Afghanistan cricket celebrates ‘big dream’ coming true

 Afghanistan celebrated its entry into Test cricket on Thursday, saying it was a dream came...

Afghanistan pride as Test status beckons

 Afghanistan's fairytale rise in world cricket could this week see them acquire coveted Test status,...

Sport cloth must be made virtuously

 Born in 1987 in an enlightened and educated family in Parwan province, Mohammad Sharif Aram...

Afghan wounded warriors compete for spot in Invictus Games

 Wounded warriors from Afghanistan's National Security Forces are competing for a spot in the Invictus...

Poll: National Unity Government

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President Ghani lauds ANDSF heroism

 KABUL: Praising the performance of the Afghan Full story ...




Trump-Modi: Steak meets dahl for US-India first date

 New York - One is a vegetarian, yoga fan. The other eats steaks like they're going out of fashion. This does not mean that Monday's first... Full story

Turkey, Iran boost Qatar support amid Saudi blockade

 Iran and Turkey have reportedly increased their support for Qatar by shipping thousands of tons of foodstuffs to the Persian... Full story

White House says it retains right to self-defense in Syria

 The White House said on Monday that coalition forces fighting ISIS militants in Syria retained the right to self-defense as... Full story

Saudi-Turkish relations deteriorate over Qatar

 Relations between Saudi Arabia and Turkey have begun to deteriorate over the Qatar rift, with Riyadh leading a blockade on... Full story