QRCS provides drinking water in Afghanistan

 Doha: Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS), through its representative mission in Afghanistan, has concluded a project to provide clean drinking water in south and southeastern ... Full story

Flood threats should be tackled

 In the past winter, Afghanistan witnessed the lowest snowfall but it was compensated with heavy rain showers in spring specially in recent weeks that covered ... Full story

Afghanistan embassy spreads culture through artefacts

 Artworks of Afghani artists were showcased at an exhibition held at the Embassy of Afghanistan in New Delhi on Saturday evening. Inaugurated by Dr Shaida Mohammad ... Full story

Turkmenistan reduces 50pc demurrages on Afghan merchandizes

 Turkmenistan has decreased 50pc demurrage port services on Afghanistan imports-exports merchandizes. According to a presidential press statement, for development of trade transactions with Afghanistan, Turkmenistan ... Full story

Farah people’s role should not be ignored in repulsing Taliban’s attack

 Evaluation of defending activities by brave soldiers of the country showed that the role of people in prevention from expansion of Taliban attacks in Farah ... Full story

Targeting innocent civilians, ongoing bloodshed unlawful at any time, Ulema

 Armed Taliban insurgents have increased their attacks on the people during the month of Ramadan. A number of religious ulemas in separate interviews with The ... Full story

Unity key to peace, stability

 Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a multi-national country where several beliefs, mentalities and mindsets are cherished, and individuals live a peaceful life with the spirit ... Full story

France steps up military presence along Syria-Iraq border

 France has expanded its military presence in Syria, joining the United States in its support for Kurdish militants that are accused of being used by ... Full story

HEC holds session

 KABUL: Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the High Economic Council (HEC) held meeting the other day during which the draft for construction of TIR ... Full story