Ulema Conference asks Taliban to accept Afghan govt’s peace offer

KABUL: Religious scholars from around the world holding a two-day conference in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday called on Muslim states, organizations and elites to join efforts and pull their weight towards the establishment of durable peace and security in Afghanistan.
In a seven-point declaration the scholars issued after holding meetings in Jeddah and Makkah, the conference participants affirmed that suicide attacks targeting innocent people and intestine killings among Muslims were all acts prohibited by Allah Almighty and His Messenger. The scholars from various Muslim countries condemned intestine killings in Afghanistan and asked all parties to the conflict to abide by Allah’s injunctions. “We call upon Afghanistan’s government and the Taliban movement to conform to a truce and ceasefire and set on a track of direct Afghan negotiations”.
They believed a national dialogue was the optimal way to end the conflict between the Afghan government and the Taliban, endorsing recent efforts of Afghan scholars towards reconciliation. The scholars also praised President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani for his invitation to the Taliban to engage in a direct, peaceful and unconditional dialogue. They called on the Taliban to respond to the Afghanistan’s government invitation to eschew violence, end mutual killings and sit together around the negotiating table.
The Kabul Times

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