Transcript of President Karzai’s Interview with Voice of America, English Service

My first question is about elections. As a part of an agreement brokered by Secretary Kerry, both the candidates accepted that the winning candidate will form a new national unity government. But nobody has exact information about this new government named National Unity. What are your understandings of such a government? ... Full story

Deadly Israeli shelling hits Gaza UN school

Shell falling on school used as shelter in Palestinian enclave kills 16 people and injures scores of others, medics say. ... Full story

President Karzai strongly condemns terrorist attack on Hashmat Karzai

Kabul: President Hamid Karzai has strongly condemned the terrorist attack in which Hashmat Karzai was killed this morning in Kandahar. ... Full story

House of People congratulatory message on the advent of Eidul Fitr

House of People has extended congratulatory message on the advent of Eidul Fitr. ... Full story

President Karzai’s decree on reduction and waiving off prison terms of prisoners

Kabul: President Karzai in a decree issued in honor of the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, in accordance with the provision of phrase 18 of article 64 of the constitution of Afghanistan, ordered reduction of the prison terms of both male and female and waived off the remaining terms of the prisoners who have been imprisoned on the final decision of the authorized courts of the country. ... Full story

China assists 24 vehicles to MoFA

Kabul: The Republic People of China donated 24 vehicles to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. ... Full story

National Disaster Management Authority is at people’s service: Khalili

Second Vice President Mohammad Karim Khalili and head of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has said the committee (NDMA) is at people’s service. ... Full story

President Karzai constitutes delegation to probe killing 14 civilians by terrorists in Ghor

President Hamid Karzai has constituted a delegation to initiate probe in the case of killing 14 civilians who had been killed by terrorists in Ghor province couple of days ago. ... Full story

President Karzai issues verdict on prevention from using useless heavy weapons

As it is reported that during defensive and security operations near to residential areas in the past one month, innocent civilians have sustained casualties and losses due to shooting heavy weapons. ... Full story

War on terror requires resolute int’l forces’ support

Suicide bombing and grouping attacks had finally extended to some secure provinces of the country in the north. ... Full story

MoFA holds seminar on Istanbul Process-Heart of Asia

 KABUL: Directorate of regional cooperation for ministry of foreign affairs held Wednesday a seminar on Istanbul Process-Heart of Asia for public awareness of the process. ... Full story

Dr. Raheen condolence, sympathy message on death of Pashto singer

 I was sadly informed that popular Pashto singer Khair Mohammad Khandan passed away. Late Khandan has recorded hundreds nice songs inside and outside the country ... Full story


 KABUL: The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) condemns in the strongest terms last Friday killing of civilians in the western province of Ghor, ... Full story

Manuscript of holy Quran unveiled

 KABUL:  The manuscript of holy Quran printed with the support of ministry for information and culture and Baihaqi directorate was unveiled in a ceremony addressed ... Full story

President Karzai submits hand-written Holy Quran to national archive

Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan submitted yesterday a handwritten Holy Quran of a Zabul resident and two other copies of the Quran granted to him as gift during visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran to national archive for further preservation. ... Full story

Condolence message

Senate or Mishrano Jirga of National Assembly considers shooting of 14 residents of Ghor as devilish act perpetrated only by Taliban and other terrorist movements. ... Full story

Congratulatory messages

 KABUL: On behalf of His Excellency Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, congratulatory messages have been sent to President of the Islamic ... Full story

Afghan National Cricket Team

Afghanistan National Cricket Team beats Zimbabwe

EU to toughen Russia sanctions over Ukraine

Economic pressure on Russia to be stepped up as Kiev and Moscow trade allegations of cross-border attacks. ... Full story

12-hour truce comes into force in Gaza

Humanitarian pause in fighting begins at 05:00 GMT as diplomatic efforts continue on a longer-lasting ceasefire. ... Full story

Aids’ reduction causes deficit of development budget, MoF

 Although the ministry of Finance (MoF) is concerned on reduction of globle aids but says that joint efforts of the Afghan government and the world ... Full story

Works of “National Unity Government” to move forward with consensus

 After mediation of US Secretary of State between the two presidential candidates for vote auditing and formation of a national unity government, apparently, implementation of ... Full story

Afghanistan struggling towards development

Something significant and could highly be impressive, when Afghanistan under the wise leadership of President Hamid Karzai, is seen to be stepping up towards a ... Full story

President Karzai discusses key issues with German defense minister

 KABUL: President Hamid Karzai in his meeting with German defense minister Ursula von der Leyen discussed different issues including continuation of relations between the two ... Full story

Afghans sharing in sadness, grief of Muslim, brother Palestinians, President Karzai

 KABUL: Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with Palestinian ambassador to Pakistan Walid Abu Ali at the presidential palace office the ... Full story

President Karzai calls on countrymen to help with Urgon’s victims people

 KABUL:  Dear countrymen, brothers and sisters; Few days ago the enemies of Afghanistan organized a barbaric blast in Rugon district of Paktika province destroying the Urgon ... Full story

Senate praises Second Vice President Khalili

 KABUL: Senate praised the performances of Second Vice President and Head of National Committee to Manage Natural Disaster, Mohammad Karim Khalili the other day for ... Full story

Ahmadi meets Palestinian non-resident ambassador to Afghanistan

 KABUL: Deputy foreign minister on political affairs Irshad Ahmadi in a meeting with Palestinian non-resident ambassador to Afghanistan Walid Abu Ali submitted a banking check ... Full story

Obama grateful on President Karzai’s US Independence Day

 KABUL: US president Barack Obama thanked president of the Islamic Republic of AFahgnistan, Hamid Karzai for his congratulatory message on the American 238th Independence Day ... Full story

President Karzai offers condolence to Mahmoud Abbass

 KABUL: Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a message offered condolence to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbass. In the message, President Hamid Karzai ... Full story

President Karzai hands over souvenirs to central bank

 KABUL: President Hamid Karzai had handed over all the eight souvenirs he had received from different heads of states and father of the nation to ... Full story

President Karzai condemns killing civilians in Ghor

 KABUL: President Hamid Karzai condemned the brutal killing of civilians in Ghor province by the enemies of Afghanistan with strongest terms. According to report, the enemies ... Full story

President Karzai slams Takhar terrorist attack

 KABUL:  Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has strongly condemned terrorist attack in Takhar causing a number of our innocent countrymen martyred ... Full story

Women and children among 15 civilians executed by Taliban in Ghor

 Taliban militants executed at least 15 civilians in western Ghor province of Afghanistan early Friday morning. Provincial governor spokesman, Abdulhai Khatebi said the civilians were shot ... Full story

Dr. Raheen congratulates Afghanistan Cricket Team victory

 KABUL: Minister of Information and Culture and Youth Affairs, Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen congratulated victory of the country’s national cricket team against Zimbabwe. According to Bakhter ... Full story

United nations proposes criteria for ordering recounts and invalidations

 KABUL: The United Nations (UN) today presented its proposal to the Independent Election Commission (IEC) for a regulatory decision covering criteria for ordering the recount ... Full story

President Karzai confers medal on Rahimi

 KABUL: President Hamid Karzai confers Ghazi Wazir Akbar Khan medal to his secretary Nazir Hussain Rahimi in recognition of his services over the past 12 ... Full story

CM’s Law committee on legislature approves law on health clinics

 KABUL: Council of Ministers in its meeting with First Vice President Mohammad Younus Qanooni on the chair held yesterday. At the meeting, according to BNA, ... Full story

Both candidates reach best way for electoral solution: Qanooni

KABUL: First Vice President Mohammad Younus Qanooni met US special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan James Dobbins on Tuesday, BNA reported.  At the meeting also ... Full story

Meshrano Jirga approves law on access to information

 KABUL: Upper house of the parliament in its session with deputy chairman Mohammad Alam Ezedyar on Tuesday approved the law on having access to information, ... Full story

National unity govt only remedy, says Spanta

KABUL: National Security Advisor Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta yesterday called a national unity government the only solution to current political problems of the country. The election ... Full story

MoU signed between MoFA, Kabul University

 KABUL: A session was held yesterday related to implementation of joint master program in diplomacy and international relations sections between diplomacy institutive for Ministry of ... Full story

US police persuading Muslims to launch terrorist acts, HRW

 KABUL: Human Rights Watch (HRW) in its recent report has said after incidents of 11 September, 2001, US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was encouraging ... Full story

Govt. newspapers should further be enriched: Hassanzada

 KABUL: information and Culture Deputy Minister for publication affairs Semin Hassanzada  has recently attended a methodic  meeting with general director of government dailies and editor-in-chief ... Full story

CM decides to construct new bazaar in Urgon

 KABUL: The weekly meeting of Council of Ministers (CM) with President Hamid Karzai on the chair was held in Arg yesterday, BNA reported. At the outset ... Full story

President Karzai attends Holy Quran full recitation ceremony

 KABUL: President Hamid Karzai attended Khatam-e-Quran ceremony in the mosque of Arg last night. The recitation of holy Quran which begun on the second night of ... Full story

President Karzai condoles death of university lecturer Mohammad Zahir Maram

 KABUL: Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has condoled in a message death of a lecturer of Ustad Rabbani Education University Mohammad ... Full story

Urgon incident’s martyred, injured families receive cash assistance

 KABUL: Cash assistance provided by presidential palace was distributed yesterday by a tasked delegations led by presidential advisor of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad ... Full story

No Afghan leader has great deal of knowledge about Afghanistan than president Karzai: Kai Eide

 KABUL: Kai Eide the former chief of UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) in his address delivered in a conference “The legacy of President Karzai” ... Full story

House of People ratifies tri-partite agreement

 KABUL: The House of People in its session yesterday had approved a trilateral agreement on connecting border point among Afghanistan, China and Tajikstan, BNA reported. In ... Full story

Pakistan ISI involved in recent suicide attacks

 KABUL: A spokesman for Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed yesterday involvement of Pakistan intelligence services in recent suicide attacks in Afghanistan, saying Afghan security ... Full story

BNA reporter Hussain Hashimi passes away

 KABUL: The veteran reporter of Bakhtar News Agency, Mohammad Hussain Hashimi passed away due to protracted illness on Monday. He was 65. Minister for information ... Full story

New National Assembly building’s design, project discussed

 KABUL: General Director for Secretariat of Lower House of parliament Khudai Nazar Nasrat met yesterday with Indian deputy ambassador to Kabul and a group of ... Full story

President Karzai appoints Fazil Hadi Muslimyar as senator

 KABUL: Based on verdict of the constitution’s third paragraph and 84th article, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has approved appointment of Fazil Hadi ... Full story

US ambassador calls on Qanooni

 KABUL:  The first vice president Mohammad Younus Qanooni met US ambassador to Afghanistan yesterday. The meeting also attended by US special envoy on Afghanistan and Pakistan, ... Full story

Candidates working on Afghan-made draft, Qanooni

 KABUL: First Vice President Mohammad Younus Qanooni in introductory ceremony of three members of independent commission for overseeing of implementation of constitution to parliament said ... Full story

Izedyar hails security forces courage, calls for more equipping

 KABUL: First deputy chairman of senate Mohammad Alam Iyezdyar has lauded the courage of security forces of the country and called for further equipping of ... Full story

Senate commissions hold sessions

 KABUL: Different commissions of senate held meeting yesterday and discussed variety of issues. The commission on religious affairs, cultural and higher education with Mawlawi Mahmoud Danesh ... Full story

33 militants killed, 28 injured in Afghan army operations

 At least 33 Taliban militants were killed following military operations conducted by Afghan national army (ANA) soldiers. The ministry of defense of Afghanistan (MoD) following a ... Full story

China appoints special envoy to Afghanistan

 KABUL: Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry has appointed a special envoy to Afghanistan affairs.  According to BNA quoting from Pakistan-published Dawn newspaper, Foreign Affairs Ministry of China ... Full story

Four militants killed in drone strike in Kunar

 ASADABAD: At least four militants were killed in a drone airstrike in eastern Kunar province, a senior police official said on Saturday. Brig. Gen. Abdul Habib ... Full story

President Karzai visits Urgun district, expresses sympathy with victims’ families

 KABUL: President Hamid Karzai visited Urgun district in Paktika province the other day and expressed sympathy with the families of the victims of terrorist attacks ... Full story

Afghanistan’s general economic condition discussed

 KABUL: Afghanistan’s general economic condition was discussed in a session presided over by Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. In the session held ... Full story

Afghanistan to assist $500,000 in show of sympathy to Gaza people

 KABUL: A special meeting chaired by President Hamid Karzai was held to express the condolences and sympathies of the people of Afghanistan to the Muslim ... Full story

UN role in breaking election deadlock significant: Qanooni

 KABUL: The first vice president Mohammad Younus Qanooni in meeting with UN Secretary General’s special envoy to Afghanistan Jan Kubis said that the role of ... Full story

Standard High Council holds meeting

 KABUL: The Standard High Council with second vice president Mohammad Karim Khalili on the chair held meeting the other day and presented its report to ... Full story

Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital gets new emergency department

 KABUL: Minister for Public Health, Suraya Dalil, the other day inaugurated the newly built emergency department in Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital. The emergency department has been ... Full story

Six training, agricultural projects to be held by India

 KABUL: Ministry of Economy has signed an agreement with Indian embassy to Kabul related to funding six training and agricultural projects by India in Afghanistan. According ... Full story

Khalili condoles death of Lt. General Abdul Qadir Dustum

 KABUL: Second Vice President Mohammad Karim Khalili has condoled in a message death of Lt. General Abdul Qadir Dustum, brother of General Abdul Rashid Dustum, ... Full story

Fast observers have to bear the brunt in Afghanistan as prices skyrocket

Fast observers have to bear the brunt in Afghanistan as prices skyrocket Unemployment and hike in the prices could overwhelm millions of Afghans observing fast during the

Reinforcement of security forces increases defense possibilities

Armed attacks, mortar shelling, suicide attacks and explosions of the country’s enemy clearly indicates that those malicious circles inside and beyond the country can’t pessimistically tolerate the ability of the country’s security forces ability as they could take security of both rounds of election processes. ... Full story

MRRD to go ahead with standard urbanization development

The Economic Committee of Council of Ministers with Second Vice President Mohammad Karim Khalili on the chair held meeting on Tuesday. ... Full story

President Karzai flays terrorist attack on government employees’ vehicle

amid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan strongly condemned yesterday’s terrorist attack on a government vehicle carrying civil employees of presidential office. ... Full story

Famous folk singer Haji Bakht dies

Haji Bakht, one of the popular folk singers, died from a protracted illness a day earlier and was laid to rest in his ancestral graveyard in southern Kandahar province, family sources said on Tuesday. ... Full story

Ministry warns traders against gas price hike

The Ministry of Trade and Commerce on Monday accused some entrepreneurs of illegally importing gas and causing a price hike of this basic commodity in the holy month of Ramadan. ... Full story

US drone kills 12 in Pakistan tribal area

Four missiles fired at vehicle and compound in North Waziristan, as Pakistani army operation in area kills 35 others. ... Full story