... Full story

Chronological activities of The Kabul Times

 Established on Feb 27/1962 during the reign of late King Mohammad Zaher, under the  order by the then prime minister late Mohammad Daud Khan with ... Full story

Printing media the most powerful force

 Press are one the most important, acknowledge and powerful forces of mass media which enjoy considerable importance due to their effective role and impacts in ... Full story

How to provide traditional cloths?

 There are different traditions, local products and living styles according to prevailing special socio, economic and cultural conditions, factors and reasons in each society. People ... Full story

Signs of progress in peace process

 Peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban are expected to be organized early March 2015 officially. Afghanistan, Pakistan and other international partners are ... Full story

Peace talks’ resumption; ray of hope among war-weary Afghans

 9/11 made the US-led international coalition to drive force behind al-Qaeda and its ally Taliban—a plan spreading good news among the Afghans to may have ... Full story

NUG leaders congratulate Sheikh Sabah on Kuwait National Day

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani sent congratulatory message to Amir of Kuwait His Majesty Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jabir Al-Sabah on the occasion of Kuwait National ... Full story

“Peace process is in good condition”, Danesh

 KABUL: Sulaimankhil Tribe Social Council in a meeting with Sarwar Danesh, Second Vice President enumerated problems of their area and promised to support and cooperate with ... Full story

AIU representatives call on Ahmad Zia Massoud

 KABUL: Ahmad Zia Massoud, Special Envoy on Reforms and Good Governance to President met yesterday with representatives of Afghanistan Industrial Unions (AIU)of the country. In ... Full story

Commission on 1st death anniversary of Marshal Fahim holds meeting

 KABUL: The cultural commission assigned to hold commemoration conference on the first death anniversary of late Marshal Fahim with deputy MoIC on publications, Simin Hassanzada ... Full story

Australia pledges peace, economy get success in Afghanistan

 KABUL: Deputy foreign minister on political affairs, Hekmat Khalil Karzai in a meeting yesterday with Australian ambassador to Kabul discussed on expansion of cooperation with ... Full story

Peace negotiations to resume soon

 Chief Executive of National Unity Government, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah yesterday hinted at beginning of peace talks between the government and the Taliban leadership in the ... Full story

ANSF conduct successful independently operations

 Two weeks ago the Afghan National Security Forces(ANSF) conducted a joint  operation in Kandahar and Helmand provinces against armed insurgents which produced good results. Reports from ... Full story

Historian’s view about Koochis

  These nomads have huge herds of sheep and goats and few Afghan hounds serving as watch dogs. Historians and archeologists describe that these flock ... Full story

We are worry about situation of Afghan refugees in Pakistan, Spokesman

 The ministry of refugees and repatriates expresses its concern over the situation of Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan and says that now, the Afghan refugees ... Full story

Human trafficking increased in Afghanistan : IOM

 Human trafficking has increased from Afghanistan to foreign countries said IOM official adding that ongoing insecurity and unemployment have been main reasons behind this problem. Talking ... Full story

Blood stained leather table-cloth of Taliban Jihad being washed by transparent water of peace

 “A phantom is moving in the country, the phantom of peace”. All plunderers, corrupt forces, mafia and mercenary elements dependent to regional secret services will ... Full story

President Ghani pays tribute to late Angiza Shinwari

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani attended the praying ceremony for member of Nangarhar province council the late Angiza Shinwari, held in Eidgah Mosque here yesterday. The ... Full story

CE, Japan ambassador stress on bilateral cooperation

 KABUL: Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with Japan ambassador Heroshi Takashi at Sapidar on Palace on bilateral cooperation yesterday.  The Japan ambassador refreshed his country’s ... Full story

IOM envoy calls on Hekmat Karzai

 KABUL: The special envoy of International Organization for Migration (IOM)to Afghanistan Richard Danzigar called on Hekmat Khalil Karzai the deputy in political affairs of the ... Full story

Central Bank asks Interpol for help

 KABUL: The Afghanistan Bank (Centtral Bank)has asked Interpol for help in finding those involved in robbing the bank’s branch physical money in Spin Boldak district ... Full story

President Ghani meets Prof. Abdul Rab Rassoul Sayyaf

 KABUL: For maintaining peace in the country, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met yesterday with jihadi leaders Ustad Abdul Rab ... Full story

Change in recruiting civil services employees, govt. priority, Danesh

 KABUL: Second Vice President, Sarwar Danesh said yesterday that there was a problem in the process of employing civil services employees and the government would ... Full story

Hassanzada visits renowned poet Jawed Farhad

 KABUL: The leadership board of the Ministry of Information & Culture headed by Simin Hassanzada, the deputy on publications visited the house of renowned poet ... Full story

Avalanche claims 12 lives in Badakhshan

 FAIZABAD: Twelve members of same family lost their lives as avalanche hit Kachlar village in Raghistan district of northern, Badakhshan province Saturday night, member of ... Full story

3rd Hoot uprising demonstrates people’s faith against enemy

KABUL: The uprising made by Kabul residents on Hoot 3, 1358 had demonstrated the power of faith against the military might  of the invading erstwhile ... Full story

Commission holds meeting to celebrate first death anniversary of Marshal Fahim

KABUL: Government commission tasked for celebration of first death anniversary of Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim held its session under the chairmanship of acting minister of ... Full story

New appointment

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani indorsed Col. Nesar Ahmad Siddiqi to be appointed as General Commander for the Medical ... Full story

Russia wants security agreement inked with Afghanistan: says ambassador

KABUL: Russian ambassador to Afghanistan Alexander Mantytskiy Called on second deputy to chief executive Hajji Mohammad Mohaqiq here yesterday and expressed his country’s willingness to ink security ... Full story

Changing CASA 1000 path, Cost-effective or high consumption

 More than four billion dollars have, to date, been spent on Afghanistan’s power infrastructure and yet there are still considerable deficiencies, even in the country’s ... Full story

Struggling to Survive in Afghanistan

 When I met Golpari, a sun-baked, craggy woman from Helmand, she strode confidently into the one-room mud brick house, dragging her ten-year-old daughter Nazdana by ... Full story

Historian’s view about Koochis "Nomads" Of Afghanistan

 Many stories have been written about Afghan Koochies, one of them is Rabindarnath Tegor, which is the famous story writer and Nobel laureate of Bengal, ... Full story

Changing of CASA-1000 itinerary needs enough fund, authorities

 The in-charges of Breshna Sherkat (Breshna Company) say that if the itinerary of CASA-1000 be changed, beside creating some other problems, delay in its implementation ... Full story

40pc of budget should be spent in provincial projects, Zia Massoud

The in-charges of the National Unity Government (NUG) say that the government was committed to implement 40 percent of the budget in the country’s provincial ... Full story

Peace restoration Afghans’ dream

 After more than three decades of domestic conflicts, the Afghan people are now looking forward to all-out peace and stability maintenance in the country. ... Full story

CE meets Chatham House members

KABUL: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive in a meeting with members of Chatham House discussed on current situations of the country. Chatham House, an international research ... Full story

Rabbani meets Finland ambassador in Kabul

Kabul: Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani met yesterday with the Ambassador of Republic of Finland in Kabul, Mr. Ari Mäki. During the meeting, Mr. Mäki while explaining ... Full story

Our aim is to change Afghanistan from rivalry point to that of lasting cooperation: President Ghani

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said yesterday the objective of government’s efforts is to change Afghanistan from the point of rivalry to that of lasting ... Full story

Afghanistan recent achievements belong to people: Ex-president

KABUL: Former president Hamid Karzai in meeting with Badakhshan’s governor and its provincial council’s members here yesterday said that the achievements that Afghanistan has made ... Full story

Senate secretary meets ANBP general commander

KABUL: Mawlavi Abdullah Qarluq, Senate’s secretary met yesterday with Gen. Mohammad Shafiq Fazli, Afghan National Border Police (ANBP) general commander and discussed on security and ... Full story

Prof. Ghulam Ali Ayeen passes away

KABUL: Prof. Ghulam Ali Ayeen, the country’s academic, political and cultural personality has passed away in US state of California. The deceased had worked ... Full story

Afghan people keep hoisted the flag of independence, Senate

KABUL: Upper House of national assembly has issued a message on the occasion of remembrance of Kabul mujahidin uprising on 3rd Hoot, 1358 coinciding with ... Full story

ANTT dwindles as athletes quit

In the past few weeks, Afghanistan's National Taekwondo team (ANTT)has lost its players as they all announce their resignation. On Saturday, two other athletes quit ... Full story

3rd Hoot uprising a historical movement

Following the arrival of former Soviet Union troops, 35 years now, the 3rd Hoot uprising took place in Kabul city. It was a historical uprising ... Full story

Unprecedented efforts in bolstering Afghanistan, Pakistan ties

Pakistan’s ministry of interior said his country’s relations with Afghanistan have remarkably developed and trust between the two neighboring countries has witnessed a jump as ... Full story

Book reading culture among youth, adolescents

Book and reading has still its particular place among enthusiasts of research and study, but due to existence of plenty of internet and social networks, ... Full story

Holding exhibitions pave the way for investment in Afghanistan, Experts

A number of economic experts in negotiation with The Kabul Times reporter regard effective holding of exhibitions by the government of Afghanistan and those friendly ... Full story

Writing, reading an introduction of recognition and recognition an introduction of transformation

Pen is the manifestation of Allah’s knowledge, pen is the mankind’s miracle and creator of human civilization. Pen is the guardian of mankind identity and ... Full story

3rd Hoot uprising; a millstone in Afghanistan’s freedom-fighting history against invaders

Uprising of Kabul people on Hoot 3, 1358 (1980, February-22) was a turning point in the patriotism and freedom-fighting of the Kabul people. The 3rd ... Full story

Afghan troops seeking to showcase capabilities

Afghan security forces’ on-going large offensive against the Taliban militants in southern Afghanistan is a demonstration of their abilities and a call for continuing international support, say experts. ... Full story

Peace efforts in a new stage

 President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has taken the steps for peace reconciliation and started consultations with senior government officials, political leaders as well as with ex-president ... Full story

UNESCO reveals winning scheme for Bamyan cultural center

 UNESCO, in collaboration with the Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture, have announced the winning proposal for the Bamyan Cultural Centre. An Argentina-based team, led ... Full story

A glance at Juba or traditional picnic of Kabul people

 In the past, the Kabul people organized different picnics as one of them was called Juba which was started from the first Friday of Hoot ... Full story

Increase of shocking violations against women

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) is concerned over increase of violations against women and called the recent anti women violations frightful and unprecedented ... Full story

Afghanistan national interests are not victimized by peace efforts: Dr. Abdullah

 Despite of passing over thirteen years peace efforts, no positive outcomes have been achieved yet. In his last utterances, the CE Dr. Abdullah has said ... Full story

Peace talks won’t be kept secret, President Ghani

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said that the peace talks won’t be kept secret from the public sight. He made the remarks during consultative meeting ... Full story

President Ghani lauds ANA as real Afghan sons

 KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met Thursday with a number of ANA corpse commanders and provincial police chiefs at ... Full story

Abdullah asks for government’s single media strategy

 KABUL: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a meeting Thursday with government high ranking spokesmen instructed for a single ... Full story

Decree to be issued on immediate electoral reforms: Danesh

 KABUL: The Second Vice President, Sarwar Danesh said the other day that the president would soon issue a decree on electoral reforms. He made the remarks ... Full story

US Senate delegation assures long-term Afghanistan cooperation

 KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met Thursday with US Senate delegation led by Senator Jack Rid. In the meeting held ... Full story

Condolence message

 KABUL: On behalf of Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, a condolence message has been delivered to Egyptian Premier Muhandis Ibrahim Muhlib on the occasion of ... Full story

Ghor should be put in NUG’s top priorities, elders

 KABUL: A number of elders and representatives of Ghor province in a meeting with Mohammad Muhaqiq, chief executive second deputy complained that former provincial officials ... Full story

Afghan cabinet completion, electoral reforms Int’l community’s hope

KABUL: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive met Thursday with British Ambassador to Kabul, Richard Stagg at the Sapidar Palace. In the meeting, both sides discussed on ... Full story

50 millions Afs robbed from CB Kandahar branch

 KABUL: Dozens millions afg has been robbed from Da Afghanistan Bank’s sub-office in Spin Boldak district of Kandahar province. According to reports, the bank’s manager with ... Full story

Rabbani meets Norwegian Ambassador to Kabul

 KABUL: Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Salahuddin Rabbani met with the Ambassador of Kingdom of Norway Erling Skjønsberg the other day the ... Full story

UNAMA reports rise in civilian casualties in 2014

The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) [official website] released its annual report on the “Protection of civilians in armed conflict” on Wednesday, which indicated a 22 percent ... Full story

EU Police Mission for the Palestinian Territories

European Common Security and Defence Policy mission based and operational in the West Bank. It is part of the wider efforts of the European Union in ... Full story

Man building shotgun in Kabul

Human have since long been worrying for their safety and security. The picture shows a man building shotgun in Kabul.

Sharp rise in violence against women, under-age children

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) on Monday announced that more than 4,250 cases of violence against women have been recorded in the past nine ... Full story

NUG leaders agree on remaining nominee ministers: Official

President and Chief Executive have agreed on introduction of the remaining seventeen nominee ministers, an official said.  Since nearly three week, from the rejection of nominee ... Full story

Pak government role in terrorist groups’ abolition effective

As it seems, by establishing National Unity Government (NUG), relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan got improved then previous years, as President Ghani has several times ... Full story

US, NATO should seriously revise troops’ exit

Full withdrawal of the international troops has created serious concerns among the Afghan people and politiceA  ... Full story

Treasure of Borka district, Baghlan

As one of the fourteen districts in northern Baghlan province, Borka is located on the slopes of Hindukush mountains. Enjoying moderate temperature and good climate, ... Full story

President Ghani meets Iranian Vice President

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met Shariatmadari the vice president of the Islamic Republic of Iran here yesterday and exchanged views on matters relating mutual ... Full story

Pak delegation reaffirms commitment on peace restoration in Afghanistan

KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met yesterday with Pakistani delegation led by its army chief of staff Raheel Sharif ... Full story

2nd Afghanistan-Iran Trade exhibition opened

Long-term relation framework between the two counties would be clarified through President Ghani’s visit to Iran: Danesh ... Full story

Abdullah pledges support to ANP

“We support you, you do your responsibilities” ... Full story

Commission set to hold Marshal Fahim 1st death anniversary

KABUL: In line with the proposal of Marshal Fahim Foundation, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a decree constituted a commission under acting defense minister Enayatullah ... Full story

New appointment

KABUL: Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah on Tuesday appointed Nematullah Arghandabi as envoy on relations’ affairs and public complaints for the Chief Executive Office of ... Full story

Oversight role of PCs to be reinstated

KABUL: The oversight role of Provincial Councils (PCs) will be reinstated via presidential legislative decree; this was stated by Matin Big the acting head of ... Full story

3rd conference of Govt. senior spokespersons held

KABUL: The third conference of the senior spokesmen of the government was held here in the Government Media Center yesterday. Addressing the conference Sefatullah Safi, ... Full story

20 police martyred in Logar suicide attack

PUL-E-ALAM: 20 police personnel were martyred and eight others injured yesterday as five assailants suicide attacked on Logar police headquarter. At around 1:00 pm yesterday, five ... Full story

President Ghani meets US congress delegation

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met yesterday with US congress delegation headed by Joe Wilson. At the meeting, held at Presidential Palace, both sides discussed ... Full story

NUG’s first cabinet meeting held

 KABUL: Under the chairmanship of Chief Executive of National Unity Government (NUG) Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the first meeting of NUG cabinet was held yesterday. This meeting ... Full story

Provincial councils’ oversight authorization approved

 KABUL: Chaired by Second Vice President, Sarwar Danesh, the 9th session of laws committee was held and draft law for organizing of government officials’ salaries ... Full story

President Ghani, Jordan king stress on joint struggle against terrorism

KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani and Jordan King Abdullah II talked in a telephone conversation yesterday. President Ghani expressed his condolence on behalf of the government and ... Full story

Dispatched delegation to Zabul delivers report to President

 KABUL: A delegation led by advisor in social affairs to the President and deputy of high peace council, Asadullah Wafa dispatched to Zabul province for ... Full story

Corrupt culprits to be introduced to judicial organs, President Ghani

 KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with leading body of ministry of transport and representatives of a number of ... Full story

Courtesy call

 KABUL: On behalf of Tamam Salam, Lebanese Premier, a courtesy message has been sent to Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. “With ... Full story

Australian governor general calls Afghanistan the ‘fairy-tale’ of cricket World Cup

 Australia’s Governor-General Peter Cosgrove has labelled Afghanistan the “fairy-tale nation” of the cricket World Cup and coach Andy Moles just hopes his side doesn’t “freeze” ... Full story

US should not repeat Iraq’s mistake in Afghanistan

 The US should not repeat mistakes it had made in Iraq, now in Afghanistan, while debate over troops’ withdrawal plan by President Obama is on ... Full story

Pakistan nurturing terrorists against Afghanistan, India: US Congress

 Pakistan’s closed fist has now ultimately opened; revealing its new trickeries against some certain neighbors. Former Pak President, Parwiz Musharaf acknowledged that his country’s Inter-Service ... Full story

Kunar power dams construction would ease electricity shortages, MoEW

 The authorities of Ministry of Energy and Water of Afghanistan say that with construction of two power dams in Kunar province, about 1100 mgw electricity ... Full story

Feature: “Trees only move in the wind,” a study of unaccompanied Afghan minors leave for Europe

 Afghanistan, having over three million refugees overseas according to UNHCR, making it leading refugee contributor source in the world. Afghanistan has kept this position for ... Full story

Afghanistan safer for journalists among regional countries

 The 2015 world press freedom index released by Paris-based reporters without border last week in which highlighted the worldwide deterioration of freedom of information and ... Full story

Soviet troops' withdrawal

Outrageous invasion and scandalous exit: Former Red Army pullout from Afghanistan could be called a milestone in the country’s history and a lesson to any invaders.

Feb. 15 the last day of Soviet troops’ withdrawal

 Due to being a landlocked country and lack of free access to sea on the south, Afghanistan had to establish close relations with its northern ... Full story

China asks Intl. community to support Afghanistan

 Supporting the establishment of National Unity Government (NUG), the authorities of Chinese ministry of foreign affairs request global support of the NUG. Chinese minister of foreign ... Full story

Implementation of IDPs strategy a dire need: MoRR

 The new minister of refugees and repatriates said that although his office has already prepared strategy of Internally Displaced People (IDPs), but it has not ... Full story

Afghanistan wants TAPI project to be implemented, Minister

 The representatives of involved countries in TAPI project or project of transition of Turkmenistan gas to Pakistan and India via Afghanistan met recently in Islamabad. ... Full story

Feature: “Trees only move in the wind,” a study of unaccompanied Afghan minors leave for Europe

 When Mohammad Nadeem was 16, he traveled from Afghanistan to Russia in 2012 aiming to go to Germany as of family reunion plan. In Bulgaria ... Full story

26th anniversary of Red Army withdrawal from Afghanistan

 The 26th anniversary of Soviet forces withdrawal from Afghanistan was marked on Sunday 26th dalw [February 15th], in which the last unit of Soviet forces ... Full story

Ministry of foreign obliged to follow up agreements with regional, world countries

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani held video conferences with Afghanistan ambassadors to the neighboring countries including Iran, Pakistan, China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan as well ... Full story

President Ghani Meets UK Parliament Defense Committee Chief

 KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, met with Rory Stewart, Head of Defense Committee of UK parliament the other day ... Full story

Political parties’ delegates call on President Ghani

 KABUL: A number of delegates and officials from political parties called on President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the other day. In the meeting held in Arg, ... Full story

Rabbani meets Australian Special Envoy to Afghanistan, Pakistan

 KABUL: Salahuddin Rabbani, minister of foreign affairs in a meeting with Rick Welz, Australian Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan praised Australia for its assistance ... Full story

Wreath laid on Babur Shah mausoleum

 KABUL: Based on instruction of Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, First Vice President, a wreath was laid Saturday on mausoleum of Zaheeruddin Mohammad Babur, king, poet ... Full story

Women rights activists concern over violence increase against women

 KABUL: Women rights support organizations have expressed concern over violence increase against women in recent months, which has made the activists seek out particular ways ... Full story

Private school founder nominated for Global Teacher Prize

 KABUL: Azizullah Royesh, founder of Marafat High School, has been selected in ten top teachers of the world and nominated by Global Teacher Prize organization ... Full story

Time to achieve lasting peace with unity: President Ghani

CE Abdullah: Afghans have now democracy in their country ... Full story

Ghazni, Paktika vehicle owners share problems with Muhaqiq

 KABUL: A number of Ghazni and Paktika provinces’ vehicles owners in a meeting with chief executive second deputy, Haji Mohammad Muhaqiq enumerated their problems and ... Full story

Delegation to probe extorts, beef up highways’ revenues

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a decree issued here the other day ordered setting up of a panel headed by Mohammad Anwar Akbar senior ... Full story

President Ghani congratulates Afghan prize winner

 KABUL: President Ghani expressed congratulations to Dr. Wali Wardak for being rewarded by British Journal of Criminology. The congratulatory message sent to Dr. Wardak reads ... Full story

President Ghani flays Peshawar terrorist attack

 KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, strongly condemned the terrorist attack on a mosque in Peshawar that left 19 dead ... Full story

Most of the people in Afghanistan don’t have access to clean water.

Afghanistan, a flourishing country with beautiful landscapes, plentiful food and water supplies, but decades of war have decimated much of the country. One of the casualties of war has been the infrastructure that supplies the people with a clean water source. Most of the people in Afghanistan don’t have access to clean water. They fetch water from open sources such as rivers, springs, streams, ponds and wells which is usually contaminated and its use leads to wide-spread water-borne diseases. In the picture, a child filling his barrel from a water flowing stream in his village.

NSC emphasizes on highway's security

 KABUL: The National Security Council (NSC) with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on the chair held meeting in Arg the other day. At the outset of the ... Full story

We have made the region collaborator with us: President Ghani

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in his speech on 51st Security Conference held in Munich, Germany recently said that Afghanistan has made the region collaborator ... Full story

PC’s chairmen call on First Vice President

 KABUL: First Vice President, Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum met Thursday evening with chairmen of the country’s provincial councils. Based on instruction of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani ... Full story

Electoral reforms national necessity: Danesh

 KABUL: Bringing reforms in the election system is national essential, this was stated by second vice president Sarwar Danesh in meeting with German ambassador to ... Full story

Elders from Kabul, provinces call on Danesh

 KABUL: A number of elders and notables including human rights activists from Kabul and other provinces called on the second vice president Sarwar Danesh in ... Full story

Presidential order suspends 5 officials of defense ministry

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in an order issued yesterday suspended the duties of the following officials with defense ministry and instructed the ministry for ... Full story

Setting up spring houses in capital, provinces good step towards better exports, Massoud

 KABUL: Ahmad Zia Massoud, special envoy of reforms and good governance to president paid a visit to Kabul Boostan-e-Sabz spring house. During his visit to the ... Full story

MoFA consulate office opened in Hamid Karzai Int’l Airport

 KABUL: Consulate office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) was opened Tuesday in Hamid Karzai International Airport. Administrative deputy of the ministry said the office aimed ... Full story

Anniversary of Red Army withdrawal marked

 KABUL: 15th February coincided with Dalw 26 or the pullout of the former Soviet Union forces was marked here yesterday.  Addressing the ceremony held here and ... Full story

Previous achievements belong to all Afghans, Karzai

 KABUL: Hamid Karzai, former president of Afghanistan met Tuesday with leading panel and members of Hezb-e-Refa-e-Milli Afghanistan. In the meeting, first chairman of the party Mohammad ... Full story

Modi wishes Afghan cricket success in WC

 KABUL: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi phoned president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani here yesterday and congratulated him and Afghan people over qualifying Afghanistan national cricket team ... Full story

President Ghani condemns terror attack on Kandahar HPC member

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has condemned the terrorist attack on Hajji Shireen Agha a member of Kandahar provincial council in its strongest term. The ... Full story

President reassures to support press freedom

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said yesterday that the government is committed to support freedom of press. He made the remarks in his address to ... Full story

Pak foreign ministry rejects media reports on joint operations in Afghanistan

 KABUL: Pakistan Foreign ministry has rejected the media reports citing Pakistani Interior Minister Chaudary Nisar Ali khan allegedly he said to launch joint military operations ... Full story

Interior minister meets UN special envoy to Afghanistan

 KABUL: Minister of interior in a meeting with UN special envoy to Afghanistan briefed related to his working priorities and stressed on serious consideration to ... Full story

Victory of Iran’s Islamic revolution plays vital role in awareness of Islamic movements, Dr. Abdullah

 KABUL: The 36th victory anniversary of the Islamic revolution of Iran was celebrated in the country’s embassy to Kabul with participation of Chief Executive Dr. ... Full story

Quadrilateral talks on TAPI project ends without result

 KABUL: Reports say quadrilateral talks on TAPI project ended Tuesday without any result. Ministers of mines and petroleum for Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Pakistan in ... Full story

New information treasury set up to collect health incomes

 KABUL: Ministry of public health has set up a new information treasury for collection of health incomes. The new system has been set up for ... Full story

MoI stresses on Turkey’s continued cooperation with ANP

 KABUL: Gen. Mohammad Ayoub Salangi, senior deputy interior minister for security affairs for interior in a meeting Wednesday with Gen. Jahid Baqir, general commander of ... Full story

Badghis historical sites, ancient relics need urgent attention

Badghis is one of the provinces which is rich with large number of ancient sites, historical relics and ancient monuments most of them in urgent ... Full story

Hawk cannot be hunted with catapult

 There is a common proverb among the Afghan people that saying, “one slap injures many faces”. With its recent decision on rejection of several nominee ... Full story

Afghan govt. doesn’t allow any group to disturb security situation

 In the course of history, Afghanistan is facing with invasion and preplanned plots that emergence of a group in the name of Talib is from ... Full story

World heedlessness more dangerous to Afghanistan than Daesh: Lawmakers, experts

 In his last speech, the Afghan president asked the world community not to forget Afghanistan because security and stability of Afghanistan could ensure security and ... Full story

Mes Aynak dilemma: Culture or copper

Treasures from country’s largely forgotten Buddhist past are buried beneath sandy hills surrounding the ancient Silk Route town of Mes Aynak — along with enough ... Full story

Erdogan criticizes Obama for silence over slain Muslims

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has reproached U.S. President Barack Obama and other senior officials for not speaking out against the killings of three young ... Full story

Humanitarian crisis in Iraq and Syria: MEPs call for aid and donor conference

 The international community must deliver on its pledges to step up humanitarian aid and assistance to the millions suffering in the crisis in Iraq and ... Full story

Glimmer of hope' for Ukraine after new ceasefire deal

 we discuss the fight against terrorism. in Paris and throughout France, supported by the most senior representatives of the international community, indeed by almost all ... Full story

Poverty and cold weather

Poverty and cold weather forced a teenage girl to warm up her feet with the smoke coming out of the car's exhaust pipe.

New govt. committed to inclusive reforms, President Ghani

KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met yesterday with Japan’s deputy special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Yasushi Misawa at ... Full story

President Ghani accepts new Swiss ambassador’s credentials

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani received the credentials of new Swiss ambassador to Afghanistan Marc George in a ceremony held in Arg yesterday. After the ... Full story

Danesh meets US ambassador to Afghanistan

PCs’ Heads of 34 provinces in a separate meeting asked the second VP for restoring their monitoring role ... Full story

Japan Keen to host Afghanistan’s bactrian treasures exhibition

KABUL: Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Sayed Mosaddiq Khalili in a  meeting with Japan special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Yasushi Misawa exchanged views ... Full story

Practical work on TAPI project to begin soon, MoMP

KABUL: Minister of mines and petroleum is determined to leave for Pakistan today to participate in 19th leading session of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India ... Full story

Gunmen storm Kunduz police Headquarter

Kunduz: Five militants equipped with military uniforms stormed Kunduz police headquarter early yesterday morning and were all gunned down by the headquarter police forces. “A five-member ... Full story

Monitoring role slightest right given to provincial councils, Muhaqiq

KABUL: Members of Afghanistan provincial councils’ coordination commission met yesterday with chief executive second deputy, Mohammad Muhaqiq. In the meeting held with participation of chiefs and ... Full story

Rabbani meets Pakistan deputy FM

KABUL: Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani met Pakistan deputy foreign minister Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhary here the other day. Chaudhary who attended the first round of trilateral ... Full story

Afghanistan must not be forgotten

 President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani gave the closing remarks at the 51st Munich Security Conference, an annual gathering of world leaders, policy makers, business executives and other ... Full story

Ghor historical monuments need urgent repair

 Full of ancient sites and historical monuments, western province of Ghor needs the organs concerned attention for reconstruction of their collapsed tombs and minarets, an ... Full story

Electronic IDs to be distributed soon, CE

 KABUL: Afghanistan Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has said the process for distribution of electronic IDs (tazkeras) would soon be started. Advisor to the Chief Executive, ... Full story

UNFPA to contribute $82m in its new five-year plan for Afghanistan

 The United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) contributes Afghanistan $ 82 million that would be spent in seven sectors that are the priorities of ... Full story

Afghan forces capable to ensure security of the country, Waziri

 KABUL: Afghanistan security forces are capable to defend the country in cooperation with the international community against any type of insurgencies from the Taliban and ... Full story

Madrid calm after Atletico debacle and Ronaldo birthday storm

Santiago Bernabeu sources have told Goal that some players are unhappy that the Portuguese partied just hours after their derby defeat ... Full story

Afghanistan, China seek joint counterterrorism cooperation

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said yesterday that Afghanistan is committed to fight terrorism.  He made the remarks in meeting with the deputy to foreign ministry ... Full story

Full transcript of President Ghani’s statement at 51st Munich Security Conference

 In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful Ambassador,  Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I am the elected President of a 99.9% Muslim country, a country where 38% ... Full story

Balkh civil right activists call on Danesh

 KABUL: A number of civil rights activists from Balkh province called on the second vice president Sarwar Danesh here yesterday and demanded reviewing some decisions ... Full story

Rabbani seeks Norway’s continued support to Afghanistan

 MUNICH: Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani held meeting with his Norwegian counterpart at the sideline of security conference. Thanking Norway for its cooperation to Afghanistan over the ... Full story

China, Pakistan emphasize to support “Afghan-led peace process”: Joint statement

 KABUL: The People’s Republic of China and Pakistan expressed support to “Afghan-led and Afghan-owned” peace and national reconciliation process in a trilateral meeting concluded here ... Full story

Afghanistan, China are historic and friendly countries, Hekmat Karzai

 KABUL: The deputy on political affairs of the foreign ministry of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hekmat Khalil Karzai met the deputy foreign minister of the ... Full story

We don’t permit Afghanistan to be hub for int’l terrorism, Uloomi

 KABUL: Minister of interior in a meeting yesterday with ambassadors and deputy ambassadors of US, Europe and ambassadors of some regional countries to Kabul shared ... Full story

UN to provide fresh assistance to Afghanistan

 KABUL: UN is determined to spend $ 82 million in various sectors in Afghanistan during the coming five years. It is said the assistance will be ... Full story

Takhar University problems to be addressed, Ezedyar

 KABUL: Mohammad Alam Ezedyar, Senate’s first deputy chairman met yesterday with Takhar University’s rector and deputy in students’ affairs. In the meeting, Takhar University’s rector, Mahbobullah ... Full story

Ex-president meets Kabul University lecturers

 KABUL: Hamid Karzai, former President of Afghanistan met yesterday with a number of Kabul University lecturers. In the meeting, first, Prof. Mir, representing the others spoke ... Full story

Acting chief justice meets US embassy’s judicial attaché to Kabul

 KABUL: Abdul Rasheed Rashed, acting chief justice of Supreme Court in a meeting yesterday with Ful Lenish, US embassy’s judicial attaché to Kabul and discussed ... Full story

President Ghani balances progress & continued need for Int’l support at Munich Conference

 The 51st three day Munich Conference was opened on Friday. The conference which was found in 1963 by German publisher Ewald Heinrich Von Kleist Schmenzin ... Full story

Fuel, liquid gas prices reduce in domestic markets, Spokesman

 With the arrival of winter season, there were some beliefs that the prices of fuel and liquid gas would be increased.  But fortunately, as a ... Full story

Herat sees 40% rise in silkworm industry

 The silkworm industry and saffron cultivation in Herat province is popular among people of all classes. These two industries specially in Herat ancient province are ... Full story

Security threats reduce in recent months

 According to reports of the Ministry of Interior (MoI), the graph of insecurities in the last two months has reduced considerably.  Addressing a press conference, the ... Full story