Not sorry for signing NUG establishment agreement, Dr. Abdullah

KABUL: The country’s Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in a meeting with the Haqiqat Party members at the Sapidar Palace, said he was not regretful for signing the establishment of the National Unity Government (NUG), his office said Tuesday.
A statement released to media from the CE office said that Dr. Abullah thanked the Haqiqat Party for taking stance in the national issues and working for strengthening of the country’s stability and the national unity with no personal demands, said the statement.
The country’s CE assured that the government of national unity had strong commitment for holding a transparent and free fraud election, but said he was not sorry for signing the agreement led to the establishment of the national unity government.
“I am not regretful to sign the agreement resulting in the establishment of the national unity government, as at the time the situation was complicated and the country might lead to disability,” said Dr. Abdullah as quoted by the statement.
Despite the government of national unity had failed to do more for strengthening security, create job opportunities and meet other problems, but has made many accomplishments, the CE added. Dr. Abdullah assured the suggestion of the Haqiqat Party would be assessed and the related organs would be instructed for addressing the problems it facing.
The Kabul Times

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