Establishment of big iron-melting factory in Afghanistan

 Afghanistan has been meeting all its metal requirements through imports of neighboring countries products in recent years. But the foundation of a big iron Melting factory ... Full story

1.57million Afghans face food insecurity

 Afghanistan Agriculture Ministry officials said the other day over 1.57 million Afghans are facing food insecurity inside the country.  Few days ago, 35th World Food anniversary ... Full story

Afghanistan expands relations with regional countries including Russia based on its national interests

 President Ghani has asked Russia to offer defense and security support to Afghanistan to fight terrorist groups.  The Russian ambassador in Kabul has also announced that ... Full story

Each citizen including me should abide by the law: President Ghani

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has stressed that each citizen of the country including himself should be law-obedient and should respect the law of the ... Full story

United States, Afghanistan break ground on new women’s dormitory at American university of Afghanistan

 KABUL:  Afghanistan CE, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Acting Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Ambassador Michael Raynor, United States Agency for International ... Full story

First VP Dostum returns Kabul

 KABUL: First Vice President, General Abdul Rashid Dostum after visiting Jauzjan and wiping out militants from Khamab district and adjoining areas returned Kabul the other ... Full story

Late Urfani laid to rest

 KABUL: Hujatul Islam Wal Muslimin, Qurban Ali Urfani the leader of Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan and member of parliament who passed away due to ... Full story

Earthquake claims 115 lives, wounds 865 people in Afghanistan: Barmak

 KABUL: The Minister for Natural Disaster Management and Response, Wais Barmak told cabinet that the quake which struck Afghanistan on Monday had claimed 115 lives, ... Full story

UN70th anniversary marked

 KABUL: Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah attended a ceremony here in UNAMA to mark the 70th anniversary of the United Nations. In his speech at the ... Full story

Afghanistan as independent country has the right to seek weapons from any country: Hashimi

 KABUL: Afghanistan as an independent country has the right to seek weapon from any country to equip its security forces, this was stated by deputy ... Full story

World Statistics Day observed

 KABUL: The World Statistics Day with the participation of Ahmad Zia Massoud the Special Envoy of President on Reforms and Good Governance was observed in ... Full story

BNA, RTA staff appreciated in Herat

 KABUL: The governor of Herat province Mohammad Asif Rahimi and Kamran Alizai, head of provincial council praised the officials of BNA and the Radio Television ... Full story

Massoud Meets NATO’s Civilian Envoy to Afghanistan

 KABUL: Ahmad Zia Massoud the Special Envoy of President on Reforms and Good Governance met NATO’s Special Envoy to Afghanistan and exchanged views on matters ... Full story

Afghanistan wins UN ECOSOC membership

 Spokesman of Afghanistan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmad Shekeb Mostaghni said on Oct 21.2015, Afghanistan could gain membership of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) ... Full story

Only 4 physicians for every 10,000 patients countrywide, Massoud regrets

 Huge numbers of the Afghan patients leave for abroad, reportedly spending an annual excessive amount of up to $120 million for treatment, President’s Special Envoy ... Full story

Expulsion of Taliban leaders, shutting up of their sanctuaries Pakistan best cooperation for peace

 In continuation of expressing readiness for cooperation in Afghan peace process, once again prime minister of Pakistan claimed that this country is prepared for every ... Full story

Govt. responsible to ensure security, improve economy, Safi

 The Kabul Times launched an exclusive interview with Wadir Safi, a faculty of law lecturer and head of legal training center, about the last one ... Full story

Reforms process to continue on Local Police: MoI

 While there are concerns with and a number of experts and people on establishment of local police, the MoI authorities said reforms process is going ... Full story

Thousands stage anti-Israeli rally in Casablanca

 Tens of thousands of protesters have held a massive rally in Morocco's port city of Casablanca to show their anger at Israel’s aggressive policies toward ... Full story

President Ghani reviews aid process to recent quake-affected families

 KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan reviewed yesterday the addressing process of recent quake-affected families through video conference. In the video ... Full story

CE orders solving IDPs problems

 KABUL: Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has instructed concerned entities to find solution for the problems of the Internally Displace People (IDPs) especially in Kunduz ... Full story

CE meets newly-appointed Chinese ambassador to Kabul

 KABUL: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met yesterday with the newly-appointed Chinese ambassador to Kabul. In the meeting, the ... Full story

Construction of substandard townships should be stopped, Senate

 KABUL: The Senate in its session yesterday offered condolence over the death of those lost their lives in the earthquake that struck parts of Afghanistan ... Full story

Vaccine springhouse opened at Kabul Airport 

 KABUL: The Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan inaugurated a cold room for protection and storage of vaccine at the Hamid Karzai International Airport here ... Full story

‘No need to allocate independent budget for my office’, Karzai

 KABUL: Recently, a decree was issued by the Presidential Palace to allocate separate fund for the office of ex-president but Hamid Karzai has turned it ... Full story

Britain to continue cooperation with Afghanistan

 KABUL: The government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on behalf of the people welcomes the recent decision by Britain to continue its cooperation with the ... Full story

Turkmenistan to provide assistance to quake-affected Afghans

 KABUL: Turkmenistan President Qurban Quly Berdi Mohammadov besides expressing sympathy with President Ghani and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah as well as the people of Afghanistan ... Full story

Imam Hussain’s uprising, the lesson of resistance against cruelty, injustice

The importance of Ashura is this that a man from the family of the great prophet of Islam in an uprising herald the people that he never surrenders to Yazid and has committed to support his grandfather’s mission and prophecy and safeguard human ethic and defense social justice and human rights. ... Full story

Peace, security tied with legitimate aspirations of people

 Bringing peace and security in Afghanistan is one of the chronic hopes of our people in the country and for ensuring peace and security the ... Full story

Nangarhar Olive Project needs enough attention

 In charge of the Nangarhar Olive Project has said that olive had yielded an income of up to 1,000 tons in the province, where the ... Full story

7.5Magnitude earthquake strikes Afghanistan:death toll rises

President Ghani shares sympathy with victim’s families, orders necessary relief assistances Chief Executive chairs ANDMA extraordinary meeting, instructs MoPH to dispatch medical teams to affected areas ... Full story

CE chairs council of ministers’ session

 KABUL: Council of ministers’ session was held yesterday under the chairmanship of the country’s chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah at Sapidar palace here in Kabul. In ... Full story

Meeting discusses on E-governance process

 Kabul: Chaired by presidential advisor for reform and good governance, Ahmad Zia Massoud, the administrative reform committee and civil services, held a meeting yesterday. According to ... Full story

Copy of Holy Quran submitted to national archive

 KABUL: A copy of Holy Quran was submitted yesterday by head of Baihaqi books publishers to head of national archive in a ceremony held with ... Full story

Union of Afghanistan printing houses established

 KABUL: Union of Afghanistan printing houses announced yesterday its existence. The ceremony which was held in the office of the servants institution in Kabul, Azizullah Ebrahimi, ... Full story

Afghanistan still at the focus of Int’l community

NATO has recently announced that will continue its military mission post-2016 beside the U.S. forces in Afghanistan. The NATO senior commander in Europe Gen. Phillip M. ... Full story

CE, MoHE officials discuss quality of higher education

 KABUL: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met yesterday with higher education minister Dr. Farida Momand, deputy ministers and officials ... Full story

Gen. Dostum to fight terrorists in Kunduz, Badakhshan after Jawzjan, Faryab

KABUL: Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, First Vice President says terrorists who have escaped to an island of Amu River between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan will be ... Full story

NUG should take decisive steps on counter-corruption

 During the electoral campaigns, the pivotal slogans of both current leaders of the NUG was decisive corruption war. Today, after one year these leaders are ... Full story

Herat with biggest touristic attractions

 As the tourism industry has quickly developed in the world, investment in this industry has also been increasing in all countries with touristic attractions. Today, ... Full story

Taliban growing too weak to fight ANSF

 The prolonged war on terror since 9/11 incident in U.S., brought with itself different sorts of impacts on the lives of people in Afghanistan. Although at ... Full story

President Ghani attends Ashura ceremony

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani attended the Ashura mourning ceremony here in a local mosque yesterday. In his address at the ceremony, the president said that ... Full story

Provincial 100-day action plan kicks off: governors tasked to work for transparency in Kankur examination

 KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, spoke with a number of provincial governors on the 100-day plans.  In this video teleconference ... Full story

NPC saves 212 million afs in MoI’s food supply contracts

 KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, chaired the other day in ARG the extraordinary meeting of National Procurement Commission (NPC). In ... Full story

Judicial committee holds session

 KABUL: Cabinet’s judicial committee held session under the chairmanship of second vice president and head of the committee Sarwar Danesh. In the session, current problems of ... Full story

CE offers condolence over demise of Hujatul Islam Qurban Ali Urfani

 KABUL: Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah offered condolence over the demise of Hujatul Islam Ustad Qurban Ali Urfani and expressed sympathy with the family of ... Full story

MoIC, Chicago University ink cooperation accord

 KABUL: The Ministry of Information and Culture and the Chicago University of America inked an agreement here the other day under which the Chicago University ... Full story

Afghanistan, Iran to sign agreement of security, economic cooperation

 KABUL: Presidential advisor on National Security, Mohammad Hanif Atmar has said that the agreement on security and economic cooperation between Afghanistan and Iran would be ... Full story

Karbala uprising, eternal epic in the history of Islam

 Important Islamic days and their celebration is the only way to make Islamic rites perpetual and eternal. These holy and great days include birth annivary ... Full story

24 October ‘United Nations Day’

United Nations’ Charter which is recognized as the structure of this organization has been established in the US on 26 June 1945 and officially came ... Full story

NUG leaders should effectively use regional countries’ cooperation, military aids, Lower House

 Afghanistan and China’s defense ministries have recently inked an agreement based on which the Chinese government would militarily cooperate with Afghanistan. Expressing optimism on signing the ... Full story

Strong national unity settles Afghan current problems

 While the country is experiencing a specific condition, the Chief Executive of the country emphasizes that the security issues and the people’s concerns will be ... Full story

Ashura uprising – struggle for justice

 Ashura has always been a school where the character of a man has been tested and developed and Hussein (A.S) has been the greatest teacher ... Full story

NSC debates on countrywide enemies’ threats

 KABUL: Chaired by president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the meeting of the national security council was held the other day, ... Full story

Insurgents to be responsive to all crimes, Gen. Dostum

 KABUL: Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, First Vice President left yesterday Kabul Jawzjan to review security situation in the country’s north. Upon arriving in Shiberghan, capital city ... Full story

Final report on national city conference should be presented next week, Massoud

 KABUL: The meeting of the High Commission on reforms and city expansion was held under the chairmanship of Ahmad Zia Massoud, the president’s special envoy ... Full story

More forces dispatched to Ghormach district, Seddiqi

 KABUL: Seddiq Seddiqi, spokesman of interior ministry in a news conference yesterday informed of starting an operation for recapturing of Faryab’s Ghormach district. Speaking to journalists ... Full story

3rd Seminar on life of Prophet Mohammad held in Kabul

 KABUL: 3rd Seminar related to life and works of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was held yesterday by ministry of information and culture. The seminar held with participation ... Full story

Legal advisor to President arrived in Panjshir

 BAZARAK: Dr. Abdul Ali Mohammadi, Legal Advisor to President in an official visit to Panjshir province met with local officials of the province. He is in ... Full story

Kunduz war escapees to find free home return

 KABUL: The cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan under President Ghani’s chairmanship, has provided tens of thousands of Kunduz escapees with different essentials, many ... Full story

Agriculture sector enjoys great development, official

 The ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock expressed pleasure Monday over what it said an unprecedented growth in agriculture sector this year. Lutfullah Rashid, spokesman of ... Full story

Meritocracy in appointments crucial to sustainable development

    The stylistic approach of the country’s leaders in appointment of leading bodies in the capital and provinces and districts based on merit, competence, honesty, sympathy ... Full story

House urges Russia’s support in Afghan’s war on terror

 As the Russian president, Vladimir Putin called the situation of Afghanistan critical; the internal security commission of the house says that Russia should support Afghanistan ... Full story

Impartial diplomacy can change threats to opportunities

 Nowadays Afghanistan is in a particular condition. The Russia considers terror escalations in the north a serious threat to its interests and offers all sided ... Full story

President Ghani confers medal to Gen. Dostum’s sons

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani conferred medals to Babur Dostum and Mustafa Dostum the sons of vice president General Abdul Rashid Dostum in recognition of ... Full story

Afghanistan govt’s fight against corruption is not in word, but in deed: President Ghani

 KABUL: The delegation assigned to review the logistics contracts of the Ministry of National Defense submitted their findings in a report to the President this ... Full story

State-run media ought to improve quality: Massoud

 KABUL: The special envoy of president on reforms and good governance Ahmad Zia Massoud said yesterday that the government-run media should be standardized and improve ... Full story

CE deputy seeks support for ARCS

 KABUL: Eng. Mohammad Khan, Chief Executive First Deputy in a message released on the occasion of Afghanistan Red Crescent Society’s week said, “Afghanistan Red Crescent ... Full story

Iran, Afghanistan to enhance trade, economic relations

 KABUL: The condition for enhancing trade and economic relations between Iran and Afghanistan is conducive than in any time, and both sides have to avail ... Full story

Workshop of peace trainers held

 KABUL: One-day peace trainers training workshop was held yesterday by the office of deputy ministry of youth affairs for information and culture. In opening of the ... Full story

Izedyar meets officials from administrative affairs, CE office

 KABUL: The first deputy to Senate, Mohammad Alam Izedyar met with officials from the administrative affairs of presidency and chief executive office here yesterday, BNA ... Full story

Training workshop held for printing media

 KABUL: A ten-day training workshop was held by initiative of Free Media Office (Nai) for a number of government printing media here in Kabul. According to ... Full story

Negligence, intelligene vacuum, the main reasons behind Kunduz collapse: Commission

 KABUL: Negligence in discharging their duties by provincial officials and poor intelligence information have led to the collapse of Kunduz city to the armed militants, ... Full story

US troops presence in Afghanistan imperative

 Extension of US troops’ presence in Afghanistan declared by the US president, Barack Obama is warmly welcomed by government of Afghanistan, people representatives and experts. In ... Full story

Kabul University launches first women & gender studies program

 The government of Korea (whose President, Park Geun-hye, is a woman) has funded the program. It will include information on women’s legal rights and what ... Full story

Transit, transport development play vital role in Afghanistan economic growth

 26th of Mizan(Oct 18th ) coincides with Transit-Transport Day in the country. Transport plays vital role in Afghanistan economy because Afghanistan is a land-locked country ... Full story

ACB announces Islamic banking system

 Afghanistan Central Bank (ACB) said that it had announced the project of the Islamic Banking System within the entire state-run and private banks in the ... Full story

Opium fields in Afghanistan

 Afghanistan has been burning in the flames of insecurity since the last several decades of imposed war. Not only the people—but the entire creatures in ... Full story

Drum up support to ANSF–national obligation

 The support of Afghan National Security Forces is an endless process. In continuation of this process, Afghanistan Ulema held a meeting, issued a statement and ... Full story


Ashura is due to arrive, hundreds of thousands of people including Sunni Muslims are preparing for Muharram 10 across Afghanistan.

Appointing individuals by pressure is neither acceptable to me nor to the people of Afghanistan: President Ghani

 KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, spoke yesterday morning via video teleconference from Tawheed Center in ARG with the governors, ... Full story

Utilizing standards leads society to economic prosperity: Massoud

 KABUL: Utilizing and ensuring standards in daily life take the society towards economic welfare and prosperity, this was stated by Ahmad Zia Massoud  the Special ... Full story

NUG to modernize transport system: Massoud

 KABUL: The National Unity Government (NUG) would work to modernize the transport system and transit routes of the country on priority basis, this was stated ... Full story

Media should consider law, national interests and values, Jahani

 KABUL: Chaired by Minister of Information and Culture Abdul Bari Jahani, media violations commission’s session was held yesterday. In the session, Minister of Information and ... Full story

UNAMA praises Ulama National Conference in support of peace-building in Afghanistan

 KABUL: The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) praises the first-ever Ulama National Conference that took place on 12 October in Kabul.  Around 500 participants ... Full story

MoIC declaration

 KABUL: Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) in a statement has extended condolence to Afghanistan people and Muslim nations of the world on the occasion ... Full story

Ashura engraved in the human bright history

 Speaking about Ashura doesn’t lodge within a little time, as any of its moment is a lesson and an example for those who want to ... Full story

Last 14 years’ major economic projects failed to achieve goals as it was expected

 The people of Afghanistan witnessed nothing except an incompetent and unsustainable economic development over the last more than 13 years of the previous corrupt system. An ... Full story

ANSF capable to foil Talibans’ suspicious attacks: Officials

 According to officials of the Ministry of Defense (MoD), Taliban by launching attack on Kunduz couldn’t reach to most of their goals and to capture ... Full story

Taliban feel dread as crimes unveil through media

 Amid a worsening situation for media since the fall of the embattled northern city of Kunduz in recent weeks, the Taliban released a statement last ... Full story

Afghanistan seeks Pakistan’s honest cooperation of counterterrorism

 National security adviser of Pakistan considers the beginning of winter, a proper time for restarting peace negotiations between Afghan government and Taliban.  He once again ... Full story

11th International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair begins its work in Tashkent

 11th International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair began its work in Tashkent, press services of the Uzbekistan embassy in Kabul stated. For two days, leaders ... Full story

Turkish air strikes kill 11 Kurdish militants in southeast: Military

 Turkish air strikes against Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) bases in the southeastern province of Hakkari have killed 11 suspected militants and destroyed weapons depots and ... Full story

CE meets NATO general commander to Afghanistan

 KABUL: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met yesterday with US and NATO general commander to Afghanistan Gen. John Campbell, ... Full story

Bank Maskan of Iran expresses readiness to help Afghanistan

 KABUL: Iran’s popular lending agency, the Bank of Maskan (house )has expressed readiness to help Afghanistan in the fields of exchanging experiences and training the ... Full story

CTNC holds meeting

 KABUL: The City Transport National Committee (CTNC) held meeting here yesterday and discussed the problems of transport in the city. Chaired by Ahmad Zia Masoud the ... Full story

Afghan physician appreciated

 KABUL: The Ministry of Information and Culture has appreciated the physician Rahmatullah Tanha for securing top position among 44 physicians who competed an international competition ... Full story

Enayatullah Farahmand introduced as first vice president office’s chairman

 KABUL: Dr. Enayatullah Babur Farahmand, who has been newly appointed as head of first vice president office based on decree of the country’s President, started ... Full story

Senate praises Kunduz, Faryab security officials

 KABUL: Senate’s first deputy has praised a number of commanders of Kunduz and Faryab provinces for their bravery in fighting against terrorism. In a session held ... Full story

CE deputy message on Ashura

 KABUL: The first deputy to chief executive Eng. Mohammad Khan in his message on the advent of Ashura and Moharam yesterday expressed sympathy to all ... Full story

MoPH presents report on 6-month achievements

 KABUL: Minister of Public Health, Dr. Firozuddin Feroz in a conference yesterday presented the achievements of the ministry for public health over the past six ... Full story

Terrorists follow regional, international goals, President deputy spokesman

 KABUL: Zafar Hashim, deputy spokesman to President Ghani in a news conference yesterday asserted that the people of Kunduz had delivered their suggestions to the ... Full story

Germany not to leave Afghanistan alone

 Following the proclamation of the US President Barack Obama, Germany would like to review related to expansion of its military operation in Afghanistan. A spokesperson of ... Full story

Enough budget needed to produce a film

 There is a need for enough budget to make a film and screen to the viewers, director of Jahish-e Film, Massoud Hashemi said. Hashemi who said ... Full story

Remarks by President Barack Obama on U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan

 OBAMA: Good morning. Last December, more than 13 years after our nation was attacked by Al Qaida on 9/11, America’s combat mission in Afghanistan came ... Full story

Afghanistan seeking permanent SCO seat

 The ministry of foreign affairs said that Afghanistan sought permanent membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO.)  Shekib Mustaghni, spokesman to the ministry of foreign affairs ... Full story

ARCS a charity, independent foundation

 The Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) was founded in April 1934. It traces its origins to the Naderia Orphanage, with the purpose of helping orphans and ... Full story

President Ghani visits Kunduz, praises security forces

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani visited Kunduz city yesterday and reviewed the situation there in the wake of Taliban attack and their retreat from the ... Full story

President Ghani urges riches to help needy people

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has called upon rich people including businessmen and industrialists to help with the needy people. He made the remarks in a ... Full story

Draft for procedure of civil services employees’ appointments approved

 KABUL: Chaired by Second Vice President and Head of Laws Committee, Sarwar Danesh, a session was held Wednesday for reviewing draft for procedure of civil ... Full story

President Ghani receives newly appointed commanders of regional police zones

 KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, received the other day the commanders of regional police zones who were recently been ... Full story

President, First VP messages on advent of Art Day

 KABUL: The Art Day was marked with the message of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani here the other day. Organized by the Ministry of Information and Culture ... Full story

With an increase in agricultural products. Urban-rural ties will get further strengthened: President Ghani

 KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan attended the other day in the 15th international exhibition of agricultural products and celebration ... Full story

President Ghani meets U.S. senate delegation

 KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met Thursday night with US senate delegation at the Presidential Palace. In the meeting, both ... Full story

CE meets members of Kunduz fact finding commission

 KABUL: Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met members of the fact finding commission on Kunduz here the other day and said that the government would ... Full story

NATO Secretary General's reaction to President Obama's announcement on Afghanistan

NATO Secretary General's reaction to President Obama's announcement on Afghanistan I welcome President Obama’s announcement that the United States will maintain its current troop levels in ... Full story

South Korea’s Saemaul “New Village” movement initiative

“Afghanistan has a similar rural environment and war history with Korea. Also, the willingness of Afghan government is very strong. So, I think that SMU Spirit can be disseminated effectively and project can be carried out very well.” Says the KOICA country representative for Afghanistan. ... Full story

Kabul Municipality fails to collect over 2billion Af due to imperfect law

 The Kabul Municipality’s authorities have said that the governmental organs and the people owing approximately two billion Afs from the Kabul Municipality, had not still ... Full story

Recovery of Kunduz citizens from NUG priorities

 Putting ointment on bloody wounds of Kandahar people is one of the priorities of national unity government.  BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes finally ... Full story

Factors of business attractiveness of Uzbekistan

 Improving business attractiveness is an important component of economic advancement of each country. It is a major contributing factor, which attracts foreign investments into the ... Full story

No peace talks possible sans Pakistan’s honest cooperation

 Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has told Media that Islamabad tries to resume peace talks between Taliban and the Afghan government. He talked on his administration’s ... Full story

ARCS with 81 years background of humanitarian services

 The special week of ARCS is celebrated every year in our country. This year this week will be celebrated in the name of seven basic ... Full story

Four provincial police chiefs appointed

 KABUL: Police chiefs for four provinces were appointed, for what the presidential offices said would bring transparency in the related affairs and to insure security ... Full story

VP Dostum calls for pummeling war on enemies

 KABUL: The Vice President Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum has called for intensifying war against the enemies of the country. He made the remarks in meeting with ... Full story

Peace impossible until uprooting terrorism resources, Eng. Mohammad Khan

 KABUL: Swedish ambassador to Kabul in a meeting yesterday with chief executive first deputy Eng. Mohammad Khan expressed over current situation and irresponsible armed individuals, ... Full story

MoIC insists on impartiality of commission for addressing media complaints, violations

 KABUL: Abdul Bari Jahani, Minister of Information and Culture has stressed that commission on addressing media complaints and violations should start its work with full ... Full story

USAID provides equipment worth $275,000 to Entry-exam Printing Press

US ambassador Michael McKinley said that the development in Afghanistan was unprecedented over the past 30 years and thousands of students are getting education presently. ... Full story

Ground for sound competition to be paved in commercial activities: President Ghani

 KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, received a number of investors and businessmen of the country on Monday evening in ... Full story

Presidential advisor meets fact finding mission on Kunduz

 KABUL: Presidential advisor on National Security, Mohammad Hanif Atmar met the members of the fact finding mission on the fall of Kunduz here yesterday. In the ... Full story

The prospect of Afghan geologists

 Although so far comprehensive geological studies have not taken place in Afghanistan, but historically Afghanistan is reputable for its rich natural resources. In ancient times, ... Full story

Exclusive: Humanitarian aids began for Kunduz IDPs, WFP spokesperson says

 Wahid Amani, spokesperson for World Food Program (WFP) in an exclusive interview told The Kabul Times reporter that the distribution of humanitarian aids has been ... Full story

Wide intelligence interferences behind deteriorated security situation

 Recent insecurities in Afghanistan have made most of the world countries to revise lack of U.S. led NATO troops post-2016. The US defense secretary has recently ... Full story

India, China, Russia to work for peaceful reconciliation in Afghanistan

 As much as the scope of terrorism particularly the Daesh project which is only designed for the central Asian countries, expands, it provokes the reaction ... Full story

PM: ISIS prime suspect in Ankara bombing

 Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Monday said Turkey was investigating the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group as the prime suspect in the ... Full story

Presidential decree on offerring authority to presidential special envoy

KABUL: Based on verdict of constitution’s 50th article and decree of presidential office for better coordination of reform affairs and delivering effective services to citizens, ... Full story

Finland committed to long-term cooperation with Afghanistan

 KABUL: The ambassador of Finland to Afghanistan called on Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah here yesterday and exchanged views on matters relating mutual interests including ... Full story

“Talks possible if Pakistan stop funding terrorists”, Chief Executive

 KABUL: The Council of Ministers (CoMs) chaired by chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in its meeting yesterday reviewed the country’s security situation with particular reference ... Full story

Minister Jahani visits Public Library

 KABUL: The Minister of Information and Culture, Abdul Bari Jahani visited the Public Library yesterday, BNA reported. Accompanied by Haroon Hakimi the spokesman of the ministry ... Full story

Craftsmen Union delegation calls on VP

 KABUL: A delegation of the craftsmen union headed by its president called on the vice president here yesterday and apprised him about the problems of ... Full story

No propaganda to be considered related to Kunduz issue, fact-finding commission

 KABUL: Chairmen and members of fact-finding commission tasked to review Kunduz issue briefed yesterday their future plans. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of ... Full story

Irresponsible armed individuals cannot play positive role in maintaining security, CE Deputy

 KABUL: Eng. Mohammad Khan, Chief Executive First Deputy in a statement said irresponsible armed individuals would never play positive role in maintaining security in the ... Full story

Hundreds of fresh security forces dispatched to Kunduz, Seddiqi

 KABUL: Seddiq Seddiqi,  spokesperson to Ministry of Interior (MoI) in a news conference yesterday informed of dispatching more than 200 additional security forces to Kunduz. Speaking ... Full story

Corruption should be fought as an evil phenomenon

 Corruption in Afghanistan is a widespread and growing problem. Corruption has challenged political – economic stability and social connectivity and also economic growth of the ... Full story

India to provide hundreds of ITEC-based slots to Afghanistan

 KABUL: The government of India has pledged to provide two types of 500 and 200 slots under the civil and defense ITEC programs to Afghanistan, ... Full story

People uprisings significant to prevent insecurity

 Wicked consequences of the Kunduz city’s tragic event is a lesson to the National Unity Government not to underestimate the enemy’s momentums even if too ... Full story

1,100 students getting higher education in KIHE

 KABUL: Khwarazmi Institute of Higher Education (KIHE) which begun its activity with a small number of students in 1390 presently has 1,100 students, this was ... Full story

No one can interfere in affairs and appointments within security sector, President Ghani

 KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has clearly stated that no one was allowed to meddle in the affairs and appointments within the ... Full story

NPC approves contracts worth 5.257billion Afs

 KABUL: The National Procurement Commission (NPC) in its meeting with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on the chair approved 45 contracts worth 5 billion and 257 ... Full story

CE meets NATO-led RS commander

 KABUL: Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met General John F. Campbell the commander of NATO-led Resolute Support (RS) mission here yesterday. In the meeting, the General ... Full story

MoIC seeks support to Kunduz journalists

Besides providing cash assistance to some journalists of Kunduz province by the ministry, other government entities and national traders have also extended support to the journalists of the province, the minister said. ... Full story

Suicide attack on NATO convoy leaves 3 civilians injured

 KABUL: Three civilians were injured when a suicide attacker crashed his explosives-laden car into a NATO forces’ convoy in capital Kabul yesterday morning, an official ... Full story

FM meets Russian ambassador to Kabul

 KABUL: Salahuddin Rabbani, Minister of Foreign Affairs met yesterday with Russian Ambassador to Kabul Alexander Mantytskiy here in Kabul. The minister first briefed political and security ... Full story

Afghanistan condemns recent terrorist attacks in Turkey

 KABUL: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a statement has condemned in the strongest term the recent terrorist attacks in ... Full story

India to provide hundreds of ITEC-based slots to Afghanistan

KABUL: The government of India has pledged to provide two types of 500 and 200 slots under the civil and defense ITEC programs to Afghanistan, ... Full story

Incentives of youths migration to abroad should be removed

 Mass migrations of youths to abroad will have grave consequences; therefore, the matter should be taken seriously and effective measures should be adopted to end ... Full story

Football plays important role in national unity

 In recent years, football in Afghanistan has got much achievements. In an exclusive interview with the Kabul Times reporter, assistant of Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) ... Full story

Art and Artist Day to be marked on Oct.14, supporters

 Art and Artist, contrary to the perspectives of some researchers and virtuosos have raised from among the cultural and social society and have turned into ... Full story

Int’l community should not leave alone Afghans in war on terror

 Fifteen years elapsed since the attack of U.S.-led international coalition against terrorism in 2001. Shortly after that, the Taliban’s so-called Islamic Emirate collapsed and a ... Full story

ANP should recruit girls, women to further fight crime: Rola Ghani

 While large number of females have been employed in Afghan National Police, considering the presence of women and girls in ANP units, as a need ... Full story

Extremist movements in north a threat to Central Asia, experts

 According to experts, activity of Daesh and Taliban terrorist groups in Northern provinces of Afghanistan, can be a direct threat to central Asian countries. The ... Full story

US is an immigrant nation, should welcome refugees: Kerry

 U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry rebuked those opposed to welcoming Syrian refugees on Friday, insisting that immigrants built and defined America as a nation. Speaking ... Full story

Gen. Dostum condolence message over Turkish blasts

 KABUL: The first vice president General Abdul Rashid Dostum in his condolence message to Turkish president Recep Tayyep Erdogan, Prime Minister Daud Oghlo and other ... Full story

Former President condoles death of Mohammad Raza Danesh

 KABUL: Former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai extended condolence and sympathy to second vice president Sarwar Danesh on the occasion of the death of Mohammad ... Full story

MoF, Kuwait bank ink agreement worth $7 million

 KABUL: High-ranking officials of Ministry of Finance and the Afghanistan Bank led by minister of finance Ekleel Hakimi will participate in annual sessions of International ... Full story

Kandahar city Master Plan needs modification: Naderi

 KABUL: The Minister of Urban Development, Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi who visited Kandahar yesterday in meeting with Kandahar governor Hamayon Azizi said that the current ... Full story

Protracted war causes psychological diseases in Afghanistan: Dr. Firoz

 KABUL: The protracted war in Afghanistan has caused psychological diseases in the country, this was stated by minister for public health Dr. Firozudin Firoz here ... Full story

190 terrorists killed: Seddiqi

 KABUL: The spokesman of interior ministry, Seddiq Seddiqi said yesterday that 190 terrorists had been killed during series of operations across the country over the ... Full story

House demands investigation on Kunduz fall

 KABUL: The House of People with its chairman Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi on the chair held meeting yesterday and reviewed the country’s security situation with particular ... Full story

High media council’s declaration

 KABUL: In media high council’s session held yesterday under the chairmanship of minister of information and culture, members of mass media commission were selected in ... Full story

Russia to help Afghan security forces, Russian envoy

 KABUL: Russian special envoy to Afghanistan says Afghanistan will receive more assistance from Russia in near future. Zamir Kabelov says Moscow will continue its support from ... Full story

Rural rehabilitation and development projects a must

 People who have been confronting with the different challenges at the present time, need some development projects in their provinces where less social civilized facilities ... Full story

Afghanistan received IPU membership in 1928

 The International Postal Union was established on Oct9.1874 based on Bern treaty and in three years, its members increased remarkably and due to this reasons ... Full story

Peace is basic need of Afghans: President Ghani

 KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan received the elders and influential personalities of Ishaqzai tribe in ARG the other day. ... Full story

President Ghani appointed a fact finding delegation to review Kunduz situation

 KABUL: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan appointed a fact-finding delegation to review the situation of Kunduz province in a meeting ... Full story

President Ghani meets MSF delegation

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met the delegation of Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF) here in Arg yesterday. In the meeting, the head of MSF and Klim ... Full story

Kandahar elders call on Chief Executive

 KABUL: Elders and politicians of southern provinces have asked the country’s chief executive to initiate peace talks with main address rather than Pakistan. Representatives of people ... Full story

CE meets US former ambassador to Afghanistan

 KABUL: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met Wednesday with US former ambassador to Kabul Ronald Neumann at Sapidar palace. In ... Full story

Praying ceremony of Reza Danesh held

 KABUL: Praying ceremony of Mohammad Reza Danesh, the nephew of second vice president Sarwar Danesh was held Thursday in Nabi Akram Mosque here in Kabul. ... Full story

Italy to continue supporting Afghanistan: Says ambassador

 KABUL: Italian ambassador to Afghanistan in a meeting with presidential advisor on national security, Mohammad Hanif Atmar here last Thursday assured his country’s support to ... Full story

Kabul garrison commander assures of Kabul security

 KABUL: Kabul garrison commander has assured Kabul residents of maintaining security in the capital. Speaking to journalists in a news conference Wednesday, Kabul garrison commander Gen. ... Full story

Afghanistan, US presidents hold telephone conversations

 KABUL: Afghanistan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and US President Barack Obama held telephone conversations the other day and exchanged views on the security situation in ... Full story

Governors for Takhar, Sar-e-Pul, Faryab & Baghlan appointed

 KABUL: Based on the proposal of the Independent Directorate for Local Governance (IDLG), President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has appointed four new provincial governors on Thursday. A ... Full story

EU assistance to ANP valuable, MoI

 KABUL: Noorulhaq Uloomi, Minister of Interior in a meeting with European Union ambassador stressed on training and equipping Afghan National Police (ANP). In the meeting, minister ... Full story

Young generation can play vital role in society

 It is obvious that the young generation who can play outstanding role in the rebuilding and rehabilitation of Afghanistan, are considered as constructive individuals in ... Full story



Kunduz in dire need of relief assistance

 One of the unpleasant consequences of Kunduz incident is deterioration of the people’s living condition. Relief supply services sectors were not only practically paralyzed and ... Full story

Art and creativity

 Human being is a self-aware creature. Both male and female can work and create smallest and biggest industries and artistic works and his creativeness has ... Full story