Independence Day; a day of pride for Afghans

 On August 19, Afghans celebrate the 98th anniversary of gaining of their country’s independence the from then Great Britain, which ruled India and Pakistan from ... Full story

Men in front and behind the New Afghanistan

 In spite of the underlying disturbance caused by Amir Habibullah’s assassination, Amanullah Khan could merge his initiative rapidly. Amanullah the man in front and Mahmud ... Full story

Ghazi Amanullah Khan delivers fruitful services to Afghanistan

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National identity directly relates to national, historical & independence values

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 When I was a child once I asked my father that what patriotism was. “Humanity” He said. The next day I got a big red cross ... Full story

25 more children die as India hospital toll reaches 85

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President Ghani attends unveiling ceremony of Afghanistan military history books

   KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani participated and delivered speech Monday evening in an unveiling ceremony of “Afghanistan Military History” and “Homeland Architectures” books held in ... Full story

President Ghani praises Canada, Denmark for cooperation with Afghanistan

 KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in separate farewell meetings with outgoing ambassadors of Canada and Denmark has praised both countries for cooperation with Afghanistan in ... Full story